SSC: Flirting With Disaster II

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Flirting With Disaster II

(***, M/f, Intense, nc paddling, caning)

A gorgeous schoolgirl is disciplined. (Approximately 503 words. Originally published 2005-07.)

The pedestal pretty Brie Thomlinson had been perched on had suddenly and ignominously been yanked out beneath her by means of a large wooden paddle and a slender bit of rattan. She was stunned. What kind of man was the new headmaster, Mr. Anderton? He was so handsome, yet he hadn't noticed her!

The beauty stood in the shower, cool water coursing over her hot, well-whipped cheeks. Besides her puzzlement at the head's lack of interest, she was worried about Monday's appointment. She'd been wearing midriff-baring outfits for years and no one had complained. But Mr. Anderton had noticed and told her to come visit him Monday after school. That was four days away, but already Brie was nervous.

By Monday she was mostly healed, though still tender. She carefully dressed in the same midriff-baring blouse and white slacks she'd worn last week for her paddling and caning. One time those pants had been her lucky pair, but now she hated them.

After school Brie found herself in the headmaster's office. He was waiting with a stern expression.

"Do you know why you're here?"

"Because this blouse is against the dress code?"

"Precisely. I am going to each you a little lesson in obeying school rules. Take off your blouse."


"You heard me. Five extra for arguing."

Grimly, Brie tore off the shirt. She stood wearing only her bra and pants. She was nervous, but strangely excited. She felt damn sexy!

"Now the pants."

Brie gulped. She thought about arguing, then remembered the five "extra" and took her pants off.

"Panties too."

"But sir--"

"Five more."

The panties quickly came off. Brie was now naked except for her bra. Surely this would work in her favor? Wouldn't Mr. Anderton admire her beauty now? In fact, wasn't he studing her ass right now?

Unfortunately it seemed the man was only interested in the medical condition of her ass, and once he'd determined it was fit for punishment, he bent Brie over and paddled her butt long and hard. She got fifteen solid pops that left her sobbing.

Her crying turned into wails when she saw Mr. Anderton exchanging the paddle for the cane. "Oh please, sir!" she cried, but there was to be no mercy. Back over the desk she went, buttocks poised at the edge, bare cheeks presented for the cane.

Streaks of agony flayed her flesh. Her ass writhed miserably, the rod cutting deep into the fatty rounds. Brie forgot all about impressing the man with her sexy figure: she just howled and danced.

Strangely, this sight seemed to make a deep impression on the man, for twice he had to pause to adjust his trousers.

Finally it was over and Brie was allowed to go. "I'll be watching you," said Principal Anderton, and Brie knew that ominous warning meant if she wasn't careful she'd be back again. She wondered if that would be so bad. After all, he was damned attractive!

The End