Strict Teacher

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Strict Teacher

(****, F/ffmFM, Intense, nc school punishment)

A family challenges a teacher they wish they hadn't. (Approximately 3,683 words. Originally published 1998-03.)

"Okay, kids. It's off to school!"

Karla Wiggins began ushering her brood toward the front door. Math may not have been her strongest subject, but she quickly realized there were only two children instead of three. "Where's Beth?"

A search was instigated and soon discovered the ten-year-old hiding the pantry. A tug on the ear brought her into the kitchen where the rigorous interrogation began.

"Beth Ann Wiggins! What on earth are you trying to pull?"


"Why were you in the closet? Don't you know it's time for school? Do you want to be late on your first day?"

Beth curled her lower lip downward. "I don't want to go to school."

"Why not?"

The girl went silent and Karla looked helplessly at her older children, Marla and Jack Jr. Jack spoke up reluctantly. "She's in Mrs. Sharp's class."

"Who's Mrs. Sharp?"

"She's... a teacher."

Karla frowned. "You say that as though you aren't sure about it."

Marla blushed. "She _is_ a teacher, it's just that..."


"Some call her a monster."


"She's evil."

"Evil? What are you talking about?"

"She's mean, Mom," interrupted Jack. "Everyone knows it. She's really strict and punishes students all the time. Everyone hates her."

"Come on, she can't be that bad."

Marla licked her lips and looked at Jack and hesitated. "She... she spanks, Mom."


"Yeah. Like all the time. If you make one wrong move in her class, you're over her knee, up in front of the whole class!"

"You can't be serious!"

"It's true. She even--" Marla broke off, hesitating. Then she continued. "She even spanked me a couple times."

Mrs. Wiggins was too shocked to speak. She staggered to a chair to sit down. "Why didn't you ever say anything?"

Marla blushed. "I... I was too ashamed."

"I still can't believe it. In this day and age."

Little Beth had gone white during this conversation, her eyes giant black marbles of terror as she looked between her mom, her brother, and her sister.

"I'm sure she wouldn't spank a girl that doesn't deserve it," said Karla firmly. "Now, Beth, you are going to go to school and be a good girl and you won't get spanked." Karla turned to the other children. "When your father comes home tonight we will discuss it and perhaps telephone Principal Jacobs and protest this treatment. I certainly don't approve of physical discipline."

* * * * *

Beth got the first spanking of her life just before break. She'd gone to class as her mother had instructed, and she'd been as good as gold. She'd sat quietly, had obediently done everything the horrible Mrs. Sharp had instructed, and tried not to watch as two boys were spanked for talking during the first lesson.

Even when Billy Bragg had pulled her pigtails she hadn't said anything. When he kicked her twice during reading she'd remained silent. But just before recess, when the rubber band snapped off her neck, she'd yelped loudly. Mrs. Sharp would hear no excuse -- she dragged the terrified girl to the front of the classroom, flipped her down across her lap, exposed her white panties, and began to spank her soundly just as the recess bell rang. No one in the classroom made a move to leave.

Beth cried and kicked and fussed as though she was being broiled alive. Mrs. Sharp spanked her harder, and scolded her frequently. "Lie still, you little tramp!" she roared. "Or do I have to spank you all during recess?"

The concept of spending the next ten minutes in that painful position was truly incomprehensible to poor Beth. She wailed in protest and tried her hardest to lie still. Finally it was over. Mrs. Sharp set her back on her feet and instructed the class that they had permission to leave.

Still crying, Beth practically ran from the room. She couldn't bear to look at anyone, so she went straight to the restroom, where she could cry in peace.

"Hey, Beth -- what's the matter?"

Beth looked up and through a teary blur saw her beautiful, sophisticated, older sister. She burst into tears again, and ran to hug Marla. Slowly, through choked sobs, the story of her humiliating ordeal came out.

Marla was furious. "That witch! She had no right. That Billy should have gotten spanked, not you. I'm going to go have a talk with woman!" She kissed her little sister on the forehead and left the restroom.

Mrs. Sharp was erasing the blackboard when the teenage girl entered. Her hawk eyes spotted the girl and without turning she said, "Marla Wiggins, grade 8. I haven't seen you in years. Did you miss my discipline?"

Marla blushed, flustered. Her courage began to dwindle. "I wanted to talk to you about my sister."

"Ah, that would be Beth. A nice girl. What about her?"

"You spanked her this morning."


"So she didn't deserve it. It was that Billy Braggs who stung her with a rubber band."

"If your sister wasn't such a tease the boys would leave her alone."

Marla's face grew warm. "I bet the boys never teased you," she thought bitterly, but she didn't say that. Instead she responded, "It wasn't her fault."

Mrs. Sharp put down her eraser and approached the thirteen-year-old. "Are you the teacher here or am I?"

"Uh, you are."

"And who decides what is fair or not?"

"You do."

"Exactly. And I felt Beth needed some discipline and I administered it. My reasons are my own. You may go."

Some sixth sense told Marla she ought to turn and leave, but she resisted. "That's not _fair_!" she shouted. "She's just a little girl and has never been spanked before. You can't just go spanking whoever you want whenever you want!"

"My word!" exclaimed Mrs. Sharp. "You've gotten quite a tongue since leaving my class. Have you forgotten how I deal with impertinent children?"

Marla paled and shook her head. A cold fear enveloped her belly. She remembered all too well the costs of her mouth in Mrs. Sharp's fifth grade class!

Before she could move, however, the tall dark-haired woman had snatched her wrist and was dragging her forward. "No! Please!"

But her protests were ignored. Mrs. Sharp's grip was steel. She pulled Marla across her lap with one hand, the other smacking the teenager's plump rear through her taut blue jeans. Marla yelled and kicked. Mrs. Sharp just spanked harder and faster.

Marla couldn't believe this was happening. It didn't hurt that much through her jeans, but she was mortified. She was in eighth grade! What if one of the fifth graders came back from recess and saw her here? She would never live this down!

After just a few dozen spanks with her hand, Mrs. Sharp reached over to her desk and retrieved the dreaded wooden hairbrush she kept right on top. The familiar sight terrified Marla, who began to cry as the brush smacked her backside. The teacher held nothing back but spanked as hard as she could and the sting really warmed Marla's bottom. She broke down and wept, bitter tears coursing down her distressed face.

"Oh please!" she gasped. "That's enough, please!" As one of Mrs. Sharp's students Marla had been spanked on several occasions, but never more than a couple dozen swats with the brush. But now Mrs. Sharp was taking full advantage of Marla's maturing body, peppering every inch of her broader backside with heavy-duty wallops.

"All right," sighed Mrs. Sharp finally. "Have you regained a civil tongue?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" wept Marla. She staggered to her feet clutching her sore rear and sniffing.

"Then get out of here!"

* * * * *

"She what!"

Marla explained again. Her bottom still ached unbearably. She could hardly sit down. Jack shook his head, astonished.

They were in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Marla had slipped away and walked to the high school to find her brother. She didn't know what else to do. She couldn't imagine telling her parents. But Jack would know what to do.

"That bitch!" he growled. "She ought to be fired!"

"That's what I thought."

Jack looked at his watch. "I have study hall at 1:30. I'm gonna bail and go have a talk with Mrs. Sharp. She can't get away with this."

Marla nodded and left, feeling a little better. Jack Jr. was a junior and a linebacker on the football team. No junior high teacher would push him around.

* * * * *

Athena Sharp was explaining the significance of the Declaration of Independence when there was a knock at the door. She stopped, grimacing. She hated to be interrupted.

"Just a minute, class."

Outside in the hallway stood a tall young man. He looked vaguely familiar, though she was sure she'd never had him as a student. Damn shame, too, she thought grimly. He looked like he could have used some discipline. He wore a letterman's jacket from the high school and his jeans were tight and revealing.


"Mrs. Sharp? I'm Jack Wiggins. I want to talk to you about my sister. Sisters, really. Beth and Marla."

An amused smile broke out across the woman's face. "Is this about their spankings?"

The boy flushed. "Uh, yes."

"Well, what about them?"

Jack glanced past Mrs. Sharp. The entire fifth grade class was staring at them. He shifted nervously on his feet. "Uh, could we talk about this out here?"

"Of course not. You've interrupted my class, young man, and I want to know why. And it had better be a good reason or you'll get what for!"

Once again the boy blushed. Mrs. Sharp guided him inside the classroom, where he stood fidgeting, trying not to look at the young faces staring at him. Gritting up his courage, he faced the teacher.

"You punished my sister without cause."

"Are you referring to the _spanking_ I gave Beth Wiggins? Or the hairbrushing I gave Marla Wiggins?"

Jack heard the classroom gasp. His face went hot but he wasn't half as embarrassed as Beth was right then, or Marla would be later.

"Both," he muttered.

"Young man, I don't have to justify myself to you. You have no business being here. Leave at once or I shall administer punishment myself."

"Now Mrs. Sharp--" began Jack sternly, but he was cut off.

"That's it!" cried the teacher furiously. She stomped to her desk and opened the top drawer. She drew out a large wooden paddle. It was over a foot long and as thick as a finger. A dozen dime-sized holes were drilled in two rows down the middle.

"Over my desk!"

Jack stared at the woman, a bewildered expression on his face.


Like a robot, Jack obeyed. It was obvious he was helpless before the enraged teacher. She spun him around, bending him forward across his desk. His mouth was open but he didn't speak. Mrs. Sharp stepped behind him and raised the paddle high.

"Now stay still and take it or I'll drop your pants and paddle your bare butt right here in front of everyone!"

Gritting his teeth, Jack stayed in position while the teacher gave him several dozen terrific cracks. He groaned and wiggled his butt a bit, and yelped at a few, but he seemed determined to be stoic throughout the punishment. Mrs. Sharp's fifth grade class watched with bulging eyes. They hadn't been that quiet since... well, since never.

"Had enough, boy?"

Jack grunted.

"Okay, here's another dozen." The paddle whirled through the air again and again. This time Jack was teary-eyed when she stopped.

"Had enough?"

"...yes, Ma'am."

"Good. You may go."

* * * * *

Jack scurried down the hall. He was livid and boiling with rage. How dare that bitch do that! He rubbed his butt briefly and considered stopping at the restroom for a quick examination, but decided against it. Time was of the essence here.

He rapped on the glass of the administration offices. "Can I borrow your telephone?"

The receptionist looked at him in surprise, but nodded. Jack quickly dialed home. "Mom?"

* * * * *

Karla Wiggins left rubber on her driveway as she floored the accelerator. She headed straight for the junior high, steam pouring out of her ears. It was nearly two-thirty. She still had time.

Jack Jr.'s story still echoed in her head. Spanked! All three of her previous babies! How was it possible? Just this morning they had left her home as sweet, innocent children, and now in the span of a few hours they had been beaten, publicly tortured and humiliated. Who knew what mental scars that experience would leave? Oh, did Karla Wiggins have a few words for a certain Mrs. Athena Sharp!

The last bell was ringing just as Karla hopped out of her car, so she had to fight against the tide of traffic exiting the school. A couple children helpfully directed her in the direction of Mrs. Sharp's fifth grade classroom, which she sadly discovered, was deserted.

Milling around the room in frustration, Karla checked the teacher's desk to make sure she was in the correct room. Right away she noticed the big wooden hairbrush sitting in a prominent location.

"My God!" she gasped softly. "Is that what she used?"

She picked it up. It was heavy and remarkably solid. The flat back was smooth and worn and looked large enough to cover a sizable portion of a even an adult's backside. Karla couldn't imagine what damage it would inflict on a tiny child.

"May I help you with something?"

Karla turned at the voice. A tall, slender woman wearing a clingy blue skirt stood in the doorway.

"I'm Mrs. Sharp. You have an interest in my hairbrush?"

Hastily Karla dropped the brush on the desk. Her face burned hotly. She was confused. The tall woman was youthful, quite attractive, and nothing like she expected from the ogre-like description her children had given. The woman was so fit Karla decided she must work out regularly. No wonder she'd been able to tame Jack Jr. so easily.

"Uh, I'm Karla Wiggins," she stammered.

"Ah, Beth's mother. Yes, I think we met once, a few years ago when your daughter Marla was in my class."

Karla remembered her. "That's right! I'd forgotten. Marla did great in fifth grade. Her test scores the past few years haven't been as good."

"Marla would rather talk with her girlfriends than study," remarked Mrs. Sharp sternly. "I wouldn't allow that if I were her mother."

Suddenly the purpose of her visit came back to her. Karla raised herself stiffly. "You are not her mother. Nor are you the mother of Beth and Jack Jr. You had no right to... to... _attack_ them the way you did!"

Mrs. Sharp's face grew cold. "Are we still harping on that? Doesn't anyone in your family listen to instructions? I specifically told Marla and Jack that they had no right to impose their views on me. And neither do you, Mrs. Wiggins. _I_ am Beth's teacher and I shall administer punishment as I see fit."

"Why you can't--"

"I can and I will. If you don't like it, you may remove Beth from my class. Although sound discipline is exactly what she needs. It's obvious she doesn't get enough at home."

"How dare you--"

"Please leave, Mrs. Wiggins. There's nothing to discuss."

"The hell there's not!" roared Karla, grabbing the woman's arm and turning her around. "You physically assaulted my children and I will not tolerate that!"

"I can see where Jack and Marla get their attitude," said Mrs. Sharp calmly. "Perhaps you are in need of the hairbrush, too."

Before Karla could think she was being dragged forward by her right earlobe, Mrs. Sharp snatching up the big hairbrush from her desk. She plunked herself down in her chair and guided Karla across her lap.

"Stop this! What do you think you are doing?"

"It's obvious you are in just as much need of a serious lesson as your children, Mrs. Wiggins. I'm going to give you that lesson."

"How dare you! Ohhh!" gasped Karla as a heavy object struck her full bottom with a loud smack. "Oooh, that hurts! Stop this!"

WHACK! responded Mrs. Sharp. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

"Aahhhhh!" screamed the mother of Beth, Marla, and Jack Jr. She was stretched out in an undignified sprawl across the tall woman's lap, her hands bracing herself on the floor to keep from tumbling onto her face, and her big butt was sticking right up in the air. She couldn't believe the hot, scalding pain that was flooding her rump. She kicked her legs and howled.

Mrs. Sharp continued to pound on the woman's ass. She spanked Karla much longer than she had Jack Jr., and it was a broken and contrite Karla Wiggins that departed Cedarville Junior High that day. She tiptoed meekly to her car and drove home at a sedate pace.

* * * * *

Willie Jacobs was settling down before the television set to enjoy his after dinner cigar when someone rapped on the door. Marge was chatting away on the telephone in the bedroom, so Willie dragged himself to his feet and stumbled toward the door.

"Yes?" he asked. The man was tall and heavily built, his face grim with anger. His eyes darted nervously toward Jacobs and for a second, Willie thought he would turn away. Then he stepped forward and held out his hand.

"I... I'm Jack Wiggins," he began. "My daughters attend your school. May I have a word with you?"

"Ah, well, uh... can't this wait until morning?"

Mr. Wiggins face grew a shade darker. "No, it cannot."

"Oh, all right. Come on in. I was just watching Jeopardy."

"Sorry to interrupt, but I must talk to you about one of your teachers. A Mrs. Sharp."

Willie froze in the midst of seating himself in his Lay-Z-Boy. "Oh." He sat heavily, realizing with despair he'd miss the Jeopardy final round for sure. "What seems to be the problem? Mrs. Sharp is an excellent teacher."

"Perhaps. But she... well, this is a little awkward..."

"Spit it out."

"She assaulted my wife."

"She what?"

"This morning she unfairly spanked my daughter Beth in front of the whole class."

"I thought you said she assaulted your wife?"

"I did. You see, my older daughter, Marla, went to talk to Mrs. Sharp because of how she'd punished Beth -- and then Mrs. Sharp spanked her, too!"

Jacobs sighed. "So she spanked both your daughters."


"Well? Kids get spanked all the time. What does that have to do your wife?"

"I'm getting to that. Marla went over to the high school and told my son Jack Jr. about Mrs. Sharp."

"She went over there during school hours?"

"Yes. During lunch, I believe."

"Leaving school grounds without permission is not permitted."

"That's not the issue here," said Jack impatiently.

"The breaking of school rules is always an issue, Mr. Wiggins. But please, continue."

"My son was upset... at Mrs. Sharp's blatant disregard for procedure... so he came to the junior high to speak with her."

"During school hours?"


"High school children are not permitted--"

"I know, I know. I'll reprimand him, okay? Now will you please listen?"

Jacobs grunted.

"When Jack Jr. spoke with Mrs. Sharp, she... well, she spanked him with her hairbrush!"

"A big black thing? Made of wood? About yea big?"

"Uh, yes."

"Terrible thing. Terrible."

"My wife agrees with you. She went to talk with Mrs. Sharp and the teacher spanked her with the hairbrush too!"

Principal Jacobs was clearly uneasy, fidgeting in his chair. "Uh... you, uh... didn't go to speak to her... yourself, did you?"

Jack Wiggins halted his frantic pacing. His jaw was clenched and his face dark as midnight. "Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering."

"As a matter of fact, I just came from Mrs. Sharp's house."

Jacobs grimaced and covered his face with his hands. "You didn't."

"I did."

"Let me guess -- the razor strop? Or was it the oak frat paddle?"

Life seemed to drain from Jack Wiggins. He stared at Jacobs as though witnessing a miracle. "You... you know?" he muttered weakly, stumbling to a nearby chair and collapsing. He winced as he sat down. Looking at the beefy older man across from him, he flushed furiously and looked out the window. "The paddle."

"Makes sense. You're wearing corduroy pants. Too thick for the strap."

Wiggins shook his head. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Well, what are you going to do?"

"To do?"

"Are you deaf? Why do you keep repeating everything I say!"

"I'm supposed to do something?"

"Hell yes! My entire family just got attacked by one of your teachers!"

Jacobs laughed gruffly, struggling to his feet. "Just what do you suppose I do, Mr. Wiggins. Fire her?"

"That would be a start."

"Look Mr. Wiggins, what's done is done. Nothing can change that. Go home, forget about this. It's water under the bridge."

"Are you insane? That woman is a menace!"

"Of course, Mr. Wiggins. A menace one had better not provoke." Principal Jacobs spoke slowly, enunciating his words carefully so the man wouldn't miss his meaning.

"You mean you're just going to ignore--"

"Yes, Mr. Wiggins, and you are going to do the same."


"Enough, Mr. Wiggins. I had to watch Jeopardy standing up for two weeks the last time I criticized Athena Sharp -- there's no way I'm going through that again for you!"

Jacobs ignored the stunned expression on Jack Wiggins' face and escorted him to the door and pushed him through. "Have a good evening, Mr. Wiggins," he said firmly, and pushed the door shut.

He hoped Mr. Wiggins would take his advice and drop the matter. If he didn't and tried to take it to the school board.... Willie Jacobs shook his head. Getting paddled in front of the school board wasn't his idea of fun, but perhaps that's what it would take for Wiggins' to learn his place. As several of the more outspoken school board members could attest, Athena Sharp always got her way.

The End

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