Little Sister

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Little Sister

(*****, m/f, Intense, cons caning)

A boy punishes his girlfriend's little sister. (Approximately 496 words. Originally published 2009-09.)

"You here for Anne?"

Jason nodded. The girl was Hilary or Heather or something. Anne's little sister.

"It may be a while. She had to do some errands for mom."

"I'll wait."

Haley sat on the sofa next to him. She kept staring at him, which was disconcerting. She was what, fourteen? Cute, but nothing like the gorgeous Anne.

"You're at St. Andrews now, aren't you?"


"They flog at St. Andrews, don't they?"

He hoped he wasn't blushing. "What of it?"

"You ever get caned?"

He sighed. "Look, it's a strict school, you can't _not_ get caned. That's how it works."

"Did it hurt? What was it like?"

"Why do you want to know?"

Haley grinned. "Daddy just bought a cane."


"I think it's for Anne. At least I hope it's for Anne. But now that he's got it, I suppose he'll use it on me, too."


"Does it hurt much?"

"Of course."

"What's it feel like?"

Jason shivered. "It's like a hot iron pressed into your skin."


The conversation lulled. Then Haley brightened. "Wanna see Daddy's cane? It's right over here." The girl ran to the closet and emerged with a three foot rattan rod with a crock handle.

Jason took it awkwardly.

"Wanna try it?"


"I've never felt the cane. I... need to know. You know, just in case Daddy..."

Before Jason could protest, the teen was taking down her jeans and panties, and bending over the back of the sofa. The bare bottom presented him was surprisingly mature. He was intrigued.

"You... want me to beat you?"


"How many? How hard?"

"Hard. It needs to be real. Just like at school."

The livid lines were dark crimson and purple. Haley shivered in her agony, her buttocks quivering.

"Ouch that hurts!"

"Told you so."

"Better give me two more, for an even six."

Shrugging, Jason obliged. He was getting into it now. Haley wiggled too much on the sixth, so he added one more. Raising the rod high, he was just about to swing when the front door opened and there was Anne, jaw flapped open.

"Uh. Hi Anne."

"Please, no more!" howled Haley.

"Jason! How dare you! She's just a little girl!" Anne was furious. "Get out. Out! I never want to see you again."

"But Anne--"

The door slammed shut. Jason turned sadly away.

Three days later, Haley caught him at the park. "Hi Jason."

"Get away from me."

"But Jason, we can be together now. My sister is no longer a problem."

"You... you did that on purpose!"

"Are you upset?"

"Am I upset! I ought to... to..."

"To thrash me?" Haley's blue eyes twinkled. "I don't have a cane but I bet we can find a good switch off one of these trees."

The memory of the teen's curvy bottom suddenly presented itself. Jason nodded. "You're gonna get it good, little girl."

Haley shivered. "I sure hope so!"

The End

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