The Puppet Master

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Puppet Master

(*****, MMMF/f, Intense, cons paddling, spanking, caning, strapping)

Punished at school, a girl also gets punished at home. (Approximately 494 words. Originally published 2009-09.)

"Six swats," said Principal Avery grimly, hefting the large wooden paddle to his shoulder. With a steady boom-boom-boom he drove the board heavily into the curved seat of the teenage girl bent over his desk. Three more followed. "You're a foolish girl, Bella Boswell. You think we wouldn't notice the red paint on your hands?"

At home, young Bella changed into a short skirt before giving the note to her mother. "Mom, you aren't going to _spank_ me, are you?" Her voice carried a strong hint of scorn and distain, freezing the woman.

Helen Boswell immediately made up her mind. "Of course I am," she said sternly. "Fetch me my hairbrush!"

A moment later the teenager was bare-assed naked across her mother's broad lap, writhing and hissing as the wooden hairbrush walloped the plump rounds of her bottom. Mrs. Boswell was normally lenient with her daughter, but vandalism was a serious crime and so she really worked the cheeks for a good fifteen minutes.

An hour later, Bella stood in the doorway of her father's office, biting her lip. Glenn looked annoyed. "My flight's in an hour, I need to go," he grumbled. "Can't your mother deal with this?"

Bella shrugged and her father sighed, dropping the note onto his desk. "Fine. We'll make it a quick six with the cane."

"Oh good! Six over jeans won't be bad."

"Wait, that's true," frowned the man. "Better make it eight!"

"Oh no!" moaned Bella. She presented her bum and he worked fast, cracking the rod across her haunches eight times in a minute. Bella stood red-eyed and weeping, and Glenn gave her a quick kiss before rushing out the door.

Her parents departed, Bella hurried up stairs and knocked on a door. The wrinkled man was old but vigorous from a lifetime of manual labor. "Hi Grandpa."

"Your mom take your dad to the airport?"

"Yes." She sat shyly on the edge of the bed. She pushed the note toward him. "Mom said you'd know what to do."

The old man shook his head sadly. "This is gonna have to be the belt, young lady."

Head down, Bella nodded. She lifted her skirt and bent forward across the arm of the recliner, presenting her pantied-bottom. The belting was hard and lasted a long time. Grandpa whipped not just her ass, but the back of her legs as well, leaving her flesh welted and sore.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"I think so, sir."

"You _think_ so? Then I haven't been strict enough! Hold on for a few more." The heavy leather belt whistled in a couple dozen more times until a teary-eyed young Bella was positive she'd learned her lesson.

Moments later she was naked in the shower, sighing as trickling water cooled her. One hand pumped frantically inside herself while with the other she gingerly touched the tender weals across her buttocks.

She grinned. Adults were so easy.

The End