SSC: Casual Friday

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SSC: Casual Friday

(*****, M/f, Intense, semi-cons cane)

A girl wears scandlously short-shorts to school. (Approximately 496 words. Originally published 2005-07.)

It all started with seventeen-year-old Kathy Jenkins. One Casual Friday she arrived wearing white micro-shorts that were so short they actually showed a good chunk of lower bum curve. Within five minutes the whole school knew, and within ten ten minutes she was in Headmaster Stewart's office.

"How dare you," he growled. "You'll have to go home and change."

"I don't have to," she countered.

"What do you mean? You can't possibly think I'll allow you to wear those shorts at school!"

"You're allowed to punish me, but you can't force me to change."


"It's in the school charter. Section IV, subsection C, paragraph 19. 'Students wearing inappropriate dress may be given up to three strokes of the cane as incentive to change clothes.' See? You can cane me, but you can't force me to change."

"Oh, I'll cane you, all right. Touch your toes."

The three strokes were vicious, right into the meat of the underbum. The shorts couldn't hide the fact that Kathy had been caned, as everyone could see the trio of thick purple weals the teen wore proudly the rest of the day.

The next Casual Friday Kathy wore the same shorts again, as did Cecilia Ward. Both were caned, the Headmaster furious, and both reveled in the attention they gained.

The following Casual Friday was a watershed, with a full dozen girls in short-shorts waiting in a nervous line outside Headmaster Stewart's office for their stripes. The girls arrived giggling, left with somber expressions, but thoroughly enjoyed the eyes of all the boys admiring them.

Stripes, it seemed, were in vogue at Peabody High. Girls quickly began to try to outshort each other. Marla Waters arrived with denim cutoffs that were bare almost to mid-cheek. Sara Peterman practically wore a thong. But all the girls wore the distinct, blue and purple swelling lines that indicated a thorough thrashing with a slender rattan rod.

Headmaster Stewart, furious at being outwitted by a student, dove into the charter with a magnifying glass and came out with a gem. On Monday's all-school assembly, he read from the charter's corporal punishment policy: "Students corporally punished more than twice for the same offense may have the standard number of strokes doubled, at the Headmaster's discretion."

Everyone knew on Friday it'd be six strokes, not three, and more than one girl was peeing in her short-shorts at that prospect. The whole week there was talk of little else. Who'd be brave enough to take six?

The answer was unanimous: every girl arrived in scandalous style!

That day Headmaster Stewart thrashed himself into a shoulder injury and his assistant, Miss Babcock, had to finish the many canings.

After that, the girls knew they'd won. Micro-shorts on Casual Friday were firmly ensconced as a new school tradition. Sure, the girls' bottoms paid with purple stripes, but that was what made the dare so special. It wouldn't have been any fun without them.

The End