Frat Party

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Frat Party

(****, MMM/F, Severe, nc padding)

Frat boys punish a girl. (Approximately 500 words. Originally published 2010-02.)

She had a shapely butt just made for the paddle and the fraternity brothers didn't hesitate. The swollen mound that formed the seat of her jeans was dutifully whacked until she stood there shuddering, tears streaming down her face, begging to be released.

"Strip!" was the drunken cry. The girl had to obey.

Her black hair contrasted beautifully with her creamy skin as she shyly removed her sweater and exposed hidden flesh. When the tight jeans came off there were cheers of lust and cries of delight at the sight of hot pink buttocks bulging from the skimpy red panties.

She hesitated. The hardwood paddle caught the back of her panties with an earth-shattering thud and she squealed frantically.

The black brassiere was next to go, revealing pillowy breasts with tender protruding nipples.

"Shake them honey!" came the cries, and with another deafening swat to encourage her, the coed obeyed, wiggling her breasts frantically at the rabid frat boys.

After a few minutes of this it was time for the big payoff and the girl put her thumbs at the waistband of her panties and then stopped. She shook her head firmly, her mouth grim with determination.

Instantly she was bent forward, the paddle put to work at scalding her pretty rear, while she yelped and begged for mercy. Ten swats she was given despite her howls of complete cooperation. When the paddle stopped, the panties came down, fast.

She stood naked before the men. She was stunning, with an angelic face and naughty curves that combined to form a sexy nymph men find irresistible. Between her legs were just a few dark tuffs of hair to draw attention to her exposed sex.

Terrified, she eyed the wild pack of drooling frat boys fighting for a better view.

The leader, a broad-shoulder man with powerful arms, waved the paddle for silence. "What a filthy slut! What a cock-tease!" he cried. "This bitch must be PUNISHED!"

There was a roar of agreement and the frantic girl wept and begged for mercy. There was none. Her bubble ass faced the audience and the paddle smacked down hard, rippling the cheeks.

"Ah! Oh! Ow!"

The paddle came down again and again, encouraged by the wild men. The crimson cheeks soon glowed magenta.

But it wasn't over. Everyone wanted to swat the saucy bottom. The queue was long and the girl sobbed as frat boy after frat boy swung the paddle with all his strength into her purple buttocks. Most went right back in line for a second, third, or even fourth turn.

"Let me go!" howled the girl, and finally, they did, sending her into the night at a nude trot with hearty slaps to her rump as a farewell.

"Fuck!" muttered the girl as she climbed into her van and dressed. Her ass was a mottled mess of fuchsia blisters. "A grand for that?" she thought bitterly. "Next time I do a frat gig, I'm charging double!"

The End

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