SSC: Big Girl

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Big Girl

(****, M/F, Intense, semi-cons implied paddling)

A guy seduces a girl to spank her. (Approximately 502 words. Originally published 2006-01.)

She was tall and broad-hipped, a regular Amazonian. Not fat, but certainly worth two or three Kate Mosses. Her cute face revealed the innocence of youth.

The lunch rush was over and the place was nearly deserted. She was wiping off a nearby table. Suddenly my fork flew near her. She bent to pick it up.

"Don't move!"

She froze, bent over in big butt perfection, but only for a moment. Then she was up, her face coloring, fury reddening her neck. She held the fork as if to stab me.

"Damn you're hot," I said. She softened. "I adore girls with big bottoms."

She blushed, but I could tell she was pleased. Like most big girls, she probably thought she was overweight.

"You know what I like to do with girls' big bottoms?"

I had thought she was red before, but now she was a beet. She looked horrified.

"I like to spank them. Hard. With a big oak paddle. Have you ever been paddled?"

She stared at me, aghast. If this was a hit, it was the strangest one she'd ever encountered.

"God, what I'd give to paddle your ass. It's magnificent. Truly magnificent."

The combination of flattery and oddly appealing danger was working. She was wary, but curious. I reeled her in.

"There's nothing sexier than a big girl's bottom all roasted from a sound paddling, the crimson flesh so deliciously sore and tender that the slightest touch -- just the breath of my mouth -- makes you wince and tremble with feeling."

"You're crazy." Her first words.

"Crazy with lust."

"You really want to... paddle me?" This was said not with terror or revulsion, but puzzlement.

"It'd be heaven on earth."

"I don't understand. You want to fuck me."

I shook my head. "I'm not opposed to it, if you're offering, but it's not a requirement. I'm just proposing a paddling. You have something rare and special. I'd like to honor it."

"But... it'd hurt, right?"


She gave a hesitant confused laugh. "You have a strange way of persuading!"

"I'm honest. I don't deceive. A paddling hurts. It'll probably be the worst pain you've ever suffered. That's what makes it special. It's an experience you'll never forget. You may not want to repeat it, that's a choice for another day, but at least you'll know what it's like to have your big beautiful butt pounded raw."

She shivered, a flitter of excitement crossing her face. When she spoke, her voice was calm, determined.

"You really think my ass is beautiful?"


I had her. I stood, threw a twenty on the table, and grabbed her arm. "My paddle's in my car."

"Now? I'm working!"

"Tell your boss you've got cramps -- female trouble. Trust me: he won't want to hear about it."

She laughed, a big girl's uninhibited laugh. I gave her bottom a hearty smack in the direction of the kitchen and she was off, giggling like a schoolgirl.

I could hardly wait.

The End