SSC: Beach Day

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SSC: Beach Day

(****, M/ff, Intense, nc paddle, cane)

Two girls skip school to go to the beach. (Approximately 497 words. Originally published 2003-07.)

One moment Becky and Chelsea were sunbathing at the beach; the next they were in Mr. Burger's office, staring at their toes and dreading what was to come. It had just been too beautiful a spring day to go to school, but now they were going to pay for their crime. Neither wanted to look at the big wooden paddle the principal held in his hand.

The two seventeen-year-old beauties were typical beach bunnies. Both were tall and athletic, with tanned, youthful bodies and sumptuous curves. Becky had fastened her hair into two pony tails, while Chelsea had hers in a long braid down her back. Becky's short-shorts were bright red, Chelsea's yellow. They'd each tied off their shirts in knots underneath their breasts, exposing their bellies.

"Over my desk," ordered Mr. Burger, and the frightened girls hastened to comply. Their full bottoms jutted out, presenting plump orbs ideally suited for punishment. He began with Becky, giving her shorts three pops, which had her yelping and gasping. Chelsea was sweating with dread as he lined up behind her, and each time the heavy board impacted with her butt she cried out "Ouch!" and writhed prettily over the desk.

To the girls' discomfort, this process was repeated three more times until each girl had taken a smarting dozen. Both rose with red, puffy eyes and sharply stinging bottoms. But they were glad the punishment was over.

"Remove your shorts," said the principal, and the girls' mouths fell open in shock.

"But Mr. Burger--"

One look was enough to silence Becky, who saw the man was still holding the horrible paddle. She didn't hesitate but quickly slipped off her shorts. Chelsea immediately did the same thing. After all, the girls were wearing bikinis under their clothes.

But now they regretted the string thong bottoms which effectively bared their cheeks for whatever further punishment the principal had in mind. The man studied the reddened buttocks for a few moments, then ordered the girls over his desk again. This time the paddling was even harder, both girls struggling to keep in position for three swats each. Becky earned two extras for rising without permission, and though she had her friend's example to follow, Chelsea still rose up once.

"Your paddling was for topless sunbathing," said Mr. Burger. "I shall now cane you for skipping school." He went to a cabinet and removed a slender wooden rod. He swished it through the air dramatically, causing the girls' bottoms to shiver in fearful anticipation.

The cane not only produced an intense sting, it left vivid scarlet stripes across the bare cheeks. After two rounds of six each, the weeping girls were most contrite, vowing never to skip school again. Each pair of buttocks bore a distinct set of welts surrounded by a sea of cranberry red from the paddling.

The girls dressed and departed, neither eager to bare her buns to the sun any time soon.

The End