SSC: Blackmail

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(*****, m/F, Intense, nc paddling)

A boy gets the goods on his teacher. (Approximately 500 words. Originally published 2009-05.)

Fate is funny. Josh Hoskins had no idea that forgetting his notebook in history class would change his life. At first he thought about waiting until Monday to get it, but it wasn't his history notebook, of course. No, this was his football play notebook and Coach Wyler would have his ass if he didn't memorize the new plays.

So Josh used the back entrance and made his way down the darkened corridors past empty classrooms until he got to room 227. His hand was on the handle pushing open the door before he realized the room was occupied. He froze, too stunned to take his jaw off the floor.

In front of him was Mrs. Hilary Hesop, his very sexy but very married history teacher. She was twenty-four, fresh from college, and hot as a box of tamales. Every boy in school had crushes on her. Now here she was with her shirt off and no bra and arms around Vice President Steppleford.

Hilary gave a shriek and threw herself away from the VP, snatching up her shirt with a horrified moan. She hastily dressed, crying out, "Josh! What are you doing here!"

Steppleford, face red as hot sauce, muttered something and, like the heroic figure he was, fled.

"Aren't you married Mrs. H?"

The woman paled. "Josh, please! My husband can't know!"

Josh just grinned.

* * * * *

Class was half over when the young man sauntered in to the shocked gasps of his peers. Mrs. Hesop turned slightly pale, then recovered. "Josh, I see you decided to attend class today."

"Sorry, Mrs. H. I had more important stuff than history."

"You know the penalty of tardiness, young man! Fetch the paddle!"

With a sneer and an amused shrug at his audience, the young man obeyed. He and the teacher disappeared into the back room where discipline was administered privately.

As soon as the door was closed, the woman whirled on the boy. "Josh, this has got to stop! I can't take it any more. Please!"

"Come on, Teach. We gotta show to put on."

Groaning, the teacher turned and bent at the waist. Her black slacks tightened over the juicy rounds of her curvy rump. Josh stepped back and swung the paddle with all his might. WHAM!

Hilary Hesop gasped and cried out "Oh!"

"Quiet!" snapped Josh. "Do you want people to hear?"


These blows were taken in silence, though the woman writhed mightily. Again the wooden board flattened the plumpness of her rump and she groaned, tears glittering in her eyes. Finally the sixth swat impacted and she stood with a low groan.

"I've been naughty enough for extras," murmured Josh sweetly.

"Oh, for the love of--"

Josh tapped her ring finger and the woman fell silent. She bent back over for two more butt-shaking smacks.

The boy patted the curved rump before him. "Next time, it'll be bare bottom," he said sternly.

The teacher whimpered with despair. Next time.

The End