The New Cane

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The New Cane

(*****, M/f, Intense, nc caning)

The Head wants to test his new cane. (Approximately 480 words. Originally published 2009-08.)

I'd just stepped out of the loo when a sudden deep voice startled me. It was the Head!

"Ah, Chapman, just the one I was hoping to see. Come with me."

I gulped, gave Mr. Brown my most innocent smile, and went for a preemptive strike. "I have a hall pass, sir."

"I'm sure you do. I gave you six last term for wandering the halls without permission."

"Yes sir." A particularly stingy six, I remembered. I resisted the urge to rub my bum: no sense giving the beast ideas!


"But sir!"

The man's eyes flashed irritation. "That was not a request, Chapman."

"What did I do?"

He shrugged. "No doubt you've done something -- a girl with your lack of morals is always pushing the boundaries -- but that's not why I want to see you."

The Head opened the door to his office and I entered, my belly flopping a little as I went into the familiar room. I couldn't help but glance at the rack of canes on the far wall.

Immediately I began cursing my stupidity as the Head crossed and took down a long brown rod.

"Sir? What have I done?"

"I told you, Chapman, nothing. Nothing at all. It's just that... tell me, do you recognize this cane?"

I started to nod, then stopped. In truth I didn't recognize it. It was thicker than Mr. Brown's other canes, longer too. "No sir."

"That's good, Chapman. Because this is my newest acquisition. It just arrived this morning. Isn't it a beauty?"

"Uh, I guess."

"Stout yet whippy, and forty-two inches long."

I winced as he swung it through the air.

"I thought it would be prudent to test my new cane. What do you think Chapman?"

My belly sank as I realized what this was all about. I would not escape this office without lines on my behind.

"An excellent idea, sir."

"Are you volunteering, Chapman? Surely you aren't afraid of a few stripes!"

What was I to say? If I refused, he'd simply find an excuse to _really_ thrash me. Hopefully if I cooperated he'd go easier.

"I'd be honored to assist you, sir."

Thus it was I found myself in the familiar position, bent across his desk, my skirt removed, and my knickers around my ankles.

The new cane brought fire across my buttocks. It was a fearful instrument indeed. After just three my eyes were burning worse than six of the usual, and by the time Mr. Brown had given me the eighth I was starting to squirm.

"Everything okay, Chapman?"

"Yes sir," I panted. Dare I ask? "H-how many more, sir?"

"Well now, why bother counting? We must give this cane a proper testing, mustn't we?"

I gulped, a tear trickling down my cheek. "Of course, sir," I breathed, and braced myself for a thorough thrashing.

The End