SSC: Distracted

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SSC: Distracted

(****, M/f, Intense, nc caning)

A busy Headmaster canes a girl while preoccupied. (Approximately 501 words. Originally published 2007-09.)

Headmaster Milton Danley frowned in annoyance at the knock. Why did everything happen at four o'clock on Friday afternoon?

"Just a moment!"

He continued composing the email to Peter Vox, a prominent community member whose son attended the school. Mr. Vox had written on the contentious topic of evolution versus creationism, but so vaguely Danely couldn't tell if the man was for or against creationism! Yet Danley had to be careful he didn't offend the man. He needed to concentrate and interuptions were frustrating.

The knock came again, tentative and faint. "Alright already! Come in!"

The door opened to admit a young lady dressed in the school's turquoise uniform. Though remarkably pretty with large blue eyes and dark hair, Danley didn't notice. He motioned for the girl to sit but she didn't.

Nervously she handed him the red discipline slip. It was a report from Miss Lopez, the biology teacher, who indicated that Stacy's protest over the dissection of frogs had broken lab equipment. Miss Lopez recomended the cane.

Milton frowned. "Unfortunately, your political beliefs don't give you the right to damage school property. It must be the cane."

"But sir, it was an accident! I was putting up a banner and knocked over some boxes--"

The Headmaster wasn't listening, fetching a long yellow cane and motioning for Stacy to get in position. Reluctantly, the horrified girl touched her toes for the beating. The Headmaster raised her skirt and delivered the first few stripes across her white panties making her writhe and gasp.

As he raised the cane again, the phone rang. "Yes?" Danley answered, listening to a rant about cafeteria budget problems. "Let's talk on Monday, Mrs. Holder," he said gently, wondering what she expected him to do so late on a Friday.

"Where were we? Oh, right, I was about to cane you." Again the rod lashed down, the girl hissing in alarm at the sharp sting. But after just a couple more strokes the intercom buzzed.


Alice said, "Mr. Roberts is here."

Danley groaned. Just what he needed, a paper salesman. "No time today. Schedule him for next month." In his irritation, he delivered a doozy of a cut to the waiting girl's bottom.

As she squealed, Danley's email binged. He saw that Samantha would love to attend the play tonight and so he hastily dialed Ken Marcus.

"Hey Ken! I just heard back from Sam -- we'll take those tickets. Great, thanks!"

As the Headmaster hung up he noticed the unfinished Vox email. It needed tweaking and soon he was lost, forgetting about the waiting Stacy until she emitted a questioning whine.

"Oh my! I forgot to thrash you!" Danley stood. "Okay, let's see... ten should do it."

"But sir! You already--"

"Hush now! Don't make me give you extras."

SWISH-thwack! Swish-thwack! Swish-THWACK!

They'd reached seven when the phone rang and as the distracted Headmaster chatted away, Stacy began to weep in despair. This caning was never going to end!

The End