Terra Nova: The Missing Scene

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Terra Nova: The Missing Scene

(*****, M/f, Severe, nc caning, paddling)

Loosely based on the new Tera Nova TV series, this postulates that strict corporal discipline is practiced by the new regime. (Approximately 2,238 words. Originally published 2011-10.)

Author's Note
Last night was the premiere of the new Fox show _Terra Nova_. While it wasn't perfect, it was interesting and has the potential to be a decent series. Most intriguing to me, however, was the character of the delectable teenage Skye, played by the beautiful Alison Miller. Unfortunately, a key scene with her was left out of the pilot. Fortunately, I have obtained said scene and reproduced it for you.

The Story So Far
Terra Nova is an attempt to rebuild human society via a new colony made of up people sent back in time 85 million years from the year 2214 where Earth's environment has been ruined and life is miserable. Skye and several of our young characters went "OTG" (Out The Gates) for illegal swimming and moonshining, where they were nearly killed by dinosaurs. This scene takes place that night after returning, when Skye is speaking with Colonel Taylor, the head of the Terra Nova colony.

After the excitement of the day, the night was suddenly quiet. Colonel Taylor leaned against the balcony, staring down at the Terra Nova camp below. The petite figure of Skye glided up next to him. She was disheveled, still wearing the white shirt and brown shorts from earlier, the shirt stained gray with sweat and grime. Yet still she managed to look elegantly beautiful, her sweetly innocent face looking somber as she thoughtfully studied at the camp without saying anything.

After a moment, she shyly glanced up at the big man.

"I wanted to say how sorry I am for what happened today." She spoke softly, but her voice was strong and firm, the voice of a young woman taking responsibility for her actions.

"I know," said Taylor somberly.

"You know... you've been so good to me since my folks..." She choked up, took a deep breath, and moved on. "I just don't like to disappoint you."

"Well, you're still in one piece, that's the important thing," said Taylor gruffly. He smiled grimly. "But there is a penalty to pay."

"Yes sir."

For a while neither spoke, then he said, "Do you wish to handle it now or wait until tomorrow? The others are waiting until their injuries have healed. I'm letting off the new kid, Josh, as he didn't know any better. But you... you've been here before."

"I know sir." Skye hung her head and stared at her toes. "I'd rather get it over with now."

"It was six the first time, and then twelve. So it will be eighteen now."

She shuddered, an icy shiver shooting down her spine. But she stood straight and looked the commander in the eye. "Yes sir."

"If you do it again, it'll be two dozen."

Skye shook her head firmly. "It won't happen again. After today, I've learned my lesson."

The commander led her inside. "Still some more learning to do, I'm afraid. Go ahead and strip."

The room was small and nearly empty. The only piece of furniture was an odd inverted V on a small platform. Its peak was curved, not pointed, and it was made of smooth, hard plastic. It was waist high and about a meter wide.

Skye was remarkably calm as she slipped off her shorts and shirt. She still wore her blue bikini underneath, and though it gave her little protection, there was no question of her being allowed to keep it on. In a moment she was nude, her slender body nicely tanned from days in the sun. She'd grown up in Terra Nova and could barely remember the future Earth where she'd been born, but she knew that the sun was practically an unknown luxury there, the skies black with pollution. Here she reveled in the warmth and swam almost every day.

Colonel Taylor handed her the metal bracelets which she snapped onto her wrists and ankles. Taking a deep breath, she approached the A-shaped stand. There were a series of small ledges on the base of each side. Being short, she used the higher ledges, bracing her toes on one side and hands on the other. Draped over the peak of the A, she felt exposed and vulnerable. Her butt was the most prominent part of her and she blushed as she wiggled her hips, adjusting her postion. When she was still, Taylor hit the button and the electromagnets switched on and suddenly the metal bracelets were pinned to the contraption. Skye couldn't move.

The fiberglass rod was a meter long and a centimeter in diameter. It was straight and lean, yet as pliant as a bow. A rubber grip covered six inches of the handle. The tip tapered slightly and was carefully rounded so there were no sharp edges.

The first blow howled like a tornado as the cane cut through the air. A sudden sharp iciness shot through Skye, her buttocks twitching violently. Then the flash of cold was replaced by a searing heat. It burned deep into her rump, dividing her in two. Waves of raw agony flowed through the teen who gritted her teeth to keep from screaming.

"One," said the Colonel implacably.

He waited thirty seconds before delivering the second cut. This was still high, across the center of Skye's ass, but it branded a crimson streak a centimeter below the first glowing stripe. The girl surged, her hips jerking. The line of fire glowed, the flesh swelling into a visible weal.

After the third, Skye began to weep. She hated herself for it, but the searing pain was too much. She kept her silence, but the tears flowed steadily.

"Three," said the Colonel, waiting an extra thirty seconds just to torment her further.

Skye flung her head from side to side, her mind trying to cope with the fact that she had an astonishing fifteen more to endure. It seemed impossible, yet there was nothing she could do to stop it. Not now. The magnetic locks held her limbs immobile. Even with all her strength she couldn't budge them a millimeter.

The rod hissed and bit, wrapping across her spread haunches, sending all rational thought flying from her mind. She was nothing but pain now. Nothing but unending suffering. She thought of the misery of her home time, and how almost everyone would eagerly trade places with her despite her situation. She told herself she was lucky. Terra Nova had strict regulations and the penalties for disobedience were high, but it was still a far better life than before. Wasn't it?

"Six," muttered the Colonel. He paused to rest, not because he required it, but to allow Skye's pain to dissipate so that when he resumed it would be fresh and awful again. Too much too fast just blurred it all into a haze of red. Taking time and whipping leisurely allowed the punishment to be truly felt and understood.

His voice was stern. "Now you know why that area's forbidden."

"Yes sir," sobbed Skye.

"It's Slasher territory."

After several minutes of delay, Skye panting and moaning softly, the beating continued. This time it was three quick cuts followed by three a minute apart. The teenage girl groaned, shaking her head and shivering all over. Yet nothing she did had any effect on the pain. It flowed through her, enveloping her, ferocious stinging so sharp it was like an electric shock, gradually developing into a throbbing ache that made her think she'd never be free of pain again.

"So just what were you all doing out there?" asked the Colonel during the second intermission.

Skye blinked away tears and licked her dry lips. "Dumb stuff." She shrugged, or whatever the equivalent was in her position. "Drinking."

Taylor laughed gruffly. After a moment he said casually, "You didn't go anywhere near the falls, did you?"

Skye's blood went cold. There was danger in the man's voice. She shook her head. "No sir."

"Good. Good."

After a moment he stood, flexing the rod, and then began the final six. The fresh assault revived Skye's tears. These strokes were laid low, across the very base of her butt, and the agony was profound. Every slice felt like it was dividing her half. The pain penetrated amazingly deep, seeping through her pores and into her bones. She sobbed. She wanted to beg for mercy, but resisted the temptation. She couldn't bear to humiliate herself even more by appearing weak. This was her fault. She'd been the one to dare going OTG. This was her just reward.


God, would this never end? she wondered. It felt like she'd been trapped on the trestle forever. More pain came to her, the strokes all clustered low, into the sensitive crease between buttock and thigh. Skye wept but still refused to cry out.


The final stroke was the hardest, yet she was so elated to be done she scarcely felt it. Pain ravaged through her yet joy and triumph overwhelmed her. It was over! She'd survived.

Colonel Taylor carefully cleaned and put away the rod. But he didn't release her. He silently studied her striped buttocks for a few minutes. Skye was unable to see him in her position and it made her nervous, wondering what he was doing, what he was seeing. Just as she'd made up her mind to speak, he suddenly showed her a flat strip of leather attached to a wooden handle.

"I had this made from the hide of a Rhino-like creature we found," he growled. "It's tougher than rawhide. It's very stiff but somewhat flexible. It makes a damn good hiding paddle."

"Sir?" Skye choked out, staring upward awkwardly, trying to see the man's eyes.

"Just to drive this lesson home, I'm giving you ten with this paddle."

"Oh no!"

"Are you learning anything Skye?"

"Yes sir. Please sir, that's not necessary. I've learned my lesson. I have!"

"I'm sure you will. Ten, now."

The first blow stung Skye's entire buttocks. It was a furious blast of pain, the slapping echo of the shot making her ears throb. The stinging was so intense she wanted to faint. Every cane weal flared anew. Her entire body was engulfed in suffering and she suddenly realized her skin was dripping with sweat.

The leathery paddle was heavier than it seemed, smacking with a thud, and the tingle that it left behind burned like the worst sunburn. The blows came much too fast. Taylor didn't draw it out the way he did the cane, but smacked her quickly, with no more than ten seconds between each cracking blow.

After just five Skye's will broke. She howled. More tears came from hidden reserves. She realized now she'd made a fatal mistake, for her pride at trying to take her caning silently had made the Colonel think she hadn't suffered enough. Now he was making sure she was broken. She screamed and writhed, her hips twisting and dancing the best she could magnetically pinned to the trestle the way she was. She sobbed and babbled.

"Oh God! Oh please!" she gasped, but the paddle flattened her buttocks again. Her ass felt so hot and swollen she feared it would burst from the stinging pain. The Colonel was merciless, ruthlessly paddling her buttocks until they were a deep purplish red. The weals left by the cane swelled up an even darker crimson, several of the overlapping streaks so purple they were nearly blue.

It was over suddenly, the ten promised blows delivered, but Skye was lost. She couldn't stop weeping. Her ass felt like it had been dipped in acid. It was an age before she could breath again. She was almost startled to realize that the magnetic lock had been released and she was free. It took her several minutes to get to her feet. Colonel Taylor watched grimly, but made no offer to help. She moved slowly, as though waking from a long coma. When she finally stood, she was weak, her knees shaking.

"Look at me Skye."

She obeyed. Her face was pale, all trace of her normal smirk gone. She looked grimly sober.

"I've been strict with you for a reason. You're a bright girl, much too bright to be poking your nose where it shouldn't be. Stay away from the falls, stay inside the gates, and don't be leading the new boy down the wrong path. Do you understand?"

Skye nodded, too tired to speak.

"Do you understand?" roared the Colonel.

Skye winced, staggering backward at the man's anger. "Yes sir!" she cried. "Yes sir, I understand!"

"Good." Taylor nodded, his smile kind like a favorite uncle's. He put his arm around the young woman's shoulders. "Good. Very good."

He left her alone to dress, an agonizing process that took her much longer than she wanted, but every movement cost her, and the loose shorts were suddenly clingy and impossibly tight. She forced them on, blinking back fresh tears, and got into her skirt. She felt like she'd been run over by a Triceratops.

Skye said good-night to the Colonel and left quietly, walking slowly toward her quarters. Her heart was racing. She didn't know what was so special about the falls, but the fact that the Colonel had been so adamant she not go there made her determined to go there. It was incredibly risky. If she was caught, it would be an even worse punishment, but how could she resist?

The End

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