The Tattoo

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Tattoo

(****, F/f, Intense, nc caning)

A girl finds out tattoos are painful. (Approximately 498 words. Originally published 2009-09.)

At precisely ten of seven Miss Cecily Rose, a sixth former at St. Agnes Academy, slipped out the rear exit of the kitchen and made her way to the back of the school grounds. There she climbed over a wall and in no more than a quarter of an hour, she was in town.

She waited inside the abandoned mill and shortly after arriving a lad named Thomas arrived. The couple kissed and embraced, a warm greeting, and they began to kiss passionately, the kind of passion that's produced from the simmering heat of rare opportunity. This was indeed the case, for Cecily was forbidden to see boys, and Thomas was allowed only one Saturday a month away from his school. This was their fifth clandestine meeting in as many weeks, and though it's dreadfully unromantic to say it, perhaps it was the forbidden nature of their affair that made it so enjoyable.

On this day, Cecily and Thomas had a special agenda. After a period of physical interaction, the couple headed into town. On Bay street they found the little shop they'd contacted previously and went inside. Cecily was nervous, but excited. For this was a tattoo parlor. As a tribute to their undying love for one another the two were each going to wear the name of the other, forever.

What's more -- and here Cecily giggled at the naughtiness of it -- they were going to wear their love in such a naughty place: right across the bum-cheek!

Thomas, brave lad that he was, went first. Though he made like it wasn't bad at all, his forehead was sweating profusely and he nearly cried out a few times.

Then it was Cecily's turn. She bent over the end of the table, lifting her dress to show her white knickers. The artist carefully drew them down and exposed the two large cheeks of Cecily's bare ass. Oh, it was naughty, all right. Cecily saucily thrust out her bottom.

Her enthusiasm was short-lived as the pain began, the needle stinging and poking her smooth flesh. She writhed and sweated and bit her crimson lower lip. After fifteen minutes of agony it was done. Cecily stood before the mirror, craning over her shoulder to see the red heart with black "Thomas" engraved inside.

Walking home was decidedly uncomfortable in the posterior, but Cecily had a spring in her step as she knew her relationship had reached a new level.

But horrors! As she slipped in to her dormitory, who should catch her but Mrs. Mailand, who took Cecily straight to the Headmistress. There Cecily discovered herself bending over a table again, only this time her bum was to be tattooed with the cane!

The rod rose and fell across Cecily's knickers and her agony was doubly intense as livid weals rose across Thomas's heart.

Unbeknownst to her, the same exact thing was happening at that moment to poor Thomas, also caught.

Tattoos, indeed, are painful.

The End

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