Terra Nova 2

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Terra Nova 2

(*****, M/f, Severe, nc strapping, caning)

Based on the Dec. 12, 2011 episode _Within_ of the new Tera Nova TV series, in this story sweet Maddy Shannon is so desperate to get her tablet computer working that she steals a new core... and must be corporally punished. (Approximately 4,156 words. Originally published 2012-01.)

Author's Note
After the popularity of my first _Terra Nova_ story, someone suggested I write one involving the lovely teenage daughter of Sheriff Shannon, and I couldn't resist when I saw her in the "Within" episode storyline where she's trying to bargain for a replacement chip for her tablet computer. I have revised the events so that this time she is properly punished.

The Flogmaster

The Story So Far
Terra Nova is an attempt to rebuild human society via a new colony made of up people sent back in time 85 million years from the year 2214 where Earth's environment has been ruined and life is miserable. The main characters we're following are the Shannon family.

Maddy Shannon hesitated outside Boylan's bar. The place was still shut down, on orders from Commander Taylor, and she knew Tom Boylan had a bad reputation. Her father didn't like him and she knew he wouldn't be pleased if he found out she'd visited the man. But what else could she do? Her plex was dead and without a promethian core she couldn't do her homework, read, listen to music, or access any of the vast amount of data she'd put on the thing. Her plex was her life and she had to get it working again.

She still had the wheel she'd wrangled from her boyfriend in her pack. She'd been ready to trade it to Casey Durwin for the core, only to learn that Boylan had beaten her to it. Now she had to come up with something he needed more than the core. What could she trade? She had nothing and couldn't think of anything he could want. When her brother had worked for the man he'd tried to get Josh to work for the Sixers, but she certainly wouldn't do anything like that. She had morals and the Sixers were awful.

For a moment, Maddy started to turn away, abandoning her quest, but then she thought of her lifeless plex and sighed. She had to try. She just couldn't wait weeks until the Eleventh Pilgrimage arrived with fresh supplies. She knocked. There was a grumpy reply from inside. She wasn't sure if it was "go away" or "come in" and decided to assume the latter. She boldly entered.

The place was dark, the windows boarded up. The empty tables all had chairs inverted on top of them. Empty, it was a creepy place. She saw Tom Boylan seated at a desk covered with paperwork. For a second she wondered why he didn't use a computer for such mundane work, but then she remembered that this wasn't 2149 -- in Terra Nova a lot of things were done the old-fashioned manual way.

"Mr. Boylan? Uh... you got a promethian core from Casey Durwin this morning. I need it for my plex."

The beefy man looked up at her sourly. His hands didn't stop the sorting of paper into various piles but his eyes were sharp. "A core's an expensive thing. What have you got to trade for it?"

Maddy spotted the man's frustration at his work. It inspired her. "I'm good at organizing," she said brightly. "I can help you with all that. I like doing it."

He looked skeptical, but interested. "You know about figures?"

"Of course. I've studied accounting in school and I'm in the top of my class in math and science."

"Everything's such a mess since that damned Sheriff shut me down," growled Boylan, shoving the desk away from him. Maddy bit her lip at the mention of her father. "Organizing in exchange for a core. Hmmm. That could work."

"I'll do a good job, I swear I will. I could help you beyond just this, but in the future, too. Until you thought I'd paid for the core."

Boylan nodded. "Sounds fair." He fished the microchip out of his pocket and placed it on the desk. It called out to Maddy temptingly like a siren. She reached out a hand. "What's your name?"

"Maddy." She decided to not mention her last name.

"Maddy what?"

Maddy winced. She considered lying, but she'd been raised too well for that. There was nothing to do but admit the truth. Maybe the guy wouldn't make the connection. "Maddy Shannon."

Boylan's alert eyes narrowed. "Wait a second... Shannon? You're not related to Sheriff Shannon, are you?"

"He's my father."

"Ha! Have the Sheriff's daughter doing my books? I don't think so! Forget it, kid. No deal."

"Oh, but I must have that core! I haven't been able to do homework for two days! It's horrible. I'm going insane!"

Boylan's fat fingers closed over the core. He opened a drawer in the desk and dropped it inside. "Get out of here."

"Look, I know my dad doesn't like you, but he's not me. I don't have anything against you."

"Doesn't matter, kid. I'm not taking any chances. For all I know you're here as a spy sent by your father."

"No, I'm not! He doesn't know I'm here. He wouldn't like it if he found out."

Boylan laughed. "He'd switch your behind if he knew?"

Heat rose on Maddy's cheeks. "Maybe," she muttered, staring at the floor. As the good child, she was rarely spanked, but she couldn't help but wonder if there might be truth in Boylan's joke. After all, it wasn't like taking away a broken plex would be much of a penalty. Now that they lived in Terra Nova, she'd discovered that old-fashioned corporal punishment was popular among parents -- and the authorities. She'd heard rumors that Commander Taylor even flogged soldiers and citizens that violated his orders. Her father had warned her that misbehavior in this place might warrant a sore bottom. Josh had already been whipped twice that she knew of since they'd arrived.

"Please, Mr. Boylan! I must have that core. I swear I'm not a spy."

"Which is exactly what a spy would say." Tom shook his head. "No, your father doesn't want you around me because he thinks I'm a bad influence. If he found out we'd done business he'd have it out for me and make my situation even worse. I'm in enough of a bind. I want nothing to do with Shannons."

Maddy's heart was crushed. The man was immovable, she could tell. He'd turned to stone the moment he found out who she was. In a way it was flattering. She felt a bit of pride in the knowledge that in was her father who had made the man so afraid. But it ruined her current situation. It was so exasperating. In her mind she could see the core right there in that drawer, just inches away. It was just sitting there, tossed in like a meaningless trinket, yet it was her entire world. She wondered how long it would sit in that drawer, unused. He'd probably forget it was even there. To him it was just a tiny thing, no more important than a pocket knife or battery or solar cell. He might even have several of them, just saving them for an optimal trade.

It was so unfair! Maddy seethed at her helplessness. The man wouldn't even trade with her just because of her father. What could she do?

Boylan glared at her. "Go on home, child, lest I take a strap to you myself!"

"Could... could I get a drink of water? It's hot out there and I've been walking all over trying to track down a core."

The man's grumpy expression magnified, but he got up from his chair with an exaggerated sigh. "Sheesh! The things I do. But I guess your dad would really be after me if you passed out from heat stroke in my place. He'd probably see me exiled."

Behind the long wooden bar, Tom found two glasses. He poured himself a Scotch while he was at it, putting just ice and water in the girl's glass. She smiled up at him from the edge of the desk where she was perched, taking the drink gratefully.


He sipped, thinking she was quite cute for a kid. Beautiful, really. Striking dark eyes and hair, cute little nose, and a winning smile. It was a shame to turn her down. In a year or two she'd make a great barmaid. He could see her body was already fine and getting finer every day. But there was no way he was going anywhere near the Shannon family.

"Finish that and get out," he said gruffly.

"Yes sir." Maddy gulped her water, slammed the empty glass on the bar, thanked the man, and slipped out the door. Her heart was pounding and her hands shook. She felt dizzy. Despite the drink, her mouth was dry. She could not believe she'd just done that. She bit her lower lip and in a shadowy corner of a building, she pulled the core out of her pocket and stared at it in wonder. Was she crazy? She'd be the first person Boylan would suspect. _If_ he noticed the core was gone. She hoped he wouldn't notice for a long time and by then others would have been around and she wouldn't be the only suspect.

Twice on the way home Maddy nearly turned back, ready to return the core to Boylan and confess. But each time she thought of going home to a plexless life and she couldn't do it. Life just wasn't worth living without a plex.

An hour later, with the new core inserted and her plex back to colorful life, her guilt faded. There was so much to do and catch up on that she was lost in her device until supper. She didn't think about it until Josh mentioned it during dessert. "You got your plex working? I guess Durwin had a core?"

It had been Josh who'd told her to check with the man. "Uh, something like that," she muttered, her face going pink. She focused on her fruit mix and changed the subject, asking Zoe about her butterfly project. Immediately the little girl started babbling excitedly and all other conversation was forgotten.

A little while later Maddy lay stretched on her belly on her bed reading. She was lost in the fascinating world of cellular biology when suddenly her father was standing in the doorway. She felt his shadow on her body. She looked up, suddenly remembering the knock on the door a few minutes ago. A visitor. She hadn't paid much attention -- as the Sheriff her dad had all sorts of visitors at odd hours -- but the fact that he was now here sent uncomfortable shivers down her spine.

"Madeleine, do you know anything about a promethian core missing from Tom Boylan's place?"

Maddy blanched. She knew even as she looked up at her father that the truth was written on her face. She was terrible at lying and she could never lie to him, of all people. She flushed, her cheeks burning hot. She couldn't even speak. She could only give the tinest, shiest of nods.

Jim stared at her in astonishment. "Seriously? Maddy? You _stole_ it?"

"Daddy, my plex was dead! And that man -- he wouldn't even let me work for it because you hate him so much!"

"I don't hate him, but he's not an honorable man. You stay away from him." Jim put a hand to his head and rubbed. "I can't believe this. Josh... that wouldn't surprise me. But you? You're supposed to be the good kid."

"I'm sorry. I was desperate. I haven't been able to read for two days. There's nothing to do in this place if you can't read!"

"That's no excuse and you know it. Give me the chip."

Tears flowing, Maddy switched off her plex and pulled out the core. She handed it to her father.

"I am really disappointed, Maddy. The Sheriff's daughter, stealing. Do you know how bad this makes me look? This is serious. I cannot let it go unpunished. I want you to remove all your clothing and lie on the bed and when I come back I'm going to strap you severely."

Maddy's world crumbled around her. She heard the words but scarcely understood. She nodded dumbly. She felt so ashamed. She knew she deserved whipping and in a way she welcomed it. It terrified her, but she knew it was right.

"Everything?" she whispered, blushing vividly as she pictured herself nude before her father.

"You can put your robe on until I get back," said Jim Shannon. "I've got to go see if I can save face with Boylan."

He shut the door behind him and Maddy slowly got to her feet. She started removing her clothes. It was approaching bedtime anyway. But this felt very different from normal nighttime preparation. She felt like she was getting ready to face a firing squad. _Oh God,_ she thought with a pounding heart, _this is going to hurt!_

But the potential pain didn't trouble her as much as her guilt. She felt awful. The realization of what she had done now overwhelmed her and she could hardly believe that had been her distracting Tom Boylan with her water request and then discretely snatching the core out of that drawer. How could she have been so stupid? Of course he had noticed and naturally she was the only possible culprit. And now Boylan had something embarrassing to hold over her father. How shameful would it be for the Sheriff if word got out his own daughter was a thief?

Maddy was completely naked and feeling shiveringly vulnerable. She wondered about what her father had said. Surely he didn't mean _everything_, did he? She looked at herself in the mirror. She was sixteen and nearly a full-grown woman. Her breasts were developing nicely and her broad hips reminded her of her mother. She had her mother's lovely dark olive skin, too. Between her legs her bush was fairly thick, hiding her secrets, but she still felt bashful about her father seeing her. The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. In her panty drawer she found a black thong and slipped it on. It left her ass bare, but it covered up her front nicely and she felt better. As long as her bottom was naked, that should satify her father. She put on her robe and then lay on the bed face down, wondering how long it would be. In a way she wanted it to hurry up and happen soon, but of course it would be better if it never happened at all. Maybe she could fall asleep and wake and up find out this was all some terrible dream.

About thirty minutes later Jim entered the room. He didn't bother to knock. He shut the door firmly behind him. His face was stern and grim. Just looking at him made Maddy want to cry. But she had promised herself she would take her punishment like a big girl. That resolve was shaken when a thick slab of black leather was laid on the bed next to her. She stared at it in genuine fear. It looked huge and heavy and was so stiff it barely drooped when lifted by the wooden handle at one end. She could only imagine how much it would burn her butt.

Jim moved to the back of his daughter. He didn't trust himself to speak. He was still angry, though he'd taken a long walk and calmed down. He just wanted to get this done so he could love his precious daughter again. He could see on her face that she knew her guilt and anything he said would be superfluous. He went to the hem of her robe and drew it up and laid it across her back. Instantly his anger swelled.

"What is this?"

"What?" asked Maddy in a small voice.

"I told you to take _everything_ off."

"But it's a thong. My bottom is naked!"

Jim frowned and went to the edge of the bed. He knelt in front of Maddy. Her lovely brown eyes were full of frightened tears. Gently he said, "Do you know why I told you to get naked?"

She shook her head.

"I wanted you to _feel_ naked in preparation of your punishment. I wanted you to _feel_ vulnerable and ashamed and anticipate what was coming. Instead you have defied me!"

"I'm sorry, Daddy!"

"This is going to require additional punishment. I think the cane, after. Now get those panties off! In fact, as a penalty, lose the robe, too."

Maddy didn't dare argue. She reached down and slipped the thong down her legs and off her ankles. Then she threw the robe into a corner. Blushing hotly, she lay on the bed utterly nude. Now she really did feel the shame. It was awful, but there was a spot in her heart that told her this was the right and proper thing. She'd been very naughty and she didn't deserve a robe covering her up. That was cheating, masking her guilt.

Though the words choked in her throat, she blurted out, "I'm sorry and I'm ready for my discipline, Daddy."

"Stealing is a serious _crime_, Madeleine. I'm therefore going to make this severe. You're getting two dozen with this."

The leather paddle-strap plopped down across her naked cheeks and even that gentle touch stung slightly. Maddy marveled at the weight. She hadn't had a good enough look to study the implement, but she guessed it was some kind of dinosaur hide. She knew how tough these primitive animals were and decided this was probably going to hurt even more than she'd thought.

Jim lifted the strap, pausing for a brief moment to admire his daughter's quite full and very shapely buttocks. Her olive skin was slightly more pale across those curved haunches and he figured this was the last time for a few days it would look like that. Gritting his teeth and vowing to be stern, he brought the leather down. He was careful to keep it level so that both jutting mounds felt the impact. He didn't really swing too hard, allowing gravity to do most of the work, but the loudness of the snap surprised both of them.

Maddy hissed violently and writhed. Her hands clutched the bed covers into huge handfuls of fabric and she gurgled something incomprehensible. Jim was watching that big bottom -- remarkable how she was growing up -- as it bounced and wiggled and jerked. A bright magenta stain blossomed across the flesh. It looked painful and Maddy's pained gasping proved that appearances weren't deceiving.

The Sheriff hardened his heart and struck again, and then again. After a few whacks Maddy's rump was already a startling pink and it was clear she was suffering. This wasn't just a spanking like she'd gotten a few times growing up. This was a Whipping. She knew that now. It sobered her but she knew that every spank was well-deserved and though she already felt like she'd had plenty, the spanking was just getting started.

Whipping his daughter was hard work. Jim didn't want to keep on laying that heavy strip of dino hide across Maddy's blistered cheeks, but he'd made a promise and he wasn't one to back out of a vow. He had to concentrate and force himself to spank her soundly. He ignored her choked sobs and high-pitched cries. He saw her shoulders shuddering, shaking so hard they looked like fatty gelatin. He focused on her jiggling, twisting rump, blister red and hot as lava, and smacked the leather hard into the rounded flesh. Maddy jerked at the fresh pain, her legs threshing, but he was proud and pleased at the way she lay on the bed and took the beating without protest or fight.

After fifteen, he paused. "Do you understand why I'm doing this, Maddy?"

"Yes sir," wept the girl. "I'm really, _really_ sorry, I don't know what came over me."

"We're not finished."

"I know. I'm... I'm okay. Go ahead." She clenched her jaw and gripped the covers with her hands and waited, the suddenly flash of the leather paddle lighting up her ass in a way that was truly awe-inspiring. It felt like her butt was glowing with the heat of a thousand suns and yet the hard leather kept coming down and somehow making her skin still hotter. Her rump felt huge, swollen to double size, and when the whipping was finally over, she cried for a full minute not even realizing her father had left the room.

When he came back a few minutes later, she was more composed, her tears wiped off her face. She hadn't gotten off the bed, though, and still lay there naked as a newborn with a backside the color of a ripe tomato. Modesty wasn't even a thought in her head any more. She was just looking at the long thin rod in her father's hand.

"I promised you a caning. Just six strokes, to remember to obey me _precisely_."

"Yes sir," she said. She was already feeling braver and better, her guilt nearly assuaged. She obediently got up and touched her toes near the edge of the bed, her bottom blazing all the more prominently in this position. The rod flicked hard into her rump. She gasped, then hissed sharply as the cane struck her a second time. The third nearly made her scream, but she toughed it out.

Tears began on the fourth. Jim didn't let the sounds bother him. He could see that already the grayish-white streaks left by the stick were darkening. The one before the last was a mild pink. The one before that, crimson. The first one was nearly ruddy, and all had yet to reach their final coloring. He laid on two more, low across the base of the hefty seat, driving the rod hard into the undercurve of the cheeks.

Maddy squawked and yelped, her hips wavering. She nearly stood up several times but held on to the back of her legs to keep herself bent. He was pleased. He made her wait for a long moment while he studied the stripes. None were too severe -- he hadn't wanted raised weals. These were mere purplish welts, the classic double-lined marks of solid strokes of the cane. They would throb and be tender for a day or three, but would heal just fine. On a freshly strapped ass they probably hurt double a normal caning, but that was the price Maddy needed to pay.

"Okay, you can get up."

Maddy couldn't even speak. She just threw her arms around her father's neck and pressed her naked body against his without thinking, sobbing in his arms. He felt awkward and unsure, patting her bare back gingerly.

"It's okay," he whispered. "It's okay. You're forgiven."

"I'm so sorry, Daddy, I really am."

"I know, dear."

"You were right to whip me. I was very bad and I deserved it."

"I'm sorry I had to do it."

"No, it was the right thing," Maddy said firmly. "And if I ever do anything that stupid again I want you to promise to give me double that amount -- the caning, too!"

"But you aren't ever going to do anything like that again, are you?" Jim said, tactfully avoiding promising anything of the kind.

"No. Absolutely not."

"You'd better get to bed."

She didn't bother with night clothes. She slipped under the covers with nothing on. She felt no shame at her nudity. Her real shame came from her behavior, but she knew she was forgiven for that, now. She could see how much her father loved her.

Before he turned out the lights and left, he sat on the edge of her bed and kissed her forehead tenderly. She smiled up at him. They didn't need to say anything. But as he stood up, he placed something on the dresser near her bed.

"What's that?" she asked. She felt strangely sleepy.

"It's your core."

The jolt was like being stabbed with a knife in her belly. "What!"

He stood smiling near the door. "I bought it from Boylan. It's yours for real, now."

Maddy was speechless. She shook her head. "But... but I don't deserve it!"

"You need it for your homework, sweetie."

"But... I was bad."

"You were punished for that."

It still didn't seem right. She'd stolen the core and now it was hers free and clear. There had to be some catch. "But I can only use it for homework, right? For... two weeks."

Jim smiled. "Sure, honey, if that's what you think is fair."

"It is."

"Then good-night. Sleep tight and I love you very much."

Despite the still-hot throbbing of her scalded buttocks, Maddy was smiling as she faded off to dreamland. She was Daddy's Girl again, and that was all that mattered.

The End

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