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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(****, M/F, Intense, nc caning)

A college student learns that special pants bring special pain. (Approximately 498 words. Originally published 2009-10.)

Karen sauntered into sociology feeling sexy. She was wearing new peach-colored slacks she'd bought over the weekend. The pants were so tight she couldn't wear panties without the lines showing, so she was excitingly bare underneath. It was so daring of her!

Today they got back the results of last week's pop quiz, and Karen glumly stared at the red "D" on her paper. "Fuck," she thought bitterly. "I'm going to flunk this course!"

At the end of class, she wasn't surprised when professor Miller asked her to stay. When everyone else was gone, he quietly locked the door and walked to the cabinet where he kept the cane. Karen trembled as she bent over his desk.

"You obviously need some encouragement to do better work," the professor said, flexing the cane. "Take down your pants."

"Oh, but I can't sir. I, er... I'm not wearing any, uh, underwear."

"That's your problem. Take down your pants."

Wincing, with tears glittering in her eyes already, Karen obeyed. The silky slacks slid down easily, baring her bottom. Cool air drifted across her haunches and she shivered. Oh God, this was embarrassing!

Then the cane sizzled across her ass and she forgot her embarrassment: the cane hurt! He gave her six cuts, each a weal of fire that she could easily feel through the thin material of her slacks the rest of the day.

It was about a week before she wore the slacks again. To her dismay, professor Miller again asked her to stay after. "Ah, no panties again," he commented as the slacks slid down.

"Sir, what did I do?"

"You weren't paying attention in class," he said, and gave her eight full cuts that left her gasping for air.

Wondering if the slacks were cursed, she didn't wear them for a couple weeks. But college students hate laundry, and eventually the day came when those pants were the only clean thing left.

She sat through sociology trembling, her heart tripping, wondering what would happen. Her worst fears came true at end of class. "Karen Dobsky: please remain after class for a moment."

She racked her brains for her sin -- she'd tried to be so careful today -- but he said she'd been talking with Priscilla Jonson during class.

"She wanted to borrow a pen!" she protested, but she was already bent over the desk, the slacks around her ankles, her bare buttocks quivering in anticipation of the agony to come.

It was a killer dozen this time. Karen wept. But afterward, as she watched professor Miller put away the cane, she was reminded how handsome he was. In his mid-thirties, he wasn't that much older than her. Surely it couldn't be a coincidence that he always chose to thrash her on the days she wore these slacks with no panties.

Karen grinned. It would cost her another thrashing, but she'd wear them again on Friday and see if he took the bait. Damn she was naughty!

The End

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