Survivor OTK

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Survivor OTK

(****, F/Fx8, Edgy, severe discipline, edgy)

What the Survivor TV show ought to be like. (Approximately 13,416 words. Originally published 2004-01.)

*** Author's Note ***

I've obviously taken many liberties, merging the casts of the first two Survivor shows, and getting rid of all but the pretty girls, but hey, it's my story and I'll write it the way I want to, 'kay?!

Also, I shouldn't have to say it, but there are psychos out there: this is _extreme_ fantasy, not reality (though it's true Americans will do anything to be on TV and I'm sure the ratings of my version would be even better than the real show).

It's pretty sick. Enjoy!


The Flogmaster


Episode 01

The girls arrived at the remote Australia location nervous and excited. This was going to be an intense experience, not to mention fame and fortune awaiting the winner.

They had been divided into two tribes. In Kucha was Kelly, Jenna, Jerri, and Amber. Ogakor had Alicia, Colleen, Elisabeth, and Kimmi. The clash of wills began instantly, as the tribes gathered supplies for the long hike to their respective camps.

Jerri and Kelly both tried to take control of Kucha, boldly making decisions for the others. In Ogakor, Alicia and Kimmi were at each other's throats. Gradually, things settled down, but it was obvious this wasn't going to be a slumber party.

The hike was long and arduous, with frequently rest stops and arguments about map-reading skills. But finally both tribes made it to their camps, sweaty and exhausted. They were hungry, too, but without fire there wasn't going to be much to eat.

At the Ogakor camp, Kimmi was the first one out of her clothes. She stripped completely nude and dived in the river, marveling at how good the water felt. Not to be outdone, Alicia stripped also and splashed her way in. Colleen and Elisabeth weren't quite such exhibitionists: they left their shorts on and went in topless.

At the other camp, things were proceeding on similar ground. Amber, on seeing the water, had flopped in, clothes and all. Her T-shirt and shorts clung to her slender body as she swam about. Kelly stripped to her bra and underwear, while it turned out Jenna was wearing a slinky two-piece suit on under clothes. Jerri laughed and stripped completely, grinning as everyone watched her flaunt her nude body.

"I guess you're not shy," said Jenna.

"I look at this as an audition," said Jerri. "Who knows how many producers will be watching?"

Kelly eyed Jerri with obvious distaste. "This isn't a beauty contest," she said grumpily.

"Obviously you think that," sneered Jerri, "or else you wouldn't have bothered to try out."

Kelly blazed, but Jenna and Amber swam between them, distracting the two by pointing out that the sun was setting and it was getting chilly.

As the group emerged from the water, it was Amber who regretted her impulsive dive into the water with her clothes on. The evening air was cool, and night was coming on fast. Without a fire, she was freezing. She had to strip nude just to get comfortable.

"So much for my modesty," she giggled, heading for her pack to find some dry clothes.

"I don't buy that innocent act," growled Kelly. "She planned that."

Getting the tent assembled was more work than the girls had thought. It was a large tent and required the cooperation of all the team members. Even Kelly and Jerri were civil to each other since neither could afford to piss off the other.

Meanwhile, at Ogakor, Alicia and Kimmi were still arguing about where to erect the tent. Kimmi wanted it a convenient distance from the water but Alicia felt they'd be safer at the top of the hillside. The sun was a beautiful golden orange on the horizon, but neither would give in. The issue was finally put to a vote, and Colleen and Elisabeth sided with Alicia. Elisabeth didn't really want to, but she knew if she didn't break the tie they'd be sleeping under the stars.

As it was, they didn't finish assembling the tent until well after dark: the sun suddenly vanished, leaving them scarcely able to see one another. Immediately they felt colder. Once inside the tent they changed into night clothes: Alicia into a large T-shirt with the picture of a rap group on the front, Elisabeth into cute sky blue pajamas with doves on them, and Colleen into a pair of shorts. Kimmi, the others couldn't help but notice, slept in the nude.

She also talked. Loudly. And incessantly.

It wouldn't have been so bad if she'd had something to say, but she just talked. She told stupid stories about herself: private sexual things no one wanted to hear.

"Give me some room," she said to Colleen at one point. "How's a girl supposed to masterbate with your elbow poking her in the ribs?"

"Would you shut up?" Alicia snapped. "Kucha camp can probably hear you!"

"Who the hell appointed you leader?"

"No one. Like everyone else, I just want to sleep."

Eventually Kimmi fell asleep herself, and except for her snoring, which produced tones remarkably like her speaking voice, the others managed to catch a few winks.

At dawn, Elisabeth was the first to awaken. She was shocked to see a very naked Kimmi half out of her sleeping bag, her arm wrapped around Colleen, her hand on the girl's bare breast. Elisabeth didn't say anything but quietly left. She went to the river, stripped, and bathed. She was getting dressed when she saw Alicia coming out of the tent.

"Did you see Kimmi and Colleen?" she whispered.

Alicia grinned. "Doesn't look to me like Colleen knows much about it."

"You mean Kimmi is...."

"Who knows? She is a lot like Richard Hatch."

The black girl stretched her hands to the sky, then bent and touched her toes a few times. "I'm going for a jog."

"Out here?"

"Where else?"

Elisabeth shrugged. "I'll see if I can make a fire."

"Good luck. I'll bet a hundred bucks we have no fire unless we win a challenge."

As Alicia turned to leave, she stopped. "What's that?"


"By the tent."

Hanging from a tree was a parchment. Elisabeth ran to it eagerly. Their first challenge!

She grabbed it and read it quickly:

Life is colorful,

But can be irritating.

You'll have to run in full,

Swim and avoid the sting.

"What does that mean?"

Alicia shrugged. "We'd better wake the others."

* * * * *

At noon the tribes gathered at the challenge ground. They eyed each other warily, nervously watching the host. Jeff held up the wooden figure.

"This is the immunity idol," he began. "You all know what it represents. You're about to face your first challenge. The winner gets to keep the immunity idol. The loser gets to vote someone out of their tribe."

There were groans from some, others stiffened, resolving to win the challenge.

"But there's more than just immunity at stake," continued Jeff. "We've also got punishment and reward. The reward is this: a container of waterproof matches. So the winner will have fire tonight!"

Both tribes cheered, eagerly looking forward to a real meal.

"The loser earns punishment, in the form of this." Jeff held up a large slab of wood with a handle. It looked like a sorority paddle.

"Shit!" muttered Kelly.

"All right," grinned Alicia. "We're gonna whack some ass!"

"That's correct," said Jeff, grinning. "The winners each get to give five swats to each of the losers." There was a pause while everyone absorbed this information. "Everybody understands the consequences, now on to the contest."

The contest proved to be devilishly clever. The two teams lined up opposite each other and took off all their clothes. Each was given a small container of colored paint. Their instructions: smear it on their opponent in whatever manner and over whatever body parts they wished.

It was humiliating, standing there and having your privates painted, but the girls gritted their teeth and stood up to the challenge. Within ten minutes, the members of both tribes were covered with body paint.

Jenna was streaked with red, her breasts looking like monstrous pointed tips of lipstick. Amber was coated with green, her pussy looking like she'd gotten a horrible grass burn. Alicia stood proudly, yellow paint glistening from her firm body. Petite Elisabeth was blushing pink at her blue nipples and sex. Jerri was covered with black and looked disgusted. Kelly's brown paint made her look like she'd fallen in the mud. Colleen looked like a queen in bright purple, while Kimmi had the world's most extreme case of tan lines, with her crotch and breasts painted lily white.

"Excellent," said host Jeff when the time allotted was finished. "Now we've got the race. It's about a mile to the river. When you get there, you'll swim across. First tribe to get *ALL* their members on the podium on the other side wins."

Jeff paused. "And oh, there's a little something I forgot to mention. That body paint isn't normal. It has a special ingredient added, a skin irritant. Similar to stinging nettles, but more intense. Kucha should be tingling about now, since they were painted first. Thus they'll get a thirty second head start."

Jenna's eyes were open wide, and Amber let out a gentle cry. Their bodies were burning! Kelly and Jerri were looking uncomfortable but determined.

"You bitch!" cried Jenna suddenly, grabbing her ass. She glared at Alicia. "You put that stuff up my asshole!"

Alicia laughed. "I just painted your cute parts. I didn't know it would do that!"

"Ohh fuuuuck!" groaned Jenna, writhing and hopping about. Amber was making similar cries, and Jerri was trying to wipe the paint off her pussy.

"Enough clowning," said Jeff. "The race starts now. Kucha, you've got a thirty second head start; I suggest you use it wisely. When you get to the river, you can wash off the paint."

He fired a small revolver and the girls, gasping at the stinging paint, began to jog down the path toward the river. Meanwhile, Kimmi was becoming alarmed, while Elisabeth and Colleen were fidgeting. The Ogakor body paint was starting to kick in.

After thirty seconds, all four girls were moaning and rubbing their skin frantically trying to remove the paint, but rubbing seemed to just push the paint in deeper. At Jeff's second gunshot, they headed toward the river as fast as they good, Alicia settling in to a nice trot.

Kucha started off with a good lead, but that lead seemed to give them overconfidence, as they didn't push as hard as they could. Jenna stopped several times to play with her fiery asshole. She and Amber fell behind Kelly and Jerri, who were running flat out.

"Come on," said Amber to Jenna, seeing Alicia emerging from a grove of bushes. "Ogakor's gaining!"

Jenna grunted and took off, but running heightened the sensation in her backside. Tears poured down her face as she struggled against the pain. Amber tried to help, getting a stick and scrapping as much of the paint off as she could, but Jenna appreciated the stick up her ass as much as she did the paint.

Alicia, Kimmi, and Colleen quickly past Jenna and Amber, laughing at their predicament. Jenna and Amber struggled on. "I haven't seen that other girl, the petite pretty one," Amber said. "I think we're okay."

"I think her name's Elisabeth," nodded Jenna. "If we can keep ahead of her, we've got it made."

Unfortunately for the two girls, Elisabeth had been cleverer than the others and had taken a shortcut. She arrived at the river about the same time as the other Ogakor members. She was half-way across when Jenna and Amber arrived, panting. They screamed in horror when they realized their tribe was behind, but Jenna just _had_ to take a few seconds to wash off the paint. She was climbing onto the shore, dripping wet, when all four Kucha members were on their podium, shouting with glee.

Kucha had lost.

Naked and wet, Kelly, Jenna, Jerri, and Amber lined up. They bent over and grabbed their ankles. Kimmi went first, grabbing the paddle and approaching Kelly. She calmly and ruthlessly delivered five brutal whacks to Kelly's narrow ass. Jenna's plump cheeks were next, and she was still gasping after Jerri and Amber had taken their swats.

Colleen and Elisabeth weren't as strong as Kimmi, so their blows didn't hurt quite as much, but it was agony standing there bent over and naked, waiting for your next round of smacks. Alicia was the worst, really roasting the four buns.

Finally, it was over. Kucha rose and rubbed their scorched rears, and thought carefully about who ought to pay. All eyes naturally were focused on Jenna, who even more miserable at the thought that she'd let down her teammates and might be the first one ejected.

Ogakor was given the immunity idol and the container of matches. It was dejected Kucha that headed for the tribal council. Amber fell in step with Jenna as they walked home.

"Have you ever been fucked up the ass?" she asked. Jenna shook her head, eyes wide with horror. "It can be incredibly painful," Amber said. "Especially the first time."

"That stuff _really_ burned," whined Jenna. "It caught me by surprise."

"I know. Look, what I'm trying to say is that I understand. I won't vote for you," she whispered.

Jenna looked surprised. "Really?" Hope dawned in her eyes. "I have no chance with Jerri -- she hates me. But if we could convince Kelly..."

* * * * *

At the tribal council, the four girls sat nervously with their torches flaming behind them. Jenna kept watching Kelly.

"You've lost your first challenge and now must vote somebody off," said Jeff. "Jenna, it seems you were the slowest in the race. What happened?"

Jenna's mouth felt dry but she knew she had to speak. She had not been able to completely convince Kelly. Her speech might just save her ass.

"I'm an anal virgin," she said boldly. "I've never had anything up my butt before. That stuff... it was wicked. I... I didn't know how to react. I'm sorry I let the group down. I know I deserve to be punished, and I'm willing to suffer whatever the tribe wants, but I don't want to go home just yet. I feel I have skills to contribute."

Jeff nodded. "Jerri, you seem to be the leader of Kucha. Did you do that on purpose?"

"Of course not," Jerri said. "I'm just that kind of a person. If I see an opportunity I take it."

"Kelly, you really seemed to resent that paddling from Ogakor."

The dark-haired girl nodded. "My dad used to whack me when I was a kid. I hated it. It's not the pain that bothers me -- I can take that. It's just so humiliating."

"Humiliation is part of the game," said Jeff. "All right. Time to vote."

One by one, they went and voted. Then Jeff came back with the voting box. He took out a paper. "Jenna," he said.

Jenna closed her eyes, feeling like someone had kicked her in the belly. She nodded slowly.

"Jerri," he read. Jerri's eyes opened wide and she glanced at the others.

"Jerri," Jeff repeated, and the actresses' mouth dropped open in disbelief.

Jeff reached for the last parchment. "The first person voted off Survivor OTK is... Jerri."

There was a stunned silence. Jenna smiled gratefully at Kelly. Jerri looked furious and bitter as she stood to leave.

"Bastards," she spat, then departed.

Jeff watched her go in silence. "Kucha, you can now go home. Take your torches with you, so you've got fire."

On the way home, Jenna thanked Kelly and Amber. Kelly shrugged. "I didn't do it for you," she said. "Jerri was a stuck-up bitch. I figured sooner or later she and I would have it out and I figured she ought to go first. Besides," she added, "you're cooking dinner tonight. And you're going to boil me fifty gallons of water so I can have a hot bath."

Jenna grinned. "Sounds fair to me!"

Episode 02

The next two days were pure survival effort. Jenna cooked and cleaned for the others, while at Ogakor, Colleen and Elisabeth took turns. Alicia tried fishing, finally catching a few minnows, but in both camps, food was not a five star affair.

Then Kelly found the parchment with their next contest. It said something about 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' and everyone quickly figured out they were going off a cliff.

Fortunately, this wasn't an immunity challenge: it was a reward challenge. The winners would receive blankets, the losers nothing.

At noon, everyone was assembled at the top of a huge cliff. It was at least a twenty-some foot drop and even Alicia looked intimidated. But it soon got worse. Jeff ordered everyone to strip -- an act that was becoming a familiar routine -- and then announced that they would not just jumping off the cliff, but doing belly flops!

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Colleen, looking at the water below.

"I will grade your performance," continued Jeff. "If your breasts, belly, and thighs are not pink, it's not a good dive. Good dives are worth one point to your team. Kucha, since you're missing a player, one of you will have to jump twice."

As the leaders, Ogakor went first. Alicia jumped off, spread eagled herself in the air, and smacked down hard on the water. She was groaning as she climbed out, but even her chocolate skin was inflamed by the harsh contact with the water. Her breasts, stomach, and thighs all bore a tinge of deep pink.

"One point for Ogakor," announced Jeff.

Kelly went next. She wasn't as graceful as Alicia, and didn't hit quite as hard, but kept her body level for a painful landing. Her small breasts looked like ripe tomatoes when she got out.

Colleen went for Ogakor. Her naked body flew through the air and hit hard. Her pale skin was blushing scarlet. She crawled out and lay on her back on the sand, panting heavily.

Jenna gulped, gritted her teeth, and jumped. She smacked so hard she almost passed out. Only when she heard the cheering of her teammates did she realize she'd succeed. Her chest was a mass of red. It hurt just to the breathe, but she was grinning as she headed back to the top. It had been her decision to go twice.

Kimmi went next, falling a bit awkwardly, but landing well. That is, landing harshly. She was gritting her teeth as she swam to the shore. "Fuck!" she screamed to no one in particular. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck!"

Amber stood at the cliff edge nervously. She was extremely uncertain about this, but closed her eyes and leaped. Her legs hit first, but her body was spread out, and when she emerged and Jeff got a look at her scarlet breasts, he decided she'd done well.

So far, no one had missed, so the pressure was on Jenna and Elisabeth. Elisabeth was the last to go for Ogakor. She ran to the edge and flew. WHACK! The splash was huge, the stinging pain horrible. She was crying as she climbed out. Her skin was mottled with red.

Now it was all up to Jenna. Her chest burned from the first dive, but she knew she deserved this. It was her failure in the first challenge that had put her team in the position of having to go twice. She screwed up her courage and jumped. But on the way down she chickened out. As she saw the water flashing toward her, she instinctively turned slightly, going in at an angle. Instead of her chest, the left side of her body took the impact. She emerged groaning and cursing herself.

Jeff pointed to Jenna's right breast, which was pale compared to the blistered left. He shook his head. "No good. Ogakor wins!"

Jenna felt awful about losing. Kelly glared at her, but Amber seemed more concerned about Jenna's left breasts. "When we get back to camp we've got to put mud on those," she said tenderly.

Everyone was in better spirits the next day, though still tender. The night of rest had healed everyone except for Jenna, who's left breast was still pink and sore. But today was an immunity challenge. Jenna was determined not to let her team down. After losing two events to Ogakor, she would not let them win a third.

The challenge poem made this contest sound horrible:

Choices abound,

Around and around,

Pick your stick

And take your flick.

"I think we're going to get switched," sighed Amber.

"Oh good," giggled Jenna. "I was just thinking my bottom is much too white."

In the Ogakor camp reactions were similar. Alicia wasn't fazed, while Kimmi seemed eager. "Bring it on," she kept saying. Colleen and Elisabeth were nervous but determined.

Finally, after half a day of anticipation, it was time. The tribes gathered on each side of a clearing where Jeff waited. He motioned them forward. Between the groups was a large wooden wheel with green and blue arrows on each side. The wheel was split into ten triangular compartments, and inside each compartment was a flagellation instrument, identical devices opposite each other.

"We've got the old-fashioned American paddle, the Scottish tawse, the riding crop, and the British school cane," explained Jeff. "This empty one is not quite a freebee, but means you're to use your hand.

"The way this works is simple: a contestant from each team will step forward. We'll spin the wheel and whatever device comes up is what you have to use. You will each give and receive six strokes. The one who receives first takes half to start and half to finish, to neutralize any advantage or disadvantage in going first. Once again, Kucha, since you're short a person, one of you will have to compete twice."

All eyes turned to Jenna, who shrugged. "Sure, why not. I deserve to have my ass beat."

"Two more things," said Jeff. "This contest will be in the nude, so everyone strip, and second, you'll take your strokes bent over this wooden trestle. This trestle is special: it is electronically rigged to detect pressure at four points -- your hands and your feet. If any two points break contact with the trestle at the same time, an alarm will sound. So you can briefly let go with one hand or move a foot, for instance, but don't let go or move with two. You must stay in position for the stroke to count.

"Each time the alarm sounds, your tribe loses one point. For each successful stroke you take, your tribe gains one point. So there's a maximum twenty-four points at stake. The team with most points wins the immunity idol.

"Any questions?" There were none, so Jeff announced the contest was starting. Jenna and Alicia stepped up to the wheel. Around it spun, slower and slowly, until finally it stopped on the big paddle.

"I'll go first," said Alicia, and Jenna shrugged. She picked up the paddle and they walked to the trestle. Alicia bent over in position, her round black ass sticking up boldly. She gripped the front sensors with her hands and pressed her feet against the ones at the back. She was ready.

Jenna, feeling powerful, hefted the big paddle. She'd only felt it with her butt the other night. This was a completely different feeling. She stepped behind Alicia, pulled back, and delivered a knock out blow. There was a mild thud and Alicia barely moved.

Frowning, Jenna tried again, swinging as hard as she could. This time there was a loud thud, and Alicia grunted and wiggled her ass. The third blow was harder still, and Alicia seemed grateful to be allowed up.

"Your turn, sweetness," she grinned at Jenna.

Sighing, Jenna hopped across the trestle and bent into position. Since she had to keep her feet wide apart, her plump cheeks were spread quite obscenely. Everyone could see her most intimate parts. She blushed furiously and said gruffly, "Come on, get it over with!"

Alicia did exactly that, in her irascible style. She whaled on Jenna's white ass. The paddle flew through the air and landed with bone-jarring force. Jenna went pale, trembling violently as the paddling continued. Tears fell from her eyes, but she kept her feet still and gripped the hand grips with all her strength. The fifth blow was the hardest yet, but Jenna still held on. Alicia slammed home the final one, panting heavily. Jenna hadn't broken.

"My turn now you fucker," breathed Jenna. There was something about the way she said the words that made Alicia nervous. She got back in position, gripped tightly, and waited.

The first stroke was like there was demons in it. Alicia spat and rolled her head, but the alarm didn't sound. The second was even harder, a curling blow nearly lifting Alicia off her toes. She fought to stay in position, panting and cursing under her breath. The final blow was another doozy, drawing tears from Alicia. She slowly stood, grabbing her sore asscheeks in her hands and massaging the tender flesh.

"Six points each," announced Jeff calmly. "Next two."

Kelly and Kimmi lined up and watched the wheel spin. It stopped on the riding crop. Kelly went over the trestle first. Kimmi gave her three hard cuts that her moaning, but the alarm didn't sound.

They switched places. Kelly was brutal. She placed all six blows almost on top of each other, right in the crease where ass meets thigh. It was too much for Kimmi. After a horrible fourth stroke she couldn't stop crying, and when the fifth arrived, her whole body started up. The alarm went ballistic, and Kimmi, still sobbing, struggled frantically to get back in position. Sheer grit kept her in place for the last stroke.

With Kelly across the trestle, Kimmi set out for her revenge, but was disappointed. Kelly didn't budge an inch, though she made a number of strange sounds.

"Five points to Ogakor, six to Kucha," said Jeff.

The tension was rising as Elisabeth and Amber lined up. The two girls were quite similar: cute, slender, and incredibly sexy. The wheel spun. The dreaded cane!

"I'll go first," said Amber quickly, realizing there was a slight advantage to the rest between strokes. She quickly got in position across the trestle. Her full bottom was nicely displayed to everyone. Her skin was creamy and smooth, with a mild tan from nude sunbathing.

The first stroke whipped in fiercely, drawing a cry of alarm from Amber. She shut up for the next one, but let forth a wild howl on the third. Fortunately, it was time to switch side.

Amber was taller and more athletic than the tiny Elisabeth, and she put her strength to good use. The second stroke hurt so badly poor Elisabeth shrieked and grabbed her ass with both hands. She was sobbing as she cursed and struggled to get back in position. She managed to remain still for the next two, but the final cut, low and whipped across the base of her cheeks, was too much. The alarm blared across the Australian outback.

Delighted at having made Elisabeth break twice, Amber bent back over. She'd already forgotten how much the cane hurt. Elisabeth was bitterly furious. The first stroke came down incredibly hard and Amber gasped. Before she could react the second was laid on and Amber's feet shifted as she writhed in misery. The echoing of the alarm made her more miserable, and she determined not to cry out for the final stroke. But something was broken inside her: she moved. She couldn't help herself. It was just too much.

She stood, tears dripping down her face, her hands squeezing the weals on her ass.

"Only four each," announced Jeff. "Kucha still leads by one point."

Now was the crucial point: Colleen from Ogakor, and Jenna, on her second turn. They spun the wheel and watched. Jenna almost wept with relief when it stopped at the empty triangle.

"Hand spanking!" cried the others, Ogakor dismayed as it looked like their chance to catch up had evaporated.

"I'll go first," said Colleen, draping herself over the trestle. Jenna just nodded and lined up the first smack with her hand. She swung so hard it hurt her hand, but Colleen didn't make a sound. Jenna smacked the right buttcheek next, and then went back to the left. Colleen was smiling as she stood, Jenna ruefully rubbing her hand.

"Did my little butt hurt your hand?" Colleen asked in a little girl voice.

"It's not such a little butt," sneered Jenna, and bent over confidently. She was so relieved that this was only a hand spanking that she forgot to be worried. Her buttocks were swollen and red from the paddling, especially the right cheek. The tip of the paddle had impacted there, bruising and leaving a weal and several blisters.

Colleen observed this, and concentrated her hand smacks to the tenderest spot she could find. She swung as hard as she could, putting her shoulder into it, and to her astonishment the alarm immediately sounded.

Jenna couldn't believe the sound. She bent back over, cringing as the spanking continued. This time there was no way she was going to rise up, let alone even make a sound. The surprising amount of pain had caught her off guard, that was all. Her face blushed crimson as she realized she'd cost her team an invaluable point.

When it was Colleen's turn back over the trestle, Jenna was out for blood. But she didn't get any. Though she made Colleen yelp and even got her to release one hand, the alarm never sounded.

"Five points Kucha, six points Ogakor," said Jeff. "The game is tied."

There were frantic whispers as the tribes wondered what would happen next.

"We'll have a whip off," said Jeff. "Ogakor, you pick someone from Kucha, and Kucha, you pick someone from Ogakor."

The tribes formed huddles and the decision was quickly made by Kucha. "Elisabeth," they announced firmly.

Ogakor was having more trouble, as it seemed there were votes for Jenna and for Amber. But finally it was decided: Amber.

So the two cute girls gathered together in front of the trestle again. "Sets of three each," said Jeff. "First one to go ahead wins."

Amber was first across the trestle. The leather belt of the tawse stung horribly. It was worse than the cane! No, not worse, exactly. Different. It connected with a wider area, and the pain wasn't as focused. She gritted her teeth and accepted the first three blows.

Elisabeth, drawing encouraging cheers from her tribe, bent across the trestle. Her small but shapely bottom stuck up in the air. The skin was already streaked with thin red lines from the cane.

Amber's butt was similarly striped, yet covered with several red blotches. Her bottom wavered as she got a running start toward the trestle. The belt flashed through the air and Elisabeth screamed.

Amber waited, but disappointingly, there was no alarm. Elisabeth was white-faced with determination, gripping so hard to the trestle it seemed she would injure herself. By some miracle she withstood the second and third lashes of the belt, and stumbled to her feet.

It was Amber's turn on the trestle again, and once again, it was horrible. The belt covered a good portion of her bottom, leaving it burning and simmering like a kettle on low heat. But Amber took her strokes well and didn't set off the alarm.

Tension mounted as the contest continued. Amber whipped Elisabeth. Elisabeth whipped Amber. Amber whipped Elisabeth. Elisabeth whipped Amber. Amber whipped Elisabeth.

Both girls were drenched with sweat at this point, their buttocks raw. Their arms ached from whipping, but neither would give in. Then suddenly it happened. The belt caught Amber's ass in a particularly sensitive area and she shuddered. Her hand released and a foot moved. The alarm buzzed.

Elisabeth was grinning as she got into position. All she had to do was take three strokes and she was the winner. She gritted her teeth, but the onslaught was beyond imagination. Amber was a Tasmanian Devil. She whipped with all her strength, a 320 degree rotation, and Elisabeth managed to let go. She held on for the last stroke, but the advantage was even again.

"Let's alternate after every stroke," announced Jeff.

This was easier, at least at first. Instead of having to endure three strokes in a row one only had to endure one, but after several rounds, even one stroke was unbearable.

Then it happened. Amber took a brutal stroke from Elisabeth. It hurt so bad she almost let go just to end the contest. The horrible thought in her head was that this would last forever. But her pride resisted and she held on.

Then it was her turn to flog. The blow was one of the hardest, and Elisabeth broke. She screamed, flailing on the trestle, and the alarm went off.

Jeff immediately pointed to Kucha. "Kucha wins!" he cried, and he handed over the immunity idol. Jenna and Kelly grabbed it and began dancing, embracing the weak and whipped Amber.

Kucha danced all the way home, while the defeated Ogakor, bottoms blistered and sore, had to look forward to heading to the tribal council and sitting on hard wooden benches.

The somber meeting began at nine o'clock. The four friends looked at each other. They'd been through a lot. Now one of them had to go. Elisabeth spoke first.

"I'm sorry," she said. "Vote me off. I deserve it. I couldn't take that belt any more and I deserve to be punished."

"It wasn't your fault," said Colleen. "You took it well, better than I would have."

Nothing much more was said except on ballot cards, where one-by-one, each member wrote down a name.

Jeff totaled them up. "This is it," he said. "One of you goes home."

He held up the first name. "Kimmi."

He held up the second. "Elisabeth."

He held up the third. "Colleen."

Jeff smiled. "So it all comes down to the final vote. The Ogakor member who goes home is..." He flipped the card over. "Kimmi."

Kimmi's mouth fell open. She glared at the others. "No way!"

Alicia grinned. "Now we can get some sleep at night." There were giggles of relief from the others.

"Fuck you all," Kimmi said, and stalked off.

Episode 03

The girls figured they'd surely get a break from challenges, but the next morning there was the parchment dangling from a nearby tree. Thankfully it was only a reward challenge. Kelly read it out loud:

Climb to win,

Fall to sin.

Soothing balm for one,

And for the other, none.

"Must be rock climbing," said Jenna.

"Could be trees," put in Amber.

Kelly shrugged. "We'll know at noon."

At midday, both tribes were together again, watching each other warily. There were only three in each group now, and the challenges were becoming more and more critical.

They were at the location of the cliff dive, except this time at the pool below. "The object," began Jeff, "is to swim to the base of the cliff and climb to the top. First complete team to the top wins."

"What's the catch?" asked Alicia.

"What makes you think there's a catch?"

"There's always a catch."

Jeff laughed. "A couple things. One, you cannot enter the water until your teammate has reached the top.

"Oh, and of course, you're all climbing naked."

"Why do we even bother getting dressed?" sighed Amber as she slipped off her loose skirt. She wore no underpants, having found them extremely uncomfortable considering the state of her bottom.

"Higher ratings for the network," said Alicia. "They love to see us strip. Just having as naked wouldn't be nearly as much fun."

When everyone was ready, Jeff fired his little gun and Kelly and Alicia dove into the water. Both were strong swimmers, and soon, it was discovered, excellent climbers. Alicia gained at first, but soon she reached an awkward spot and had trouble finding hand holds and Kelly passed her. Alicia soon figured her way out and reached the top a few seconds after Kelly, but Kucha had the advantage now.

Jenna was a good swimmer and beat Elisabeth to the rocks. She wasn't an experienced climber, however, and struggled to find a way up. Elisabeth wasn't a climber either, but she was determined, and her petite body gave her an advantage, as the barest projection was enough to support her slim weight. She gained and soon passed Jenna, reaching the top a full minute before her competitor.

When Amber slipped into the water, Colleen was already at the cliff. But she lost her footing and slipped, dropping ten feet into the water. She was quickly up and climbing again, but Amber was also on the rocks by that time. The two were neck and neck going up, but Colleen once again slipped. She gripped the rocks in a panic and by some miracle managed to not fall, but she'd not only lost valuable momentum, she also lost her nerve. It took her forever to move just a few feet upward she was so frightened of slipping. Meanwhile Amber clambered gamely up and soon reached the top. When Colleen saw she'd lost, she let go and dropped into the water. That was easier than going forward.

The penalty for the losers was a paddling, of course, but Colleen, feeling guilty, asked if she couldn't at least take Elisabeth's, since her ass was so sore. Jeff said it didn't matter to him, as long as all penalty strokes were taken by someone on the losing team.

So Colleen took ten swats each from Kelly, Jenna, and Amber, while Alicia took five. Elisabeth was so grateful she gave Colleen a kiss.

Kucha took home the rewards of their efforts: a jar of healing ointment to put on their sore bottoms and keep the skin healthy.

As the two tribes departed, Alicia commented, "This was only the reward challenge. Next time, that immunity idol is ours!"

Amber and Elisabeth were both praying for a break in challenges and their prayers were answered. It was two days before the next parchment was found. Elisabeth found it while gathering firewood. She ran back to camp and gathered the others around.

It read:

Females will pull abreast--

Are you up to the test?

Immunity can't weight.

Do be late

In this chase

Which is a reverse race.

"What the hell does that mean?" asked Colleen.

"Sounds like we're pulling weights," said Alicia. She flexed her significant biceps. "Right up my line."

Elisabeth frowned. She was tough, but she wasn't strong. This would probably her last challenge.

That afternoon, the tribes gathered on the plain. Host Jeff was there, immaculate as always, irascible grin on his face.

"Greetings, ladies. Eating well?" There were murmurs of discontent. "Ah, no matter, for whoever wins tonight, in addition to the immunity idol, gets a steak dinner!"

That perked everyone up. Kelly licked her lips eagerly at the thought of a real meal. Kucha had been living mostly on rice, except for one fish she'd managed to catch.

"As you may have noticed from last night, the immunity challenges are getting more difficult. Tonight's is no different. It's going to be painful, and a lot of hard work. But one tribe will win, and the other will have to vote off a teammate."

As soon as the tribes had stripped naked, Jeff led them to a playing field of sorts. An area six feet wide by twenty feet long had been marked out. At one end were two square lead weights attached to two cords. A pile of thin sticks lay nearby.

"As winners last time, Kucha will start," Jeff explained. "This is a relay of sorts. Here's how it works. You'll put on the weights and crawl from the starting point to the end line, dragging them. When you get to the end, your teammate puts on the weights and drags them back. Then your third member drags them back to the end line. I'll be timing your progress.

"Now for the gotchas."

There were groans and smiles at this.

"First, you cannot drag the weights with your hands. The weights are attached to your nipples: you pull them with your breasts!"

There were gasps from both tribes, but Jeff waved them silent. "Second, there's incentive to move fast: the other tribe will be 'encouraging' you forward with a gauntlet of switches. You are allowed to switch any exposed part of the body from the neck down, and there's no limit to the number of strokes you give out, but here's the key: you must take turns. The same person cannot strike twice in a row. Also, you are not allowed to touch the player with anything but the switch, nor interfere with their movement in any way. If either of those rules are violated, the switching will be stopped for the duration of that person's crossing."

More groans and gasps, and several of the girls looked grim.

"Finally, one more critical catch: the _slowest_ time wins. That's right, this is a 'reverse race,' ladies. I'll be keeping tabs, but I won't reveal either team's time until both are done. So go as slow as you can, but one final rule: no stopping. For each second you remain stopped I'm subtracting ten seconds from your time."

"Diabolical," muttered Amber. "The slower you go the more you get whipped."

"Guess all of us are going to be in the mud tonight," laughed Alicia. No one laughed with her, though Jenna was smiling grimly.

"You have ten seconds to complete the weight swap," continued Jeff. "Any longer and I'll deduct time from your score."

Since Kelly was starting for Kucha, Jeff used her to demonstrate how to put on the weights. He placed the weights at the starting line, stretched out the attached cords, which were about three feet long, and had Kelly get down on her hands and knees with the cords passing between her legs. Alligator clamps bit into her nipples, and she was ready.

The Ogakor tribe had picked up switches and gathered on both sides of the "runway." Alicia took control. "I'll start, then Colleen, then you, Elisabeth. We'll keep that pattern, taking turns."

Jeff raised his gun and fired. Kelly drove forward. The cords tightened and she gasped. Then the weights began to slowly move. Alicia slipped to Kelly's side and delivered a wicked blow across her ass that caused her to cringe. As Colleen and Elisabeth quickly followed with slices of their own, Kelly began to hurry.

"Remember, don't stop," called out Jeff.

Jenna was at the end, waiting Kelly's arrival. "Go slower!" she shouted. "You're going too fast!"

But once Kelly had gotten moving, she found it hard to slow down. The flicking switches stung horribly -- her instinct was to run away. The weights, creating trails in the dirt as they were dragged, tugged painfully on her breasts. She tried going slower, but the switches urged her forward, causing a slow-and-go motion, which was the worst as it the weights jerked on her breasts. She was crying by the time she pulled the weights across the finished line.

"Ahhhh!" Kelly screamed when Jenna unpinched the alligator clamps. She fell to the ground moaning, rubbing her sore nipples furiously.

Jenna took a deep breath and ruthlessly clamped the weights on her nipples. She was hissing at the pain as she fell to the ground and began crawling. Immediately the switches began to sting her, striking her in all sorts of uncomfortable places. She writhed, but continued forward, trying to go slow but desperate not to stop. Thin red lines from the switches soon marked her ass, hips, thighs, arms, and back. Still, she somehow maintained her slow pace.

Then Alicia swung and underhanded cut right across Jenna's distended left breast. It was such a shock, Jenna paused. Immediately Jeff cried out, "Ten second penalty!"

"Shit!" spat Jenna, and she drove forward again. Ogakor saw they were on to something and concentrated their switches across the sides of Jenna's sensitive breasts. The girl obviously didn't like that at all, and was unable to resist hurrying. Finally she crossed the endline, weeping silently as Amber unhooked the clamps.

In seconds Amber was clamped and ready to go. She wisely waited until Jeff signaled the full ten seconds allowed for the exchange had passed, and then she began. Her body was immediately assaulted by the switches. They didn't always manage full contact, but every sting was an insult. It would have been one thing to stay in one position and endure them, but when you were already moving to escape, it was too tempting to not hurry. Amber did her best, but though it seemed like it took a month to finish, she worried it was too fast.

"Ogakor's turn," said Jeff, writing Kucha's time on a card. The Kucha girls were consoled one another, gripping the switches tightly and vowing revenge on their tormentors.

Alicia went first for Ogakor. She was tough, and held out for a what seemed like a long time. She kept her eyes closed and moved in slow motion, like a turtle, oblivious to the stings flung her way. After what seemed like forever, she was barely half the distance! Kucha was dismayed.

Jenna whipped Alicia's breasts cruely several times, but Alicia didn't even flinch. Furious, Jenna waited for her next turn. When it came, she struck from behind the crawling girl, right into Alicia's crack. The tip of the switch caught something sensitive, either Alicia's asshole or sex. Alicia gasped and her eyes started open and she stopped dead.

"Ten second penalty!" cried Jeff.

"Oh fuck," muttered Alicia, and she dove forward again. But Kucha knew her weakness now: every switch was after the same target, and several found it. Now Alicia scurried forward rapidly, terrified of the thin sticks. She tried keeping her legs together, but the switches still found her sex. She crossed the finish line swearing bitterly.

Colleen had a little trouble putting on the weights: the first clamp hurt so much she hesitated several times on the second. Finally, she was ready, but not before Jeff announced "Five seconds penalty!"

Cursing, she began to crawl, wincing as the switches attacked her. Kucha developed a strategy: Jenna concentrated on whipping Colleen's breasts, Amber on her thighs and ass, and Kelly followed striking up Colleen's crack to catch her exposed sex and asshole. The result was effective: Colleen finished in less than half the time of Alicia.

"It's all up to you," she whispered to Elisabeth as the petite girl pinched on the weights. "Good luck."

Elisabeth was fiercely determined, but the new Kucha strategy was incredibly effective. By splitting the tasks they increased the skill of each switcher through practice. With more strikes hitting the intended targets, the victim was goaded forward at a tremendous pace. After just thirty seconds, Elisabeth, though she desperately tried to keep her pace slow, was halfway finished.

Realizing this, Elisabeth tried to stall and slow down, but viscious encouragement from Kelly -- in the form of a horrible sting to her asshole -- pushed Elisabeth forward. She was just five feet from the end and it looked so tempting just to rush there and end her torment, but she knew she had to slow down. She was positive that right now Kucha was ahead on time.

Another strike: it was all she could not to scream and run forward. Surely it was all over. She couldn't take much more of this.

Then disaster struck for Kucha and hope sprang for Ogakor. Kelly, in her eagerness to strike Elisabeth's sex, went too fast. She struck before Amber, upsetting the cycle. Jeff blew his whistle immediately.

"Drop the switches!" he cried. Reluctantly, the girls obeyed, watching helplessly as Elisabeth was able to take her sweet time crossing the final three or four feet. To Ogakor, she was still moving too fast, but the Kucha, she was a snail.

As soon as the weight hit the line Jeff recorded the time. "Wow, what a close race!" he exlaimed. "Here are the final results. Kucha: 5:42 seconds. You had a ten second penalty assessed, so your final time is 5:32. Ogakor: you completed the race in 5:46 seconds. However, you had one ten second penalty, plus one five second penalty. That brings your final time to 5:31, and Kucha wins by ONE SECOND!"

There were screams of joy by Kucha, and Ogakor looked thoroughly defeated. Jeff guided the winners to a table where he uncovered a platter with three huge steaks on it. There were also baked potatoes, french fries, and brocoli with cheese sauce. The Kucha girls nearly swooned with excitement.

Ogakor looked at the others bitterly, their stomachs rumbling at the smell of the food, and they walked back to their tribe not speaking. One of them would be voted off tonight.

At the tribal council, it wasn't a difficult decision. Alicia knew she was outmatched. Her aggressive personality had alienated her to the two softer girls, who were more like sisters. Sure enough, their two votes sent her packing.

Episode 04

A few days passed before the next reward challenge. The Kucha members were fascinated to learn that Alicia was gone. They were given plenty of time to think about the ramifications, however, for the challenge proved to be one of endurance.

Jeff began, "Kucha, as you've got an extra member, you must choose one to sit out."

The girls went into a huddle, and it was decided that Amber would be exempt from the challenge as her ass was the most sore.

"We've got a fantastic reward for the winning team today," said Jeff. "I'm sure you're all tired of sleeping on blankets on the hard ground." The girls groaned and nodded. "Well, today's winning team will be given a one-night's stay at a four star hotel. You'll be able to dine and sleep in style. Imagine, a real shower. Satin sheets, air conditioning."

There were oohs and ahhs at this.

Jeff held up his hand. "But first, there's a contest to win. And this one's going to be tough. These are ginger roots," he explained, holding up four large tubers. "Today's reward challenge is simple: you shove them up your butts, all the way up, and the team who keeps it in there the longest wins. If it starts coming out, even a little bit, you're disqualified."

The girls did not look at all happy about this, especially Jenna, but she had a look of fierce determination on her face. Amber, watching from the side, looked tremendously relieved.

At Jeff's command, the four girls turned and dropped their shorts. They squatted, thrusting their butts out, reaching back with their hands to spread their cheeks. Jeff went up behind Kelly and shoved in the ginger root, no lubrication, drawing a scream of protest from her. When it was all the way in, he started a stopwatch.

Next, he went to Jenna and did the same thing. He started a second stopwatch. With tiny Elisabeth, it took a little elbow grease to get the root up her butt, but he finally managed, though she wasn't the little bit happy about it. She was crying as he started her stopwatch.

Colleen, Jeff discovered, was apparently used to having things up her butt: the root slid in nice and easy. He started her stopwatch.

"And now," Jeff said, sitting in a chair and opening a book, "we wait."

For the girls, the time was interminable. Every second was an increasing agony. At first it was just the pain of having a large object up their butts, but soon the ginger spice started to kick in. The slow burning and itching provided a horrible torment.

"Oh God," muttered Kelly. "It feels like acid eating me away from the inside!"

Unbeknownst to Ogakor, Kucha's feast the from the steak dinner had produced some deadly aftereffects: all three of the girls had been ill from the rich food, suffering "the runs" to one degree or another. For Kelly, it had been the worst: her asshole was already raw and the ginger root was like pouring lemon juice on an open wound.

After ten minutes, Kelly began fidgeting, and after twenty she was rocking back and forth. Jeff checked her, but the root was still inside. By twenty-four minutes she was moaning openly, and cursing loudly. She made it to twenty-seven minutes, but when Jeff inspected her, the root was partway out, so he disqualified her.

Elisabeth was next, about ten minutes later.

Colleen, however, looked fresh and comfortable. Jenna was pale but determined. Forty-five minutes passed, then an hour. Jenna was getting weak. Her bowels were rumbling, her asshole spasming. She glanced over at Colleen, who didn't look as though she was in any pain at all. Jenna closed her eyes and imagined she was in a happy place, a tropical island, peaceful and beautiful. It worked for a few minutes. Her husband was there, and they were making wonderful love, when suddenly she was on her knees and he was thrusting into her from behind. The pain was horrible and she was back to reality, weeping as she resisted every instinct to not eject the intruding root.

She looked up. Colleen smiled at her, and Jenna broke. She didn't even wait for Jeff. She tore the ginger out of her ass and stood up, weeping bitterly. "Fine, take the reward," she said to Colleen. "I hope you enjoy it 'cuz you're never going to win another contest!"

That night, Colleen and Elisabeth slept in real beds for the first time in decades. They had a real dinner, drank real wine and ate real cheese, sat on a real toilet, and had several real hot showers. It was ecstasy.

The girls' bodies healed tremendously from just that one night of luxury, but all too soon it was back to the game and the next challenge. This time the stakes were higher: it was for immunity, and Ogakor knew they couldn't afford to lose.

Jeff met them at the challenge ground. "Ogakor, since you're one short, one of you will play twice. Decide now who it will be."

Colleen and Elisabeth whispered for a moment, then Colleen stepped forward. "I'll do it."

"Good." Jeff pulled off a sheet that had been covering something and the girls gasped when they saw a large "wheel of fortune" type wheel.

"Oh shit, not this again," mutter Amber.

But this wheel was divided into five categories and all the girls became uncomfortable when they saw the words marked in each: Breasts, Sex, Feet, Buttocks, Inner Thighs.

"Here are the rules for today's challenge," began Jeff. "You will each pair up with a member of the opposite team. In pairs you will go to the wheel and you will each spin the wheel. Whatever body part you each land on, that's where the other will whip you with this strap." Jeff held up a two-foot strip of black leather about an inch wide. "The one who takes the most strokes before stopping, wins.

"And how do you signal you want to stop? Simple." Jeff held pointed to an arrangement of helium-filled balloons on long strings. "You hold the end of the string in your mouth. If the balloon escapes, you're done."

By lot, Kelly and Colleen were paired together, so they appoached the large wheel. Kelly decided to spin first, so she twirled the wheel and it stopped on "Buttocks."

"Hell," Kelly grunted, "I was hoping for something more imaginative." But there was nothing for it. She dropped her shorts and got in position, bent across a wooden tressle, and Jeff placed the balloon string in her mouth. She was only allowed to bite the final inch of the string, which gave her very little margin for error.

Colleen started the strapping. The other members chanted out the count. Kelly wiggled and writhed, but was silent for a long time. After five minutes or so, she was sweating, and by ten she was in a great deal of pain. Fifteen minutes passed, and Kelly had taken over four hundred strokes. Colleen was getting tired. Her blows were getting feeble, and Elisabeth called out to her tell her to make sure they counted, since it was the number of strokes that determined the winner. Colleen struck more carefully after that, and finally, a particularly harsh lash to the lower portions of Kelly's buttocks caused her to grunt an exclamation, and right as the girls chanted "439" a red balloon soared into the air.

"Shit," groaned Kelly as she got up. Her ass was a mass of welts painful just to look at. She yanked up her shorts and didn't hesitate taking the strap from Colleen, gesturing to the wheel.

Colleen sighed and spun. To her relief, it stopped on "Feet." She got down on the ground and put her bare feet up into stirrups on the tressle. Jeff leaned down and put the balloon string in Colleen's mouth. She looked determined to keep it there.

Kelly began to flog Colleen's soles. Right away Colleen's eyes went wide. She hadn't realized how sensitive feet are, and she immediately began to regret her good fortune. At least her butt was rather numb from all the spankings!

But as time went on, Colleen relaxed and let the pain of her feet flow through her. It was completely different from other kinds of whipping pain, being both distant and yet intense. After five minutes, Colleen's feet had taken over 200 strokes. After ten, she was approaching four hundred. The five hundred mark was passed, but it was obvious now that Colleen was suffering. Kelly was exhausted, but pushed ahead, striking the scarlet, swollen feet with all the fury she could muster. Finally, at 564, Colleen broke and the balloon drifted upward.

Jenna and Elisabeth were next, both nervous and pale. Jenna volunteered to receive first, and spun the wheel. "Buttocks."

"Fuck," groaned Jenna. "Why is it always my ass that gets it?"

She took down her shorts and got in position, balloon string between her lips. Tiny Elisabeth began the hard whipping. Jenna knew the mark she had to beat -- 564 -- but it seemed impossible from the start. She took a couple hundred before she began to writhe, and by three she was gritting her teeth on the string and moaning. Elisabeth seemed fresh, however, whipping with enthusiasm, determined the break the bigger girl, and suddenly, at 390, the green balloon floated away.

Even Jenna seemed stunned: "I don't know what happened," she appologized to her teammates. "It just got away from me somehow. I didn't mean to."

Petite Elisabeth spun the wheel, and ironically, for her breasts were the smallest of anyone, it stopped on "Breasts." She tore off her shirt bravely, however, knelt in front of Jenna, put her arms behind her, and gripped the balloon string in her mouth.

The first hundred were the most difficult, for the flesh of Elisabeth's front was tender. But after a while, she settled down and endured it with dignity. She made two hundred easily, and the race to three hundred wasn't much harder. But as the whipping went on and on, she began to sweat. Jenna concentrated on Elisabeth's stiff nipples, striking them mercilessly, until even the faint breeze passing over them was enough to make the girl's eyes water.

Still, plucky Elisabeth endured four hundred strokes. But her breasts were becoming raw nubbins of blistered flesh. Colleen intervened. "Just let go," she called out. "My 564 is still the lead, and you'll never make that, so just let go."

Elisabeth hesitated, then nodded. With relief she let go of the balloon.

So now it was all up to Amber. If she could beat Colleen's 564, Kucha would win. Since her team was behind, she was required to go first (since if she didn't beat the record, there'd be no point in Colleen taking a turn). Bravely Amber spun the wheel.

"Oh fuck."

The dial read: "Sex."

Amber stripped completely and stretched out on her back on the ground. Her legs were bent up across her, bending her in half, and spread painfully wide. Straps fastened her legs in position above her head. Jeff put the balloon string in her mouth and Colleen, a soft smile on her face, approached.

All eyes were on the obscenely exposed soft folds of flesh between Amber's spread legs, so sparsely covered by wisps of taffy-colored hair. The strap rose, then landed fully across the open sex. Amber's body went tense as though an electric current had just been passed through her, but the yellow balloon didn't drift away.

Again and again the strap rose and fell. At first the lips of Amber's sex just turned pink, but soon they were bright red. They swelled. After a hundred strokes, Amber was lying a pool of her own sweat, but her lips were firmly shut.

Grimly, Colleen continued. The leather striking the swollen puffy lips must have been horrible, but somehow little Amber endured. Suddenly everyone became aware of something. The sound of the whipping had changed. They stared. Each stroke was now more of a sloshing sound, as though the leather was wet. Indeed it was, several sharp-eyed competitors noticed, for Amber was leaking! She was aroused by the pain! She even thrust her hips upward to receive the blows, and though her sex was brutally flogged, a soft smile played on her lips.

Three hundred strokes she'd taken, and still she seemed eager for more. Her tears had long since dried up. Now she was only a mindless orgasm, writhing and moaning, living for the sting of the lash. As Colleen struck the four hundredth blow, it was obvious she was exhausted, for she'd already whipped Kelly hundreds of strikes, and it seemed like Amber might have a real chance to threaten her record.

"478," cried the on-lookers. "479. 480. 481." The blows seemed to only encourage Amber. She no longer felt any pain, only pleasure.

"Remember, Colleen, if she beats you, you'll have to take another whipping," called out Elisabeth, and that news seemed to inspire the dark-haired girl. She whipped with renewed strength and purpose, but still her petite victim held out.

"522. 523. 524."

Everyone was on their feet, shouting encouragement to Amber or Colleen, as the two battled, neither truly conscious. Everything was hazy, like a dream. Colleen paused, panting, then lifted the strap. She put all her force into it, and the dreadful blow caused Amber's body to writhe and quiver with the explosive force of another orgasm, but it did not break her.

"Shit," cursed Colleen. "What do I have do to--" She suddenly stopped, an idea hitting her. She dangled the strap over Amber's sex, tickling it. She struck it lightly, once, then again.

"544," came the count.

"What are you doing?" cried Elisabeth. "Hit her harder!"

Colleen smiled and gave Amber another gentle stroke. Slowly, she increased the force. Amber's body quivered and trembled as a powerful orgasm built under the teasing. Her sex drooled.

"551! 552! 553!"

And then it came, a quick sharp blow, aimed right at the tiny swollen tip of the clitoris. There was a cry combined with a moan and Amber's body went into convulsions. "Ahhhh!" she moaned, experincing the most intense orgasm of her life.

And up went the yellow balloon.

The Kucha members groaned in dismay, but Amber lay panting softly, an oblivious smile on her face.

It was a somber Kucha that hobbled to Tribal Council that evening. The three girls could hardly walk, especially Amber, who cried the whole way. The voting was quick: Amber and Jenna's alliance held strong, and Kelly was sent packing.

Episode 05

The next morning, there was mail announcing the merging of the tribes. The two groups packed up all their stuff and formed a new camp. From now on, immunity was an individual contest. Suddenly, the former enemies were living together.

Inspired by this new development, the next reward challenge proved unusual. There was no punishment or even pain involved. It was a "get to know you" challenge, and the contest was a reward in and of itself.

By lot, Jenna was paired with Colleen, and Elisabeth with Amber. The two couples were then told they had an hour to lick each other to orgasm. "Afterward," Jeff stated, "there'll be a quiz."

The couples were puzzled, but they didn't need much encouragement. They were all so badly hurt that even licking caused pain, but it also felt wonderful. Amber licked Elisabeth to two delicious orgasms, and then she returned the favor, being extremely gentle and sensitive to Amber's delicate, wounded sex. Colleen and Jenna got each other off, then did it again, and then a third time, giggling like old friends by the time it was over.

When Jeff called them back, he announced, "I was just kidding about the quiz. I've got a treat for all of you." He then passed out medicine kits, containing lotions and healing ointments. The girls got to attend to each other's wounds, in more ways than one.

But the game wasn't over, and soon it was time for the next immunity challenge. A few days had passed and everyone was much healthier, though all dreaded another spanking. They were relieved when Jeff announced there would be no spankings.

"However," he explained, "this challenge will still be painful and difficult. I've got four enema bags. Each of you will be filled with two quarts of ice cold soapy enemas. Then you will stand and wait. If you leak, you're eliminated. The last girl standing wins immunity."

It was simple, of course, but not pleasant. The girls stripped and got into position. They moaned as the icy water filled them. The smaller girls, Elisabeth and Amber, had the most difficulty holding the full amount. In that sense it wasn't fair, but then nothing much was in this game.

A quarter of an hour passed, then thirty minutes. All four girls were still in it. Elisabeth was weaking, however. After forty minutes she suddenly let loose a gusher, unable to even wait for privacy.

Amber held out a little longer, but at five minutes before the hour, Jeff noticed a trickle of liquid running down her leg. She excused herself and ran to squat behind a bush.

Jenna and Colleen were determined, and both held out for an eternity. Finally, after two hours and twenty-three minutes, Jenna caved. Colleen had immunity.

At the Tribal Council that evening, the votes were cast. Jeff read them off slowly:





He turned to Elisabeth. "I'm sorry, but the tribe has spoken." Elisabeth turned to look at Colleen, who looked away. Then she took up her stuff and left.

Episode 06

It was now a much different tribe and much different game. All who were here were so close to winning, and it was not as friends that they looked at each other, but as mortal enemies.

The reward challenge the next day proved interesting. Jeff led them to a plot of earth where six earthen pots rested. Each was a unique shape and painted a different color.

"Today we have a grab bag. Each of you will select one pot," he explained. "Inside, you will find either a reward or a punishment. For instance, you might find a Snickers bar. Or it might be a note saying each of your competitors is allowed to paddle you a dozen times. Who knows?" He grinned. "I will give you one clue: there is a system to which pots have rewards and which have punishments. You have thirty seconds to figure it out and select a pot."

Quickly the girls raced to the pots and studied them. Some were odd shapes, like triangles, while others looked more normal. All had lids. Jenna could see nothing that distinguished which pot was which, however: there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the colors.

"Ten seconds," called out Jeff.

"Aw, hell," muttered Jenna, and she grabbed a pot. It was colored pink and round with a square lid.

Colleen picked a green squished-looking pot with a triangle-shaped lid. Amber went for her namesake and chose a yellowish pot with a round cookie-jar-like lid.

"Times up. Okay girls, open them up and see what you got."

"Oh fuck," muttered Jenna almost immediately, for inside hers was a miniature wooden paddle with the words "20 swats from everyone" on it.

"Ditto," sighed Colleen, for hers was a small whip. A toe tag attached to it read: "Pick an opponent to give you 30 strokes with the whip."

"Oooooh!" clapped Amber excitedly, for her jar contained an ice-cold Mountain Dew and a package of Ding Dongs. She immediately began to eat and drink the treats.

Jeff brought out a long leather buggy whip. "So, Colleen, who do you choose to whip you?"

Colleen sighed. "Jenna, I guess."

Jenna grinned and took the whip. She practiced in the air while Colleen stripped. "Can I whip her anywhere?" she asked Jeff.

"Anywhere below the neck," he answered. "Thirty strokes."

"Put your hands on your head," Jenna ordered Colleen, and proceeded to lash the nude girl around the waist and hips. Colleen squealed and cursed, but did whatever Jenna told her to do.

Jenna gave her a few across her breasts, the some around her sex, distributed a few across her ass, then laid a couple on her back. Then she repeated the whole sequence again, leaving Colleen quite miserable and stinging all over when it was done.

"You didn't have to do it so hard," Colleen groaned when it was over.

"You can have your revenge now," Jeff said, holding out a large wooden paddle. "Jenna gets twenty from everyone."

Colleen grinned wicked at Jenna. "Get your shorts down and bent over."

Jenna made a face. "Do I have to?" she asked Jeff.

"Rules are rules."

"But didn't say anything about bare bottom paddling," she muttered stubbornly.

"And Colleen's didn't say anything about being whipped nude, but she cooperated."

Sighing, Jenna pulled down her shorts and thrust her bare ass toward Colleen. The other girl quickly began to paddle Jenna. Every blow was extremely hard, nearly knocking Jenna over. Immediately her butt went red, then magenta, then crimson.

"Amber's turn," said Jeff when Colleen was done.

Amber finished her Mountain Dew and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She grinned, took up the paddle, and gave Jenna a series of modest wallops. Even though she wasn't going full force, the blows still hurt, and Jenna was gasping and whimpering when it was over.

"God, I'm glad that's over," she said with relief.

"Oh, but it's not over," said Jeff. "Your note said 'everyone' and last I checked, I qualified as someone."

"No way!"

"Yes, way. Now turn around and bend over."

"Oh, fuck," groaned Jenna, but she obeyed, sticking out her lovely ass for further punishment. Jeff wasn't as brutal as Colleen, at least in viciousness, but he did use his full strength and Jenna was sobbing when the blows finally stopped. Her swollen butt looked like a red light bulb.

"God, I'm going to glow in the dark!" Jenna muttered.

"Hold on," Jeff said, "we're still not quite done. 'Everyone' includes one other person."

"Who's that?" asked Jenna, astonished and terrified.


"Oh shit!"

"Yes, you've got to paddle yourself. You don't have to do it too hard, but I'm not counting the blow unless it's solid."

"This is ridiculous," Jenna said, taking the paddle from Jeff. She bent forward and holding the paddle with one hand, awkwardly brought it up behind her and down onto her sore tush.

"One," said Jeff.

"Oh God, even that hurt," groaned the tortured blond. "How can I be expected to paddle myself?"

"Would you rather Colleen did it?"

"No!" shouted Jenna, quickly giving herself another spank. "I'll do it, I'll do it. Ouch!"

It took a couple minutes, and toward the end she had to repeat a few blows Jeff wasn't satified with. That culminated in her gritting her teeth and delivering the last few strokes good and hard, just so he wouldn't make her repeat any. Finally it was over.

"That's it girls. I hope you enjoyed your reward challenge."

"Say," asked Colleen, "what was the trick with the jars, anyway?"

Jeff shrugged. "Oh, the jars with round lids were rewards. Lids that had straight edges, like your triangle one, were punishments."

The girls were given a couple days to rest before the final immunity challenge. After the next Tribal Council, there would only be two players left, and it was one of them who'd win the big prize. The girls showed up eager and ready to win.

"This challenge is going to test your hunting skills," announced Jeff. He held up three ostrich feathers, each painted a different color: red, blue, and green. He gave one to each girl.

"Strip and stick them up your butts," he ordered, and grimacing, the girls obeyed. The feathers stayed in remarkably well, but of course the girls felt ridiculous.

"We're going to transport each of you to a different section of the wild. You will be naked, except for your feather, and you'll have to use your survival skills to find your opponents and steal their feathers. When you get another girl's feather, she's eliminated. You will place the new feather in your ass and continue. The first one back with three feathers wins."

Three jeeps arrived, and the girls each climbed in one and waved good-bye. The jeeps all drove off in different directions, then circled back to the appropriate drop-off points. This was all a new area, far from their camp, so nothing was familiar.

Amber was dropped off and felt abandoned, alone a her feather up her butt. The game seemed simple on the surface, but she was thinking: "You can only win with three feathers, so why stress it? The others must find me!"

She oriented herself with the sun, and began a leisurely walk back to the challenge point. She saw no one and nothing, but paused every now and then to listen. Finally, after about an hour or so, she heard a distant crack of a stick. She paused, then hid behind a bush. Sure enough, about five minutes later, Colleen appeared. She was sported two large feathers in her ass.

"So you got Jenna," breathed Amber. She crouched and waited.

Colleen stepped forward, making far too much noise. She stopped and listened, then stomped on.

Amber held her breath. If the girl continued in the same path, she'd walk right pass Amber's hiding place. Then Amber could just slip out and grab the feathers without Colleen even knowing she was there!

But about twenty feet from the bush, Colleen paused. She stared up at the sun, reoriented herself, and headed off at an angle, heading toward the finishing place.

Cursing her bad luck, Amber slipped from behind the bush and followed steathily. She watched carefully, moving only when Colleen was moving, so Colleen's noise masked her own.

Progress was slow. Colleen wasn't moving fast or often, apparently looking for Amber. After a quarter of an hour, Amber decided she needed a new strategy. She carefully began moving to her left, away from Colleen. Once she was over the rise and out of sight, she ran forward rapidly. For several minutes she ran as fast as she could, holding on the feather in her ass to make sure she didn't lose it. Then she slowed and began going back to the right. She watched carefully for a good hiding place and found one, a low bank near a dried-up streambed that protected her from Colleen's approach but also gave her an excellent escape route out the other side.

Several long minutes passed, then she heard sounds. She knew it was Colleen. Her heart was beating rapidly and forced herself to remain calm. Suddenly, there was Colleen, at the top of the embankment, using the height to peruse the surrounding area. Two brightly colored feathers were sticking out of her plump ass, and that was all Amber needed to see.

She waited until Colleen looked the other direction, then darted forward. In the sand, she made little sound, and Colleen didn't see her until the last second.

"What the--" she exclaimed, but it was too late. Diving past her was Amber, snatching the feathers as she passed. Colleen gave a cry as the feathers were yanked from her bottom, but by the time she turned around, Amber was already shoving them up her own ass.

"Thanks, Colleen," she said boldly, and then took off to find Jeff.

"Fuck!" cried Colleen, kicking at the sand. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She stared after the petite girl, running naked through the desert, three brightly colored feathers waving from her ass as she ran.

That night at the Tribal Council, Amber was the only one smiling. She sat proudly, the immunity idol clutched in her hand. The votes were cast and Jeff solemnly read them:



"And the final vote... Colleen." Jeff paused. "The tribe has spoken."

Colleen stood stiffly and glared at Jenna. "Thanks... for nothing," she said, and departed.

Episode 07

Today was the day. The final Tribal Council. The two remaining players, Jenna and Amber, no longer had a voice. It was all up to the jury now. The first three voted off, Jerri, Kimmi, and Alicia, were not part of the jury. The jury thus consisted of Elisabeth, Kelly, and Colleen.

Before voting, each player got to speak on why they should win the million dollars. Jenna went first.

"I played the game honestly," she said. "I did my best, and somehow I survived. Several of you helped me survive, and I appreciate that. I don't know that I _deserve_ to win -- who deserves anything? But I do know that was true to myself. I'm just glad I got this far."

"I was never the strongest or toughest," explained Amber, "but I didn't give up. I'm a fighter. I came here to win and I made it to the end. My fate's in your hands now. Whatever you decide is right."

Then the jury members were allowed to speak. Colleen jumped right up. "All I can say is that Jenna's a traitor. She slept with me to get me to form an alliance with her, then turned on me at the crucial time."

"No," said Jenna, "I was just being true to my original alliance with Amber. We're friends: I couldn't hurt her."

"Liar!" cried Colleen. "You screwed me and I'm going to screw you. You'll never get my vote!"

Jenna resisted anger and smiled. "Okay, there's nothing I can do about it. I can tell I'm not going to change your mind, so there's no point arguing."

Elisabeth nodded, obviously liking Jenna's attitude. "I think you're both good players," she said. "I'd like both of you to win."

Kelly shook her head. "They both played the game to win, but one of them doesn't deserve the million dollars."

Then it was time for the votes to be cast and counted. Jeff read them off, slowly.

"One vote for Jenna. One vote for Amber. And the final vote, and million dollar winner of Survivor OTK is... AMBER!"

There were cheers and tears, and Amber and Jenna hugged each other. Amber couldn't stop smiling.

"Was it worth it?" asked Jeff. "All that suffering?"

"Hell yeah," said Amber. "It's not the money, it's the adventure, the feeling that I did something difficult I set out to do."

"What are you going to do with the money?"

Amber's answer was quick: "Buy a hot tub and soak in it for the next year!"

The End