The Train

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Train

(*****, M/F, Intense, cons caning)

A couple figure out how to sneak a caning in during work. (Approximately 360 words. Originally published 2009-08.)

Ron was quick, that was for sure. It was the speed of the whole thing that had the most profound impact on Amy. It was over in seconds, leaving her wandering the office with her butt on fire, wondering if she'd just imagined the whole thing.

When he passed her desk at eleven-thirty he'd given her the signal, a slight tilt of the head only she understood. She gulped and nodded, trembling inside.

At precisely one minute to twelve she was knocking on his door. The door opened and shut behind her in a heartbeat. She leaned against the desk as he flipped up her dress and lowered her panties. He flexed the wooden rod as he watched the tension in her face build.

Then it came. First a dull rumbling, soon a deafening roar. The building shook. The cane lashed forward, cracking across her buttocks. She felt the awesome sting, but heard nothing but the train. The sting was repeated in a blur of motion, again and again, six, eight, twelve strokes. How many could he squeeze in? How many could she take?

Then it was over, the roar of the train fading. Amy lay gasping, writhing in stunned misery at the state of her ass. The cheeks blazed with a fury she still found breath-taking. As she slowly rose, she palmed her asscheeks. They steamed with heat. She could feel the thin welts and weals left by the stout rod.

Seconds later she was outside his office, ass wobbling under the thin dress as she walked, smiling at naive co-workers, and so wet she could feel herself dripping all the way to the back of her knees.

Had that really just happened? she wondered. Not one of the dozens of interns or lawyers even looked up when she came out of Ron's office. It was so surreal. Her body told her she'd just been well-spanked, but it had happened so fast. One moment her bottom was lily white and pain free, next she was gritting her teeth not to scream.

She couldn't wait to get home and make use of Ron's other rod.

The End