The Twins

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Twins

(*****, M/F, Severe, semi-cons paddling, caning, sex)

A husband punishes the "twins." (Approximately 499 words. Originally published 2009-05.)

Alan watched his lovely wife as she bent to load the dishwasher. The strong jut of her buttocks in the tightly stretched fabric of her slacks woke up his lower body. He grunted, "It seems, dear, that the twins have been naughty today."

Mandy jerked erect, her face pale and anxious. "Oh no! Not the twins. Just Mandi."

Alan adjusted the iron bar of his erection. "Both of them. Have Mandi meet me in my study in ten minutes."

She was there on time, dressed in a short navy blue pleated skirt, classic schoolgirl. She looked thoughtful and damned sexy, he thought as he patted his lap. She went over and he lifted the skirt to reveal her full bottom, the twin cheeks under a sheen of blue panty.

He started with his hand, administering a sound but not too painful spanking, but after about ten minutes he had her fetch the slipper and began to roast her rump. He enjoyed his work. He loved the way her ass jiggled with every swat, the way the skin turned rosy and hot, the way Mandi gasped and wiggled and moaned. One would almost think she was enjoying this.

But this was supposed to be punishment, he reminded himself, and set to work with the wooden hairbrush making the girl squeal and ouch. When her buttocks were a nice carmine color he decided Mandi had been punished satisfactorily and finished with a round dozen with the whippy rattan cane.

"Now send in your naughty sister," he ordered. "Andi's the *really* naughty one."

With a horrified sob, Mandi hurried from the room. A few minutes later an identical figure appeared at the doorway, this girl in a burgandy skirt. Alan had her fetch the pledge paddle, a huge rectangle of oak that put her on her tiptoes with every horrendous swat. He gave her four sets of five, nice and slow, to let the pain sizzle.

Next Andi lay on her belly on the piano bench, skirt up and pink panties down, bright red bottom and creamy thighs presented perfectly for a long whipping with a stingy leather strap.

No punishment was complete without a good caning, of course, and Andi, being the naughtier twin, received a full two dozen of the best. She was really howling by the time the last stroke cut in.

"Now send your mother in!" snapped Alan. His erection was urgent. When his wife arrived, he wasted no time, stripping her and dropping his pants so she could suck while he reached behind to squeeze the massive buns behind.

"How are the 'twins,' dear," he whispered gently with an evil pinch. She whimpered at his touch.

"You're a cruel bastard," she muttered, her naked buttocks scarlet and purple and criss-crossed with angry welts. "The twins have learned their lesson and will never be naughty again!"

Alan laughed heartily at such an absurdity and penetrated his wife vigrously, delicious pleasure embracing them both.

The End