The Scavenger Hunt

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Scavenger Hunt

(****, F/fx5, Intense, semi-cons paddling, caning)

Schoolgirls compete for spankings. (Approximately 499 words. Originally published 2010-01.)

The Hunt started at one o'clock, so everyone met during lunch and class president Stacy Hedra passed out copies of the List. The teams had just four hours to collect everything.

Sharon Farr gathered her mates together and they discussed the situation.

"This says ten with the senior from the Head!" protested Ivy. "Who's going to do that?"

"Team Davis will be too chicken for that," said Monica hopefully.

"I'll do it." Everyone turned to look at Ellen, the tallest and oldest of the bunch.

"Are you sure Ellen? The Head's got a mean stick."

"No problem."

Cute little Lucy spoke up. "I can get the hairbrushing. Professor Millis loves to put me over his knee."

"I guess that leaves me to get one of the strappings," sighed Ivy. "A dozen with the tawse."

"I'll take the other one," said Monica.

"Fine." Sharon looked at the List critically. "That leaves the schoolroom caning for me, and I'll take the paddling as well."

There were a few protests at her taking two, but the girls fell silent when it came time to pick another to take the second punishment. Each was already feeling the pressure of her own quest.

Promptly at one, the girls headed for their classes. Ivy made a point of being five minutes late, which earned her a stiff six with the slipper. Her smart mouth got that upped to a dozen, with the warning that any further misbehavior would warrant the tawse. An hour later she left mathematics with a well-strapped bottom.

Sharon got her caning out of the way quickly as well, chewing gum in Mrs. Swenson's class, a guaranteed six-stroke offense.

Monica waited until her second post-lunch class before she told Mr. Beasley to "fuck off," which earned her a painful fifteen with the tawse (more than she bargained for). More depressing was the note to her parents -- that would guarantee her a thrashing at home.

The only teacher that used a paddle was the gym mistress, Ms. Jones, and she made sure Sharon felt the dozen solid whacks.

Lucy was kept after by Mr. Millis, who spanked and paddled her with a stout hairbrush for a leisurely twenty minutes. She ended up with more than double the required five dozen.

Ellen was the cleverest of the bunch. She already had a three o'clock appointment with the Head scheduled as it had been discovered she'd forged her mother's signature on an excuse. She was in for it anyway. It wasn't hard to forge a surly attitude and earn the two extra strokes required for her ten.

Despite valiant competition from six other five-person teams, Team Farr easily won the annual Mayday Scavenger Hunt for a record third year in a row. As the girls presented their whacked bottoms to admiring applause, they beamed at their accomplishment.

"No one can beat us," said Ivy proudly.

"I think that's what someone did," smiled Sharon, and the team burst out laughing.

The End

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