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(*****, M/F, Intense, nc caning)

A woman plea bargains a caning and gets more than she bargained for. (Approximately 498 words. Originally published 2009-09.)

On the day of her sentencing Jess was terrified. She knew she was going to be caned -- that was part of the plea bargain her attorney had worked out. The question was how severe?

It was entirely up to the judge. He had full powers to let her off with a few symbolic strokes, or he could stripe her bottom raw. But the government was really cracking down on shoplifters lately. She'd heard of a boy getting thirty-six!

Not knowing what was going to happen made Jess nervous. She just knew she'd get the maximum.

Her lawyer kept saying that whatever the punishment, it was better than prison. "You're only eighteen. You don't want this on your record."

Her parents agreed. If the university saw she'd been convicted, she'd lose her scholarship.

The courtroom was surreal, as life after life stood before the judge and was irrevocably changed. Finally it was time. Jess and her attorney stood before the judge.

"You've made an agreement with prosecutor to accept corporal punishment in place of conviction. Correct?" asked the judge.

Jess couldn't speak. "Yes sir," she finally managed.

"At my discretion then, I'm ordering your buttocks caned twelve times. Punishment to begin Saturday at 10 a.m."

Twelve. The number was harsh, but acceptable. It wouldn't be easy, but it was worlds better than a dreadful three dozen.

"I'm sorry," whispered her attorney, looking stunned. "There's no appeal. You'll just have to take it."

"That's okay," laughed Jess. She was so relieved. She'd gotten four on several occasions at school and it hadn't been too bad. A judicial twelve was nothing to smile about, but not as bad as she expected.

On Saturday she and her parents were at the courthouse before ten. Jess was actually anxious to get the whipping over with so she could get on with her life. She had one last summer before college and career. She intended to enjoy it.

Once she was actually strapped to the whipping bench and her buttocks bared, however, she wasn't so calm. She trembled as the whip-master approached with a long rattan rod. His arms were as big as her thighs. This was going to hurt.

Hurt was an understatement. Agony is insufficient. Excruciating doesn't begin to describe the horror. Every lick cut deeply into the plump flesh of her bottom. The man was a master at making every stroke hideously awful.

It was over after ten horrible cuts. Jess was puzzled, but didn't argue when released. Her legs were wobbly and her buttocks throbbed miserably, but her heart was singing because it was over. She'd endured and survived.

"I'm glad that's over." She embraced her parents who'd watched with grave concern.

"Only eleven more to go," sighed her dad.

"What do you mean?"

"Canings. Eleven more."

"No, this was it!" Panic gripped Jess.

"The judge gave you twelve."

The world was collapsing. Everything spun and Jess sank into a heap as understanding dawned. "Oh, fuck!"

The End