The Worst Part

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The Worst Part

(*****, X/x, Intense, nc punishment)

A student essay describing the worst part of a spanking. (Approximately 504 words. Originally published 2010-03.)

There are so many bad things about spankings you'd think it'd be difficult to decide which was the worst. But for me it's easy.

I break punishments into eight parts. The first part is when you realize you've been caught and that black pit forms in your belly telling you you will soon be punished. That's terrible, but not the worst.

Part two is waiting for the punishment to begin. Sometimes this lasts only seconds. Other times the appointed time is days away. This is agony and many consider it worst than the punishment itself. For those of us with a vivid imagination, it is: for what you imagine is often worse than reality. But in truth there is no physical pain and there is a part of you that still hopes for a respite, an escape, despite the impossibility, and that hope makes this bearable.

The third part begins when it is time for punishment. This is when you are brought to the headmaster's office, or summoned to your father's study, and you must prepare for discipline. Preparing usually involves disrobing in some fashion, and placing yourself in the proper punishment position (usually humiliating). The dread during this bad, but it's not the worst because you are busy preparing and you're distracted.

No, the worst is anticipating the first stroke. This is where you are in position, perhaps naked. Your buttocks are poised for punishment and the rod, paddle, or whatever implement is to be used is raised. Time stands still. The second or two before that first blow feels like an hour. The flesh of your buttocks crawls with goose pimples and you sweat. All you can think and feel is the dread of the pain about to envelope your buttocks.

That's the worst. Your imagination has exaggerated what is to come. You are officially in punishment position, so there will be no phone call from the governor -- all reprieves are off. There is no hope, only the anticipation of pain.

The fifth part is that first stroke: awful, sometimes more intense than you imagined, sometimes not quite as bad, but always painful. But at least the punishment's begun.

The sixth part is the bulk of the spanking. This is the barrage of blows to your buttocks. Individual blows don't matter: everything blurs into the whole. Thinking is gone; you can only feel and endure.

Part seven is the final stroke, always extra hard, and fraught with the question of whether it really is the final stroke.

Eighth is the aftermath, the burning bottom, the marks, the memories, the humiliation of your pathetic performance.

All these are nightmarish, but the worst is that raw, naked moment just before the first stroke. That's the epitome of a spanking, the moment when you truly regret your misbehavior and vow to change. That's when you are the most terrified. That's before you change -- before your white bottom becomes red. That's the moment I dread the most. That's the worst.

The End