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(*****, m/F, Intense, cons spanking)

A dying boy gets his final wish. (Approximately 493 words. Originally published 2009-08.)

Elly hesitated outside the trailer. She glanced at Davison. "I feel ridiculous."

"Come on, it can't hurt to ask."

The executive knocked. "Come in!" shouted a voice. Inside it was cool and quiet, an oasis from the chaos outside at the studio. In the elegantly furnished living room lay a young woman. She was even more stunning in person. Dressed in casual sweat pants and top she looked utterly relaxed, which somehow made her even more beautiful. Her dark hair was long, her face as cute as a kitten, her body sleek and graceful.

"Can I help you?"

"I'm Elly Witfield and this is Josh Davison. From the Make-A-Wish foundation."

"Oh, right! You're here about--"

Elly passed over some photographs. They showed a handsome teen playing soccer, laughing with friends on a roller coaster, singing Christmas carols, in a school play, and posing with his family.

"His name is Tim. He's got a brain tumor. Inoperable."

The actress looked shocked. "How much--"

"A few months. One day he scored a hat trick for his soccer team. The next he was dizzy. Then they found the tumor."

"That's horrible."

Elly cleared her throat. "He has a wish."

"He wants to meet me? Visit the set?"

"Not exactly. He's a big fan, yes. But... well he's from the Bible Belt. Very conservative. Old-fashioned."


Elly took a deep breath. "His family is strict. He was raised such that any misbehavior gets you a 'trip to the woodshed.' Your teenage character on 'What It Is' is a real brat and he thinks you deserve a good lickin'."

The girl laughed. "That's my character, not me."

"Be that as it may, his wish... his final... wish... is to spank you."


"I know, completely ridiculous, but... we had to at least try. We're sorry for wasting your time."

"Wait!" cried the actress. The two paused at the door.

The beauty stood, a hand thoughtfully caressing a finely curved haunch behind. "I'll do it."

The executives stared. "You will?"

The famous star nodded. "My daddy used to spank me. Before he and mom split. I always thought I hated it, but after he was gone, a sorta... missed it, you know? I'm suppose I'm due a few spankings, and this one's for a good cause."

* * * * *

The spanking took place in private, without the usual publicity. Oddly the TV star wasn't keen on her generosity being known.

Sixteen-year-old Timothy Russell took the suddenly shy teenage-looking twenty-two-year-old actress across his lap and bared her gorgeous bottom. The spanking was horrendously long and hard, with real tears shed. When it was done, her buttocks glowed vermilion.

"I hope you'll forgive me, but you deserved that," he said.

The teary-eyed actress rubbed her fiery rump. "Actually," she groaned, "you don't have a hairbrush around here, do you? I'm afraid I've been _really_ naughty."

The boy's eyes were bright. "It'll mean blisters."

"I'm counting on it."

The End