There's Nothing New Under the Suns

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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There's Nothing New Under the Suns

(***, M/f, Severe, SciFi, n/c caning)

Alone on a distant planet, a new colony discovers an age-old method of discipline still works. (Approximately 7,253 words. Originally published 1996-02.)

*** Author's Note *** As pointed out to me by JohnB, it's scientifically impossible for a planet to have two suns (the gravity of the two would compete and eventually one would win). Of course that makes total sense. I must have been smoking something when I wrote this. I think I was thinking of moons, not suns, but hey, the story's written, so enjoy what you can out of it.

The Flogmaster

I cackled with delight as I ran across the open fields. I was free! I had never felt so happy and loose in all my life. It felt so good to just run and not have to worry about the consequences of my actions. I laughed insanely and shouted nonsense at the distant twin suns above.

I had just done a horribly evil thing and I was delighted at my insolence. It felt so naughty and delicious I couldn't help but giggle. I thought back to how the smoking wreck of the machine had looked and I just danced with glee.

Ever since the colony had arrived on Alpha Four my existence had been miserable because of that cursed Regulator. This was a new planet, full of things to see and explore, and all my father wanted to do was lock me in a classroom with a bunch of screaming kids and study all day. I hated it, but with the threat of the Regulator hanging over my head there was nothing much I could do.

Oh, he used it frequently enough. A couple times a week, surely. I must be a sadist, or something, because even the Regulator doesn't teach me to mind. The pain is impossible--an agonizing explosion in your head. It feels like every nerve on your body is screaming. Yet according the scientists it is a gentle pain, harming nothing and not even stressful to the nervous system. Something about distributing the light pain throughout your entire nervous system so no single circuit is overloaded. I'm not even sure how it works, exactly, and I don't really care. All I know is that Regulators hurt like hell and you don't want to go in them for ten seconds, let alone a minute like I usually get. And yesterday I'd been given three minutes for failing to close some safety hatch or something. I didn't really pay much attention. My father will find any excuse to punish me.

So today I'd destroyed the Regulator. I'd smashed it beyond repair and melted all the internal circuits and even stolen the nukpak power supply. Those were valuable for use with other machines.

But the Regulator was dead! There was no way to fix it; impossible. There were no spare parts and it was the only one we'd brought, of course. Why waste precious interstellar cargo space with something of such singular purpose as a Regulator? (I didn't know why they'd bothered to bring the one, though they did get plenty of use out of it. Discipline is important on a new planet, according to my dad.) It'd take three years before they could get anther one out here, if then. Surely they'd have much more important things to bring on the first supply ship.

Besides, in three years I'd be twenty and on my own. I laughed again and rolled down the grassy mountainside, loving the feel of nature, the smell of the wind and hard ground. This was a great planet. Open and deserted, just for us, with very few dangerous creatures. A whole new ecology to study, new species to catalog, new plants to classify. This was wonderful!

I stood in front of the solemn row of officers and could hardly control myself. I wanted to laugh at their serious expressions and giggle when they whispered to each other and shook their heads in amazement and disgust.

They'd found the remains of Regulator, of course. There was no way of hiding or denying it. What were they going to do, anyway. Lock me up? Workers were too few and too needed for that. They would try to come up with some kind of punishment, of course, but it wouldn't matter. I could run away if I had too. There was no way I was going to let myself be controlled any longer.

My father stood off to one side. His face looked grave and he was squeezing his fists in anger. He and the board had been meeting for several hours to decide my fate. I wondered what was to come.

"Citizen Jena, please stand at attention."

I glared at the man and didn't move. He pretended nothing untoward had happened and started to speak.

"Citizen Jena, I hope you realize the severity of what you have done. You have destroyed private property, extremely valuable property. Those electronic circuits are irreplaceable. Not to mention the consequences of not having a functioning Regulator on our hands. The children are likely to riot. You may have jeopardized the safety of the entire colony! Do you understand the significance of this?"

Ah, military types. Always stressing safety and then creating more and more lethal weapons!

"There's also the matter a of missing nukpak. Do you have any idea where it is?"

I glared at him and said nothing.

"All right, Citizen Jena. We, the governing board of Alpha Four have met and decided that you must be disciplined. We have argued long over this and I do not like our decision. It is barbaric, but then, of course, so was your crime. We have researched the data banks for details on punishments over the last five centuries. It seems that there *were* effective disciplinary methods before Regulators, though they are rather uncouth and vulgar."

The captain snapped his fingers and two young guards stepped forward. One was holding a long thin pole apparently cut from a tree. It was about a centimeter thick, a little over a meter in length, very straight but flexible. I decided it must have been made from the jisu tree, and if so, it would be practically unbreakable. It was smooth and polished. I wondered what it was for.

"Citizen Jena, we have a video of ancient punishments that we will now observe and study as an example of how we will punish you. Please watch." He touched a control at the table and the lights dimmed and a wall panel lit with a picture.

It took me a moment to realize what we were looking at. It was a room, the walls made of wood or covered with wood paneling. The video quality was poor, perhaps twentieth century. There was a large table at one end of the room, a series of smaller tables in front of that, each matched with a small chair. A large black view-panel covered the far end of the room but it was not turned on and was blank.

Text appeared on top of the picture for a moment, then disappeared and was replaced by more text. "Women and Discipline" it said. "A Documentary by Kent Barns." There was more but I ignored it. Finally things began to happen.

Ominous music played as a tall women in strange garb entered the room. She walked to the large table and stood in front of it as a series of young girls came into the room and each one stood next to one of the small desks. The tall woman's outfit was bland in color, white with dark ruffles and a dark sort of jacket. The jacket was tightly bound around her narrow waist and hugged the woman's bosom tightly, making it swell and strain to stay in place. The outfit swelled out at her hips and descended in a large circle of cloth around her ankles. Virtually the only skin visible was that on her face, neck, and upper chest, and her hands. Her hair was bound tightly to her head and her appearance was quite fierce. She glared at the assembled girls, the boniness of her face more prominent through her anger.

I noticed the girls were all wearing identical outfits, white blouses and short skirts with an unusual red and black pattern. The skirts came down to the middle of the girl's thighs, and each girl wore black shoes with long white stockings that came up almost to her knees.

"Attention, girls!" snapped the tall woman on the screen, and all the girls stood straight and stiff. "Lucy, Monica, Stella, Suzy, and Amy to the front, now!" Five girls stepped forward and lined up on the far side of the room. The tall woman glared at them and nodded to the rest of the girls, who with visible relief, proceeded to sit down in the chairs nearest them.

The five girls in front were now visibly nervous, shifting their feet and sniffling. The camera moved closer and I could see that one of the girls, a very pretty girl, quite young, perhaps fourteen or fifteen, was actually crying! What was going on? Obviously the girls were about to be punished, the expressions of dread on their faces and the stern voice of the tall woman told me that, but there was no Regulator in sight. For some reason my stomach felt nervous as I watched.

"Lucy, step forward and assume position!" snapped the tall woman, and one of the girls, a lovely dark-haired girl with long tresses and a frightened expression walked to the large table near the woman and bent across it, her legs straight, her arms straining to reach for the other side. She was put on tiptoe to accomplish it, but this seemed to please the woman. "The girl's bottom is pointed rather rudely at the girls in the class," I thought.

The tall woman now went to the black wall panel and took a long thin stick from a small shelf there. The stick was thin and very similar to the one the guard had showed the captain. "Ah, so the stick was somehow involved in the punishment," I thought, still not having a clue what was happening.

To my surprise the tall woman went to the girl bent across the table and lifted the girl's skirt up and carefully folded the ends into the waistband, leaving the girl's pantied bottom exposed to the class. The camera zoomed in so we could see this clearly. I decided that embarrassment must be part of the punishment.

"So how do you want it, six-four or two-six?" asked the tall woman. The girl on the table seemed to hesitate. "Uh, s-six-f-four, Headmistress."

The tall woman nodded. "Very well. No talking now and don't let go of that desk or it's an extra one."

Then the nightmare began. The room seemed to darken around me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Barbaric indeed, it was monstrous. It had to be illegal, surely! They couldn't seriously be considering doing this to me, I thought in horror, but my eyes leapt to the long thin stick in the guard's hand and a shiver went down my spine. Impossible! I refused to believe it.

The tall woman stood behind the half-naked girl, to her left, and holding the rod in her right hand she lifted in way high into the air behind her and brought it forward in a sweeping blow right across the bottom of the girl at the desk! The loud "Crack!" of the stroke made everyone jump, including the girls on the vidpanel. The girl on the desk was trembling violently. I couldn't imagine how much pain and damage that thin stick must have done to her ass. It didn't seem possible to endure.

Again the stick flashed down and the crack sent shivers down my spine. I could not take my eyes off the screen as the tall woman struck the poor girl again and again and again. The girl on the desk was weeping violently and her body was convulsing with little wiggles and jerks. Anther stroke landed and the girl went into little spasms, her sobbing loud and painful to hear. How much longer was this going to last?

The tall woman stopped then, and I felt relief. But the girl did not release herself from the table. Instead the tall woman came forward and carefully took the girl's panties and pulled them down, exposing her round bottom. There was a series of dangerous red stripes across her buttocks which seemed to glow brilliantly against the pale flesh of her ass.

As I watched the tall woman stepped back for more strokes. This just knocked me out. I couldn't imagine this, couldn't begin to comprehend it. It was brutal,. cruel, and sadistic. It was insane. They couldn't be seriously considering something like this.

And suddenly it dawned on me and I couldn't help but do a slight smile. I quickly put back my horrified and serious expression. They were trying to scare me! They obviously wouldn't seriously consider hurting me. This was just their method of punishment. They wanted me frightened so that I'd beg for forgiveness and tell them where the nukpak was hidden. Ha! I'd show them.

Crack! The sizzling hot blow from the thin rod sent shivers down my spine as I watched a thin red welt pop up on the naked butt of the girl being punished. Again the stick landed, a dreadful blow, right across the upper thighs, and the girl wiggled frantically and whined miserably. The next one was a tad higher, just below her bottom. The fourth was right at the base of her bottom, where the ass is the plumpest. The girl went into convulsions at that point, her body shuddering with pain. My mind spun at experiencing such devastation. It was too much, too cruel, too slow.

But the tall woman told the girl it was over now, and she gratefully stood and awkwardly waddled to the front of the class and stood in front of the black panel, her skirt still hemmed to her waist, her panties around her ankles. The girl put her hands on her head and stood there, tears still pouring down her cheeks. Her bottom was violently red and striped, and bared to the world. I'm sure it must have been horrible for her to stand like that.

"Monica, up front in position!" shouted the tall woman, pointing at the desk with the stick, and another girl stepped from the side and bent across the desk. Her hair was brown and she was older, but still obviously frightened. I could understand why. Even an adult would have been terrified of such punishment. I still could not fathom that this used to really be done as punishment. It was just ludicrous.

"So how do you want your cane? Six-four or two-six?"

"Two-six, Mistress!" said the girl called Monica, beginning cry.

The tall woman nodded as she lifted and fastened the girl's skirt to expose her bottom. Then she promptly gave the girl two tremendous cracks on her panties with the cane. Monica gasped and struggled to hold in position, weeping as the mistress then bared her bottom and gave her six on her bare ass.

I realized now what the "6-4 or 2-6" option meant. The latter meant less total strokes but more strokes on the naked buttocks. I wasn't sure which I'd prefer. I wondered how the girls decided.

When Monica was finished it was Stella's turn, a snotty blond that didn't appear very contrite as she took her caning. She too chose the "2-6" option, but she managed to let go of the desk on the fourth stroke, and so had to take an extra one.

Next was Suzy, the youngest girl. She was crying even as she was stretched over the desk, her feet not touching the ground. I felt rather sorry for her and hoped that the woman would have mercy on her. There was no chance of that. She gave the girl eight hard strokes just as she had the other two and I felt tears in my own eyes just watching. It was horrible. Slowly Suzy stood up when it was finished and went and stood with the other girls in front of the room, the welts visible even on her chocolate skin.

The last girl was Amy. She was astonishingly pretty, with blond hair and blue eyes, and a wide mouth with even white teeth. She bravely took her position but she chose the "6-4" option. The six cracks rang out like gunshots, each one sending chills down my spine. When her panties came down I could not believe how beautiful Amy's round buttocks were. The marks from the cane just seemed to enhance the paleness of her skin and make it look even prettier. The last four strokes were almost unbearable to watch, let alone feel. I looked at my hand. It was trembling.

Suddenly the picture froze with Amy's pretty mouth opened in astonished agony and the Captain spoke. "Citizen Jena, I think we understand this system of punishment well enough."

"It's barbaric!" I cried out frantically, glancing to the doorway as though contemplating escape and almost smiling as the several guards tripped over each other in their haste to block the exit. The fear and panic in my voice was quite convincing, if I do say so myself. "You can't seriously be considering this!"

The Captain glared at me. "We are not 'considering' it, Citizen Jena. We have decided to *implement* it. Here is what the council has decided, based on the both insolence of your actions and the severity of disobedience. In a few moments you will receive a 'caning' just like in the recording. Tomorrow morning at first light you will receive another of the same. Then for the remainder of the day you will remain on display in the center courtyard for all the other children to witness the effects of your punishment."

"But sir--" I gasped, starting to become worried as I saw a guard enter with a short white blouse and a skirt with that same unusual red and black pattern as in the recording. He placed the outfit on a table and set a pair of black shoes on top, and next to the shoes, a pair of long white stockings.

"Do not interrupt me child!" snapped the Captain, and for some reason I became very quiet. "As I was saying, after being put on display we will ask that you tell use where you have hidden the nukpak. If you refuse or lie to us, you will receive another caning. Until you return the nukpak, every evening you will have a choice between a caning or giving us the nukpak. Judging from the looks on the faces of the girls in that recording I seriously doubt that more than two sessions with the cane will be necessary."

"Sir!" I cried out as two guards approached me, menacing expressions on their faces.

"Citizen Jena, the first phase of your punishment will now be implemented. Do you wish to cooperate or must we use force?"

"Citizen Jena, the first phase of your punishment will now be implemented. Do you wish to cooperate or must we use force?"

I stared at the men and women around me. I looked to my father for support but his face was just as dark and stern as all the others. My heart sank deep into a pit at the bottom of my stomach as I realized all hope was gone. The guards blocked the exit securely now. There was no escape. I could either cooperate or do this by force, and somehow that option terrified me even more. I hated being out of control. At least if I cooperated I would be in charge of my actions, more or less.

"I-I'll cooperate, sir."

"Good. Now strip and change into these replicated garments."

"Right here?" The room was filled with the council members and perhaps fifteen guards and observers.

"Citizen Jena, I am rapidly losing patience with your insolence. Obey my instructions instantly or we will have to increase the severity of your punishment!"

I took my boots off first, my mind spinning in confusion. I still couldn't believe this was happening. Perhaps this was a dream and I would wake up any second. "Perhaps," I thought suddenly, "this is an erotic dream and I secretly have a crush on the Captain." I glanced up at his ancient gray-haired frame and shook my head. He looked like my grandfather. No sexual impulse there.

But as I slipped out of my form-fitting one-piece uniform I was painfully aware of a dampness between my legs. No doubt *something* was arousing me. I quickly slipped off my outfit and stood boldly and unashamed in my minimal undergarments.

"Everything, Citizen Jena. We have a complete outfit for you here."

Swallowing the lump in my throat I took off the slinky brassiere I had elected to wear this morning, and took down my panties. I am not ashamed of my body--I try to keep active and my body is fit and lean and I am rather attractive, if I do say so myself. But I've always been too much of a tomboy to be concerned about how I looked. Still, I cannot say I wasn't pleased with the arched eyebrows and wide eyes of many of the men in the room as they saw me naked.

I walked proudly to the front of the room, desperately trying to keep a smirk off my face. "This is serious!" I told myself, but I couldn't help but flirt a little, wagging my round behind at the gawking men. As I sifted through the pile of clothing waiting for me at the front table I became painfully conscious that my behind would be wagging for a different reason in just a few minutes, and I felt my blood run cold.

Bravely I slipped on the white artificial cotton panties, the white blouse (there was no brassiere), the short skirt. No sense letting them see how frightened I was inside. I put the socks and shoes on last and stood before the council, the prim and proper little school-girl from the ancient recording.

"Excellent, Citizen Jena. Now across the table, if you please. Sergeant Andersen will administer the punishment."

I glanced back and saw to my dismay the giant youth holding the thin cane freshly made from the jisu tree. I recognized him and even worse, he recognized me. His smile was anything but merciful. No, it looked rather triumphant, in fact. This was not going to be easy!

A couple of months ago I had neglected to lock a storage shed and one of the gentle but mischievous Brandola Bears had come out of the woods and ransacked the shed, spreading the contents all over the compound. Nothing was really damaged, but the mess was considerable. As no one knew it had been my fault and the shed was under Sergeant Andersen's care, he was ordered to perform the cleanup. It took him three days of backbreaking labor. Later one of the boys in my class became annoyed with me and told the Captain that I had done it. I remember Sergeant Andersen being very upset with my punishment and saying that I should undergo five minutes in the Regulator (I got two). No doubt he intended to make up for that now.

Still not quite convinced this was really happening, I bent across the table and stretched my arms out until I was able to grasp the opposite side. My feet rested flat the floor as the table was not as high as the one in the recording, but I didn't think that detail mattered. My breasts pressed against the table and I was surprised to feel that my nipples were hard.

Sergeant Andersen stepped behind me and I felt his foot go between my feet. "Spread your legs a little, Citizen Jena," he whispered, and I sullenly obeyed. Next he lifted up my skirt and fastened it securely to the waistband. "How do you want it?" he asked in rather calm, professional voice. "Rather too calm," I thought.

"Six-four or two-six?" he continued as I did not answer.

"Uh," my keen mind raced nowhere fast. "Two-six." I finally decided. The less strokes the better.

"Good. Here we go."

I heard him step back and I tensed my arms. I heard a slight whistling sound and then a tremendous *CRACK* that echoed around the room. The forced propelled me forward into the table, my breasts scraping the table through the thin fabric of the blouse. I felt myself suck in air with a desperate gasp.

Then I felt the pain. It was nothing like the Regulator. The Regulator is like a bath. The pain fills your whole body instantly and continuously. There is no variation. It is mind-numbing, overwhelming, and very unpleasant. This was different. It was still mostly unpleasant, but it was filled with shades and variations.

The first thing I was conscious of the pressure. Then I felt a raw furious sting across my ass. It burrowed itself into me, growing stronger as it went deeper, until it seemed to go right through my whole body like a wave of emotion. I gasped and tried to breathe but couldn't. To my astonishment it wasn't over. A second wave swept through me, this one not the fierce sting but a deep throbbing, almost an ache. When it passed I realized I was sweating profusely and finally was able to catch my breath. Then I was conscious of the heat. My rump seemed to burn with a hot fire. I could feel the heat through my entire body, but it was obviously mostly centered around my ass. My body was trembling and I felt an enormous terror at having to go through that experience again.

My mind was in a fog. I was no longer aware that I was half-naked in a room full of people, being punished for an offense. I couldn't even hear or see anything. All I knew was the incredible pain, waves of intricate patterns of feeling washing though my body every second, overlapping each other and filling me constant, if varying, emotion.

The second stroke landed and I began to cry. The stinging was even worse, if that was possible, and my eyes just flooded with tears. The waves of pain washed through me again, this time faster, or perhaps easier. Perhaps I was less conscious of their individuality.

My behind was burning fiercely, a throbbing heat that confused me. It was a heat that was so much like sexual energy I was not even surprised to feel my sex pulsing with arousal. My whole body felt hot and flushed as though with embarrassment. I felt someone touch my hips and I started, and then dimly heard a voice speaking. I had no idea who was speaking but the voice was soothing and was vaguely aware of my panties being pulled down. For some reason this distressed me and made me cry more, though it wasn't clear why that should bother me. All I knew was the feeling of cool air against my burning bottom felt gorgeous and the breeze between my legs seemed to really wake up my sex. I felt myself dripping down the insides of my thighs.

Suddenly I heard another one of those horrible cracks. Instantly I was bucking and writhing like Darisian Bronco, my body completely out of my control. The pain flooded through me. I thought I would piss right on the floor. I didn't know how, but the pain was worse than before. The stinging was impossibly fierce, burning, burning, burning into me. I let out a scream and gasped and clung to that table desperately, grinding my stiff nipples into that hard wood as hard as I could. My bottom moved without my volition--it trembled and jiggled and wiggled and danced and there was nothing I could do about it.

Tears poured down my face as I suddenly realized that everyone was watching me perform this obscene dance. But I felt completely helpless for the first time in my life since childhood. There was nothing I could do. My hands were locked onto that table--I couldn't have released myself if I'd wanted to. I couldn't stop wiggling either, writhing on that table as though I was a wild Arbreian Dingo in heat gladly humping anything that moved.

The pain flashed again and I renewed my eager dance. Moans and strange guttural sounds were coming from my throat, as though I was trying to express emotions too deep for words. Again the pain flashed and both the volume of my sounds and the intensity of my movements doubled. The table was soaked with my tears and I couldn't see, hear, or think clearly. All I could focus on was that dance, that pelvic movement that seemed to somehow lessen the agonized pain that seeped through me.

There was another crack and I was writhing helplessly again, but the pain seemed to have reached a peak. The feeling was tremendous, of course, but it only seemed to extend the duration of the punishment, not add to it. What was most distressing, however, was that the secret area between my legs was pulsing just as fiercely as my ass. As I began to calm down I suddenly wondered if I had been jerking my hips because of the pain or because of my arousal. My face flushed as I thought of all these people watching me in a state of sexual stimulation.

Again came the sound and the blinding pain and actually felt myself spurt. I moaned deeply and it took all my strength not to reach down and touch my body. I wanted to caress my burning bottom and I desperately wanted to rub my sex. I was so wet it was embarrassing.

Then came the final blow, a sharp one across the lower portion of my buttocks, right at my thighs. I writhed and moaned like never before and in my mindless fog I realized I was experiencing a sexual orgasm. Pure pleasure filled my sex and I almost exploded with the tremendous longing. I squeezed my legs together and lifted my feet off the floor, bending my legs at the knees. I wiggled my crotch against the table edge the best I could and wept profusely. I hoped desperately that everyone would just think I was in agony, but I couldn't stop myself. I came with huge shudders through my body and an incredible relief and bliss flooded through me. I moaned and collapsed, exhausted, on the table.

Dimly I heard the Captain tell me to go stand near the far wall and I obeyed mindlessly, almost stumbling as my panties were around my knees. I stood with my hands on my head and my blazing buttocks on display for everyone to see. It was embarrassing, but the cool air felt so good against my bottom I didn't really care. My throbbing bottom began to itch as I stood there, and soon I was begging for relief.

Finally, after about an hour, the Captain ordered me to pull up my panties and put down the skirt and go to the nurse who would put a cooling and healing salve on my bottom. I practically ran out the door but immediately slowed to a walk as I discovered how painful movement was. The panties rubbed against my bottom as I walked and I had tears in my eyes by the time I got to the infirmary.

The nurse was Sara, a pretty blond girl, not that much older than myself, really, and she expressed suitable awe and dismay as I took off my clothes and stretched out on my stomach on the examination bench. She and I weren't very well acquainted, though we did know each other.

"Oh! How could the council do such a thing!" she exclaimed when she first saw my naked buttocks.

"What does it look like?" I asked. "It hurts like the devil!"

She quickly flipped on the vidpanel and zoomed in for a close-up on my sore behind. I gasped when I saw the picture. The view was from above, looking down on my bare back, my narrow waist swelling out to reveal my plump naked bottom, and my long sleek legs. After so long shipboard the skin of my bottom was still very pale. In sharp contrast to the whiteness of my ass were six thick red welts, laid out in nice even rows, and two mild stripes. As Sara zoomed closer, I saw the skin of an ugly red welt was raised a few millimeters and it looked blistered and angry.

I began to cry again. "They said I've got another set coming in the morning," I moaned, and to my astonishment I felt my sex stir at the thought. My crotch felt warm and I grew hot as I thought of everyone watching me being caned again. I was terrified of the pain but the concept excited me tremendously. I hoped Sara wouldn't notice my arousal.

"Again? Tomorrow? You can't be serious!" Sara's voice was angry and indignant. "This is barbaric. I've never heard of punishing someone *physically* before. It's inhuman. I will speak to the Chief Surgeon and put a stop to this! There are at least a hundred valid medical reasons this cannot continue."

"Sara, please," I begged, lifting myself up slightly. "You mustn't do that! The council was irrevocable in their decision. The Captain will be even more angry if you do not let him do this."

"But look at yourself! You actually want to let them do this to you again?"

"Of course not!" I snapped, perhaps a little too quickly. "But who knows what kind of a punishment will be the alternative. Please, just let them do what they have to do and it will be over with quickly. Besides," I added in a low voice, "I do deserve it, I'm afraid."

"This? How could you deserve this?"

"It's not so different from the Regulator."

"The Regulator does not leave you scarred, Jena! Look at yourself."

I stared at the livid welts on the vidpanel shuddered. Was I completely insane? I really preferred that to something else? But a part of me felt quite calm and rational in my decision. It was true--I did deserve punishment. And since I had destroyed the normal means of punishment, this *physical* discipline was completely appropriate. In fact, though I was terrified of another caning, I felt proud of my decision. For the first time in my life I no longer felt I was only pretending to be an adult: I *was* an adult.

"The welts will fade," I said firmly, hoping what I said was true. "In the meantime they will be a reminder of my faults and my punishment. Please, do what you can medically, but do not try to stop the council. Will you promise me that?"

Sara looked at me and shook her head. "Whatever you want. I must say you are taking this quite a bit better than I should, and certainly better than I thought *you* ever would. I saw them drag you kicking and screaming to a session with the Regulator once. Perhaps you are becoming an adult after all."

I blushed at this, ashamed of my childish rebellion.

"Oooooh!" I sighed blissfully as she sprayed a soothing salve across my rump, and gingerly began to work it into my flesh. I moaned and wiggled and couldn't believe the waves of intense feeling washing through me. Sara's touch was gentle but I was so sore that every movement of my bottom sent scores of painful sensations through me. The delicious relief, combined with the aching soreness, was almost overwhelming. My sex was dripping again and I knew I'd leave a wet spot on the table when I got up.

Late that night I lay on my stomach in bed, my mind whirling. I was exhausted and very sleepy, but I was still trying to understand everything that had happened in me. I felt like a new woman, a changed person. I knew that in the morning I would face a tremendous challenge, but I was determined to go through it like an adult. It frightened me, but I knew the experience was healthy for me.

I also felt a twinge of sadness. I wasn't sure why until I realized my carefree days of youth were over. No longer could I run wild and reckless without any thought to consequences of my actions. It was suddenly clear to me how childish I had been behaving since we had landed, and I determined to obey and study hard and earn my father's respect. I felt ashamed when I thought of what everyone must think of me.

Finally I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep, one of the best I'd ever had in my entire life. I awoke early and felt refreshed and invigorated. My bottom only ached a little when I walked. I looked it in the mirror and the swelling had gone down considerably, and the red was almost completely gone from the welts. They were pink stripes now, not that almost purplish hue of the night before. I rubbed myself a little. I was still very tender. I decided to eat breakfast standing up.

I had showered and dressed myself in the skirt and blouse and the little panties when there was a sharp knock on the door to my room. "Come in!" I said and a young man in uniform stepped forward.

"I'm your escort, Citizen Jena!" he said briskly. I saw Sergeant Andersen was waiting in the hallway. He seemed surprised to see me dressed and waiting. I boldly walked out and took his arm as though I was his woman.

"I am ready, sir!"

He nodded and we returned to the council chambers. The place is rarely crowded this early, but today there were quite a few people. A number, I noticed, were people I realized I had injured or insulted in one way or another. It was fitting that they would be there to witness my punishment.

Things went much smoother this time, though that did nothing to relieve the trepidation in my soul. I quickly assumed the position across the table and calmly told Sergeant Andersen: "I'll try the six-four this time."

He obliged with an eagerness that frightened me. Quickly fastening my skirt up and giving me six cracks across my sore bottom. I was sobbing after the second one, but I did my best to keep still and not scream. Though the pain was intense, perhaps even more than before because my ass was already sore, this time I was much more aware of everyone watching me, of my own wild movements. I tried to keep still but I couldn't, and to my utter consternation I wiggled and danced for the audience.

Then my panties came down and I heard the gasp of the crowd as they saw my striped bottom, most of these people not having witnessed yesterday's session. I think their reaction frightened me, and I squealed out loud on the first stroke. The stinging was much fiercer without my panties and I wept shamelessly.

Again and again the cane came down, leaving me trembling frantically and moaning loudly. My sobs echoed around the room and I had never felt so ashamed. My sex was aroused as before, but not as much. Perhaps I was too sore.

The last crack was the hardest ever, as though Sergeant Andersen was trying to break the unbreakable jisu stick across my behind. The sizzling stroke left me breathless and astonished, thinking I'd already endured the worst. I wanted to clutch my bottom and run yelping around the room, howling like a wounded animal, but I didn't.

I was taken outside then, my panties humiliatingly still around my knees, and I was bound to a tree in the center of the compound. My arms were stretched over my head and my legs were spread wide and the ankles fastened to stakes pounded into the ground. My belly was pressed against the tree and I made sure my crotch was equally engaged, both to rub myself against the rough bark, as inadequate as that was, and to keep peering eyes from see me exposed in front. It didn't matter too much because the view from behind was unencumbered. My blazing striped buttocks were full on display for the entire colony to see. And there was nothing to stop anyone from seeing between my legs, either.

All day long I was left there, taken down once at noon for some lunch and refreshment and allowed to use the toilet. Then I was back for the hot afternoon, crowds of people never growing tired of watching me. My classmates taunted me, and I had to close my eyes and stare at the tree and pretend I was alone. But I couldn't stop hearing their taunts and cruel jabs, and I began to cry.

Finally it was over, and I was taken back before the council, my panties still down and my skirt up. The Captain asked me if I'd prefer another caning or would I tell them where the nukpak was located. Without a second of hesitation I told him where he could find the device and I was allowed to return to my quarters.

On the way home I stopped by the infirmary and had nurse Sara attend to my sore bottom again. The cooling salve felt heavenly and speeded the healing process tenfold. For a moment I thought it was almost worth all that pain just to feel something that good. Almost.


It is many years later and though I have never had the opportunity to receive another caning, occasionally my husband takes me across his lap for a little spanking or sound paddling. It always serves as an excellent reminder when I start feeling too mischievous.

Contrary to my feelings, I did not die of embarrassment after my caning. I returned to school and ignoring the taunts of my classmates, became an excellent student. I even had the opportunity to watch a couple of the boys who laughed at me taste the cane, and I enjoyed watching them on public display bound to the tree, their striped asses visible to all.

Today I am the head ecologist on Alpha Four, and my husband, Colonel Andersen, is in charge of the entire Northwest Territory. Caning is still practiced on Alpha Four--it is the accepted method of punishment for all teenage children, and it works wonderfully, as our own three children can testify. It is only rarely needed, as just the threat makes a wonderful deterrent. I even understand that there's a vidtape shown to all school children when they turn thirteen of a certain "Citizen Jena" receiving a rather liberal dose of the cane. Ooh, it makes me shiver just to think of it. I must remember to get a copy of that tape. Perhaps John and I could watch it tonight, after the kids are asleep...

The End

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