How Clare Shut Up

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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How Clare Shut Up

(****, M/F, Intense, dom-sub discipline)

A dom trains his slave to be quiet. (Approximately 497 words. Originally published 2009-05.)

Clare and I had been involved in a dom-slave relationship for nearly a year, and it was a wonderful thing. She had the sexiest body and she was a real painslut, an awesome combination.

There was only one problem. She couldn't be quiet. No matter how many training sessions I gave her, she always made a lot of noise during discipline. Now yes, spankings and paddlings and whippings aren't exactly silent to begin with, but Clare really made a lot of noise. From the first smack to the last, she'd be screaming as though I was killing her.

Initially this had thrown me off, but I soon realized it was just the way she was. It was a defense mechanism she'd learned young, I guess.

I could gag her, of course, but gags are uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at: I wanted a willing, obedient slave.

One weekend I announced that we were going to have a very special training session. This time, she would learn to be quiet. I could see the mixture of excitement and fear on her face.

She arrived at my apartment Friday evening. I made her strip and put on the collar. As a warm up I gave her a few dozen with the big wooden paddle. Then we had a nice dinner (she was the puppy dog at my feet and I fed her bites from my plate).

Then I blindfolded her, attached a leash, made her hold a couple paddles, a riding crop, and a cane. Then I led her out the door and up the stairs.

She was terrified. Clare is very shy: she doesn't practice openly, and certainly not in front of strangers. But I ordered to her comply and finally she obeyed.

We went to the roof and I took off her blindfold. The roof was deserted, of course, but there were many buildings nearby that overlooked us, and Clare was horrified.

"Someone's going to see!"

"Maybe," I said. "If you tell them."

Suddenly my diabolical plan was made clear to her. I bent her over and began to whack her ass with a leather paddle. Usually that would immediately bring forth screams of "agony" from Clare, but this time she swallowed her cries and moaned loudly.

"Oh please," she wept when I picked up the cane, but I gave her no mercy. I knew she could handle the pain, but I wanted her suffer silently for a change, prove to herself that she could do it.

She did scream once, and to her horror lights went on at an apartment across the way, but after that she was as silent as a stalking cat. She took every stroke I gave her, and in the end she kissed me gratefully, weeping with relief.

After a few more rooftop training sessions, Clare became the slave I'd always dreamed about: beautiful, obedient, long-suffering, and dutifully silent. We're going to marry in June.

The End

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