The Dance

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The Dance

(****, M/F, Edgy, nc whipping, caning)

A slave is whipped to ribbons as she dances erotically for the pleasure of men. (Approximately 1,125 words. Originally published 2005-05.)

The slave had the round face and cute smile of a pixie. The pony tails bouncing each cheek as she marched into the room made her seem even younger, almost illicitly so, if her voluptuous body didn't exclaim physical maturity. Except for the leather collar around her neck, the dark-haired beauty was naked. Apple breasts prominent on her petite frame, every curve of her lithe body was exposed to the watching men.

The long black tail of the leather whip snaked out from off the stage and wrapped around her hip, slashing across her rump with a gunshot retort. A bright pink mark appeared, swelling and darkening rapidly. "Dance!" came the command, and the drums began to pound out a rapid, earthy beat.

Immediately the girl began to whirl. She was obviously an experienced dancer. She moved with amazing grace and dignity, bobbing her knees, spinning, and moving her arms to the pulse of the music. Her naked breasts bounced and gyrated, the plump balls of flesh rolling sensuously. She raised her arms high, lifting and exposing the breasts fully, and spun so all could see her body. Eyes widened with greedy lust at the sight of her slim sex, covered only by a faint down of dark curly hair. When her buttocks spun into view the men shifted awkwardly in their seats, members suddenly violently erect, for this girl possessed an extremely fine rear. The cheeks were full and round, with a pronounced jut that begged for a stern caress.

Then the thin leather cracked across her back, leaving a thin pink line. The girl did not react at all, but continued with her dance. As she spun, the whip continued to catch her. It caught her across the buttocks, her legs, belly, and breasts. It even flicked between her legs to sting her bare sex, making her bite her lower lip to keep from vocalizing her pain. Within minutes her body was scored by a dozen thin red lines. As she danced, her body moistened, glistening with sweat, and the whip marks grew crimson and thickened, pulsing with pain.

But still she danced, oblivious to the pain. The men leaned forward, drooling with excitement and making no attempt to hide their obvious erections. Several, in fact, had their organs in their hands and were openly masturbating. With each whistle of the whip through the air and snap across bare flesh the men shuddered with renewed stimulation.

The girl's dance now was practically rhythmic writhing as her body dripped sweat into the cuts of dozens of lashes. Her buttocks trembled as the whip stung the proud orbs. Her breasts quivered as she thrust them out to accept the harsh reward of the flashing leather. The nipples were long and stiff, the tips crimson and aureolas dark. Sweat trickled through the valley between the globes, the ripe flesh of the organs glistening with salty moisture.

A quarter of an hour had passed since the girl began her dance, but there was no sign of slowing the pace. If anything, the frantic whirling was increasing in speed. A second whip joined the first, thin and stinging, lashing the exposed body as it spun and exposed sensitive flesh. For the watching men, time was standing still they were so enthralled by the nymph's sensuous performance. With a groan, one of the men came, spurting onto the stage as he held his penis like a fire-hose.

The girl's grimace of a smile did not change as she paused for a moment with her buttocks to the men. Her legs slid wide as she braced herself in front with her hands, offering her bottom to the whips. The twin blacksnakes cut into the prominent rump without mercy, scoring the already well-whipped ass with dozens of fresh welts. Between her spread legs hung the exposed fruit of her loins and this was not neglected by the whips, which lashed her hips, legs, buttocks, and sex with equal ardor. Several more of the men let fly come with deep sighs of pleasure. One man managed to splatter the nearby exposed leg of the slave with his offering.

Now the girl began to rotate, using her hands to propel her, holding her legs out wide. In front, her breasts were dangling twin peaches, bare and pink, between her taut arms. The whips dived in, striking the flesh below her chin. Thick ruby welts quickly blossomed, angry lines crisscrossing. Still she did not move or react, but waiting patiently for the whips to finish their painful labors.

Only when her breasts were as vividly red as her back and rump did she move, smoothly rising into a hand stand. Now her sexy body was completely vulnerable and exposed to the men and the whips. As her legs scissored apart, the whips went mad, several more joining into the fray. The lashing was continuous, one or two strips of leather always in contact with her flesh, as her body was flogged to ribbons. Her short, elegant legs were thoroughly welted from calf to buttock. Her ass was a mass of twisting, scarlet weals crisscrossing like spaghetti. The lips of her sex were covered with puffy welts and even her asshole and the sensitive flesh between it and her cunt was thick with weals.

Amazingly, the slut was juicing heavily throughout this beating. Oily come bubbled out from her whipped sex and dripped down her back and belly. She kept her legs wide, welcoming the strikes of the thin leather whips into her sex. Her body was drenched with moisture, sweat and come dripping across her breasts and into her face as she held her upside-down position. As the handstand became more arduous to bear, the tension showed on her face, but somehow she held on even as the whips licked across her belly, back, and breasts.

More men sprayed hot come onto the stage, several managing to splatter the trembling girl. But the whipping continued until the last man had spurted, and he managed to hold out for several more minutes by restraining himself from touching his painfully erect penis. He finally came when a thin wooden cane was produced and the girl's buttocks lashed mercilessly as she bent into a cruel inverted V-shape. Each stroke of the rod left a purplish weal which excited the man so much that finally he came from the visual stimuli alone.

Slowly the girl rose up, her body drenched with pain, her face an enigmatic smile. When ordered, she did not protest but calmly held out her welted breasts for strokes of the cane, wincing at each heavy "thunk" of the wood. Finally, her performance over, she departed, the men cheering and sighing.

The End