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(****, M/F, Intense, cons paddling, caning)

A guy hires a foreign girl as a spanking model. (Approximately 501 words. Originally published 2009-08.)

A hundred yards away I could see the curve of her wide hips as she walked along the beach and I knew she had potential. My excitement increased as she approached. Her face was angelic, and she had long dirty blond hair, bronze skin, and an impressive bosom. She was wearing an itsy-bitsy thong bikini that revealed the fullest, smoothest asscheeks I'd ever seen.

"Would you like to be in a movie?" I asked.

She answered in a foreign tongue. We got nowhere until her boyfriend showed up to translate. He explained she had just arrived from Brazil.

"Five hundred dollars," I explained. "She just has to take a few spankings on video."

The girl looked doubtful as the guy talked, so I encouraged him. "Convince her and there's a $100 in it for you," I added. He redoubled his efforts, talking rapidly, and finally the girl nodded shyly.

At my beach cabin I showed her the previous amateur spanking videos I'd made, and we watched a few scenes. She was nervous, but relaxed when I produced five hundred in cash. She signed the contract.

The hand spanking went well. Her ass was even more awesome than I'd thought. It was big yet firm, with the deep cleft typical of South Americans. At first she yelped a bit, but as her ass warmed up she settled down and writhed silently.

When we went to the first implement, the small wood paddle, she argued with her boyfriend but finally took the hard paddling. Her butt was bright red when I started with the leather strap, and she was yelling with every hearty lash.

After a brief rest, it was time for the climax: the rattan cane. She looked at it with fear, but a few words from her boyfriend had her bending over the edge of desk with her well-padded arse arched up to receive the rod.

I laid on the first weal. It had her screaming, writhing in agony and crying. But she stayed in position and I slowly followed it with four more. The fifth was harsh, leaving a gorgeous weal, thick and crimson.

After a dozen she was constantly yelling "Batente!" and "Bastantes!"

"She likes it," translated her boyfriend. "She says 'More!' and 'Harder!'"

I obliged, laying it on. It was the most severe amateur spanking I had ever administered. When it was over the gorgeous big bottom was covered with welts and the girl could hardly walk. I paid the two and they left.

That evening I showed the raw footage to a group of friends. Enrique, who happened to know some Portuguese, was quick to point out an inaccuracy.

"That's not right. She's saying 'Stop!' and 'Enough!'"

"But the boyfriend told me--"

"Of course he did, look at him."

One of the cameras had caught caught the guy in the background, his hands at his crotch, his face distorted with obvious lust.

"Oh shit," I muttered.

"Never trust a translator," laughed Enrique.

The End