SSC: The Seduction

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Seduction

(*****, M/f, Severe, semi-cons cane, sex)

A girl tries to seduce her disciplinarian but things don't work out the way she planned. (Approximately 502 words. Originally published 2003-07.)

The beautiful senior is acting strangely. She stands before a door but doesn't knock. She reaches up, then puts her hand down. Her hands go to the back of her gray skirt and rest on the shelf of her bottom, as though pondering something important. She fidgets, shifting from foot to foot, and rubs her bum. Finally, with a deep, trembling sigh of resolution, she knocks.

Inside is a young man. He's dressed casually in loose sweat pants, like an athlete. He's handsome. His name is Derek Smallwood. He's the school disciplinarian.

Kelly, the schoolgirl, is here for punishment. She looks up at him with fearful, adoring blue eyes, and blinks pleadingly. "Please, Mr. Smallwood, I just got eight two days ago and I just can't bear another eight!"

"This note says you're due twelve," says the man calmly.

"Twelve!" A shout of dismay. The girl pales, shaking. "I can't take twelve."

"That is a problem then, because that's what I'm going to give you." The man is already taking down canes and test-swishing them through the air. The sound makes the girl tremble. She approaches tentatively.

"You don't _have_ to give me twelve," she says breathily. "You have discretion."

By some mysterious magic the first few buttons of her blouse have become undone, and the girl leans forward, arching her back to accentuate her breasts. The man pauses, staring.

"Are you trying to seduce me?"

The girl's smile would melt a troll's heart. "I can make you feel good," she whispers.

"Oh, I believe that," says the man. His eyes traverse the full, womanly figure of the teen. In seconds clothes are flying and she's naked. His hands caress her heavy breasts and the curves of her ass.

Kelly spreads her legs, letting him feel her hot, dripping pussy. "It's all yours," she whispers. "Just let me off." She presses against him and feels the steel pole of his cock.

Derek smiles. "Do you know what turns me on?"

The blond tresses dance as she shakes her head.

"I love to see a fat, girlish bottom jiggle to the cut of the cane," he says grimly, his hand palming her ass. "I love the way the rod digs into the meaty flesh, and the way the scarlet lines turn purple and black and swell."

"Oh God," moans Kelly. His other hand's inside her and she's feverish.

"An extra six and I'll fuck you," he offers. With a moan, she nods. The agonizing cuts fall, a slow eighteen with his amazing hand busy between that has her writhing in unsatisfied torment. Then it's over and he's inside her, pumping so hard it's awesome, and the exploding climax has her squealing with pleasure.

The door opens and a dishevelled blond girl emerges. Her buttocks still tremble with sting. She's breathing in a distracted manner. She pauses, stunned, as she feels her welted ass.

"What the fuck just happened?" she says. "Did I seduce him or he me?"

The End

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