SSC: Flirting With Disaster

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Flirting With Disaster

(****, M/f, Severe, nc paddling, caning)

A naughty girl meets the new Headmaster. (Approximately 500 words. Originally published 2003-07.)

Brie Thomlinson stopped by the girl's room to double-check her makeup. She was pleased. Every blond hair was in place, her teeth were spotlight white, and the soft blue eyeshadow brought out her luminous eyes. No question: she was gorgeous.

She was dressed in a cute pale blue blouse that was tight around her impressive bossom. Technically against dress code -- it had a ruffled bottom that left her midriff exposed -- but Brie had never been hassled. The white slacks were slenderizing, but still showed the slinky curves of her hips and ass.

Brie piled on more lip gloss and gave the mirror her most sultry look. Damn. The new headmaster wouldn't know what hit him.

It was his first week and Brie was anxious to meet him. He was the most handsome man she'd ever seen. Tall, with dark curly hair and bright blue eyes, his chiseled features reminded her of David Hasselholf from _Baywatch_. For a headmaster he was young, 42, and fit and wiry.

She knocked with a hint of trepidation. This test business was an awkward way to introduce herself but it was her best idea at the time.

"I'm Brie Thomlinson." Her voice was breathy. She flashed a white smile.

"The cheating case," Mr. Anderton said grimly.

"I didn't cheat!" Brie's lower lip curled into a pout that men found irresistable.

"Of course not. Which do you prefer, the paddle or the cane?"

Brie was stunned. "W-what?"

"Eight with the rod, or fifteen with the wood."

The girl couldn't even breathe as he retrieved a rattan cane and wide wooden paddle from a cabinet. Ice filled her stomach. She'd never been so much as hand-spanked. He couldn't be serious!

"There must be some mistake..."

"No mistake. The penalties are clear. My predecessor was simply lax in applying them."


"Look, Miss Brie, you think your armpits don't stink, but that attitude won't fly with me. Bend over my desk. I'm going to cane you, but since you couldn't decide, I'll first warm you with the paddle."

Brie had wanted him to notice her ass, but not like this. Her butt felt huge as she presented it.

However, she promptly forgot all embarrassment with the first pop of the paddle. The sting was ferocious. Her buttocks were on fire! He gave her five more, then proceeded to thrash her with the cane. These were even worse. Every stroke felt like a cut, and Brie got three extra because she couldn't keep still.

Soaked with tears, makeup running, and her beautiful hair in a tangle, she felt hideous. The eleven raised weals on her ass throbbed horribly as she waited in the corner like a naughty child.

Brie couldn't believe it. What had gone wrong? Wasn't she pretty? With old Mr. Crawford, a smile and a tongue along her lips got her anything. She wept bitterly and ruefully reflected on the new order. Her life was never to be same.

The End