Paying for Pain

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Paying for Pain

(***, F/f, Intense, nc spanking, paddling)

A girl uses her allowance to pay for her spankings. (Approximately 492 words. Originally published 2009-08.)

Megan's mother suffered from severe asthma -- excessive physical exertion sent her into fits of coughing and gasping. Little Megan took advantage of this, knowing her mother couldn't spank her. Her father was out of the picture and so she grew up spank-free and turned into a real brat.

All that changed the year Megan turned twelve. After a screaming match with her mother one night, the next day she was shocked when she arrived home from school to find a stout woman in the living room.

"You can call me Aunt Peggy," said the woman. "I'm here to spank you."

Naturally Megan rebelled, but Aunt Peggy was from hearty stock and dragged the petite girl over her lap as though she weighed nothing. What followed was twenty minutes of non-stop spanking and paddling, with Megan's pants and panties lowered and her mouth hollering curses and pleas, until her buttocks were the color of a stop sign.

Aunt Peggy was a regular force in Megan's life after that. Once or twice a week she was waiting when Megan came home and the spankings were horrendous.

But worse things were ahead. When Megan became a teenager, the spankings were harder and longer, and her mother started an obnoxious policy of taking Aunt Peggy's $10 fee out of Megan's allowance. Megan only got $10 a week, so if she was spanked too often, she went into debt. After the pain of the spanking, the fee was adding insult to injury. Imagine paying for pain!

Gradually the spankings lessoned, and by the time Megan graduated from high school, she was keeping most of her allowance.

In college, Megan fell into old habits and soon was behind in her schoolwork. Worse, she fell victim to easy credit, and soon had maxed out her Visa. She knew she was in trouble but it took her a while to realize what she needed. It was a weird idea, but she did it.

Aunt Peggy lived at the same wheat-colored house Megan remembered. She looked the same, though her hair was turning gray.

"Hi Aunt Peggy. I... I need a spanking."

The paddling was long and brutal, for now Megan was twenty with a woman's broad bottom. No little girl spanking for her! She was sobbing when it was finished, but stood up with inner resolve to fix her life.

"Thanks Aunt Peggy."

She left twenty bucks on the counter.

Megan graduated, went to law school and got her degree, married a successful businessman, enjoyed a modest law practice, and had two children. She had but one vice: a secret bank account where she made a monthly withdrawal of $100.

It went to Aunt Peggy, after the strong woman had paddled Megan's thirty-four-year-old bottom purple.

"You really don't have to pay me," said Aunt Peggy.

"Of course I do. I insist on paying for my pain."

After all, her mother had taught her right.

The End