The Surrogate

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The Surrogate

(*****, F/f, Intense, cons caning)

Rich girl pays poor girl to take her thrashing. (Approximately 499 words. Originally published 2009-08.)

The skinny brunette reluctantly went up the narrow stairs, wrinkling her delicate nose with distaste. Melissa Etherington had never been to "Skid Row," as these attic rooms were crudely nicknamed. The four rooms were reserved for the token scholarship students the exclusive school accepted each year; Melissa lived in a lavish private suite on the second floor. The attic hadn't been renovated in years. The fixtures in the common bathroom she passed were ancient. She wondered if hot water could even reach this floor.

Melissa found room "D" and knocked. "Come in," said a girl.

The room was extremely modest, with tiny twin beds on each side, a sloping ceiling, and a long shared desk under the small window. At the foot of each bed was a cheap plywood armoire that was apparently the substitute for a closet. Melissa winced when she saw that the beds used school linen. How could anyone bear to live like this?


"Yeah." The girl was lying on her belly on the bed. She was black, with sleek skin the color of creamy hot chocolate. She was very pretty, her face reminding Melissa of that "Catwoman" actress, only her body was more J-Lo, especially the prominent rump.

"I hear you can clear my chit," said Melissa gruffly. She held out the grim yellow paper as though it was toxic waste.

Leticia didn't move. "Two hundred a stroke."

"What! I was told it was a hundred!"

"Not this week. I've already taken two sixers and a four. My ass is raw. If you want me, it'll cost."

"But I'm due ten!" gasped Melissa. "That's... $2000!"

The black girl stood. "Would you rather have your pampered bottom whipped? Ten hearty lashes with a senior cane, right across _here_." She slapped the base of Melissa's slender buttocks. "Nice and slow, no more than one a minute, as hard as Madame Green can beat."

Leticia flipped up the back of her skirt. She wore no underwear. The purple weals were as thick as thumbs, crisscrossing the full cheeks like bloody ropes.

A sweating Melissa stared at the welted cheeks with awe. She was rapidly trying to figure out which of her accounts she could raid so her parents wouldn't notice.

"I thought as much. What the hell did you do anyway? Ten's a bit much even on an unspanked bottom."

"You've got plenty of padding," muttered Melissa bitterly.

Leticia laughed, rubbing her plump buttocks. "These beauties are putting me through college."

"How can you bear it? Corporal punishment... it's so... medieval."

Leticia shrugged. "Life hurts."

"I'll have the money next week."

"No. Cash. In advance."

"But the chit must be cleared by Friday or it's doubled!"

"Then you'd better get the money."

Melissa sighed. "I'll have it tomorrow."

At the door, she paused for one last glance at Leticia's broad rump as the girl lay on the bed. The poor were a mystery, she thought. What a bizarre way to earn money!

The End