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(****, Fx9/Fx9, Intense, cons spanking)

Wives play a spanking game. (Approximately 496 words. Originally published 2010-03.)

If Thomas Johns had been wise enough to install a hidden camera in his den, he would have been astonished at what the device recorded Saturday afternoons while he was golfing. He knew his wife, Trish, had girlfriends over for drinks and cards, but he had no idea the games the girls really played. Gin rummy was just the beginning.

After a light lunch of cucumber sandwiches and shrimp salad, the girls settled down with wine coolers and a fresh deck. Today the stakes were high, for their game was "telephone," a special variation of the verbal game.

The game was the first to 500 points, and Trish pulled into an early lead by winning the first two hands. But then she faltered in game three when Emma called "Gin" just three minutes in and Trish was left with a handful of high cards that counted against her. Donna won a hand, but not many points, and then Jenna won three in a row to take the lead. Emma finally won again, but Trish laughed because she only had one card left and it was a three. By the time Trish won again to take the lead, Emma was just sixteen points behind. The final hand was decisive as it pushed Emma over 500, knocking Trish to a solid second, followed by Jenna, Donna, Sarah, Amy, Morgan, Casey, and Betsy. The latter had a terrible day, finishing in negative numbers.

"Betsy's it," cried out Trish, "and Emma goes first." Everyone, giggling with amusement, began to undress. When everyone was in panties only, the game began.

Emma nervously followed a grim and disgusted Betsy into the sound-proofed closet. Everyone watched and waited. Five minutes later Emma emerged looking much worse for wear. She was sweating and her buttocks were a brilliant red. "Your turn Trish," she growled, and the redhead paled.

Inside the small room, Emma took out her irritation on her host, paddling and strapping her bottom fiercely. Trish, when it was her turn to wield, spanked Jenna even harder. Jenna really gave it to Donna, who then dished it out to the voluptuous Sarah. Sarah "passed on" the same message to the lovely Amy, who was crying when she came out of the room.

"Oh shit," muttered Morgan, but gamely entered, her big ass trembling. It was a good ten minutes before she came out nursing her battered bottom, and she gave as good as she got to poor Casey.

But of course the finale was the real loser, Betsy. Her original spanking was now about to come back to her, with interest. Only Emma knew how hard she'd spanked, but had that message been properly communicated down the chain? Betsy suspected not.

She was right, for while she'd given Emma a dozen each of the paddle and strap, she got back three dozen of each, a rather astonishing inflation. But that was the game. She shouldn't have lost at cards.

The End