The Correction

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Correction

(*****, F/f, M/F, Severe, nc caning)

A caned schoolgirl watches her Headmistress caned. (Approximately 502 words. Originally published 2010-03.)

There was the familiar whir of air and sharp snap. Katia hissed through gritted teeth, her welted buttocks quivering at the furious sting.

"Damn that was tight," she thought bitterly. "Montgomery must be giving a show for that man."

"That man" was the superintendent, visiting to assess the school, and he sat watching Katia's correction impassively through all six strokes. It was mortifying to be presenting her bare buttocks to a man, but Katia hadn't dare protest.

When she stood, grimacing, the superintendent inspected her weals.

"You call these marks? You call that discipline?" he snapped at the headmistress.

"Er, sir--"

"Assume the position! Now!"

The man took the long cane and Katia's wide, disbelieving eyes watched through tears of terror as the dignified headmistress promptly touched her toes, presenting her wide, well-formed buttocks. Headmistress Montgomery was only twice the age of Katia and still quite attractive, especially with her skirt raised and knickers lowered. The curves of her rump were sensual, the twin mounds deliciously plump.

Thwack! Snap! Crack!

The girl's eyes grew bigger than her head as she watched her Headmistress beaten. The man was merciless, the strokes ridiculously hard. He beat like she was made of stone. The welts sprang up immediately, blossoming from pale impression to crimson tramline to dark purple swelling in less than a minute. Katia trembled at the violence of it. Below, the Head was writhing, whimpering, her buttocks shuddering and quivering with fatty shudders of pure agony.

Katia felt ill. There were rumors teachers were beaten, but she'd assumed they were stories created by girls vengeful of a thrashing. For her to watch this was incredible. The beating went on and on -- ten strokes, a dozen, fifteen -- and still the man caned. The Head's buttocks looked like raw beef and woman was having a tough time of it, moaning and sobbing. Katia was whimpering herself.

Finally it was over, two dozen purple weals sunk into the chunky flesh. "That is how you beat someone," grunted the superintendent. "Now let's see it again, a double dose this time."

The cruel look the Head gave Katia was chilling. The woman was livid and Katia knew her buttocks were in trouble. Weak with fear, she bent, realizing with odd detachment that in her astonishment at the Head's whacking she'd never raised her knickers.

The first stroke whistled in, hard, landing with a sickening thud, and it was worse than the entire six prior. Katia couldn't help but howl. Despair assaulted her as the cane cut in again, even harder. The strokes were low, deep into the fat, and seemed to slice right through. Cold terror filled her heart. The pain was atrocious.

"Now this is a BEATING," she thought bitterly.

It was twelve this time, each worse than a normal sixer. Nearby the superintendent watched with folded arms and grim expression. Katia prayed fervently he'd be satisfied.

Behind her, the headmistress with the purple buttocks was praying the exact same thing.

The End

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