The Paddling

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The Paddling

(***, M/f, Severe, nc paddling)

A girl is paddled. (Approximately 677 words. Originally published 2005-07.)

The twin rounds of the flesh slowly came into view as the white panties descended. The sleek cheeks were smooth and firm with youth, yet rounding into womanly maturity. Already the flesh was stained bright pink from the paddle swats I'd given. Over her shoulder, the beautiful blonde gave me one last pleading look for mercy. In answer, I lifted the large ebony paddle.

The smack across bare flesh was twice as loud as before. Haley gasped sharply, hissing at the furious sting. "One," I intoned calmly, patiently waiting for the jiggling ass to come to a halt.

I paddled slowly. I paddled hard. Haley yelped and wiggled and cried out as the heat mounted. Her cheeks went from hot pink to a deep magenta that steamed like the core of the sun. Still I show no signs of stopping, continuing to paddle at the same steady, unhurried rate, slamming the hardwood across the blistered buttocks again and again.

"Thirteen," I muttered calmly, and whacked the fat again. Haley screeched, then groaned deeply, writhing to make her bum jiggle as she danced.

The middle portion of her butt was getting a little scorched, so I went lower, paddling her pronounced overhang for a few whacks, then higher, to redden the tops of her cheeks. Haley sobbed and begged me to stop.

"Please, no more! That's enough. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Twenty-two," I said calmly. I lined up the paddle as before, then hefted it to my shoulder. I brought it down in an easy, steady motion. The secret to the paddle is to let the board to the work. You don't have to swing hard, like you were trying for a home run. Just swing steady, controlled, and the weight of the paddle will provide the force.

It slammed home with a meaty "thunk!" and I felt the impact of the solid bottom through the tingling of my fingers. Haley wimpered, her ass shaking violently.

"Oh oh oh!" she howled. "It hurts, it hurts, I can't take any more."

"Twenty-three." Whack. "Twenty-four." Whack. "Twenty-five."

Haley was a mess. Her face was blotchy with red and damp with tears. Her makeup had streaked, and her eyes were bloodshot. Her hair was going every which way and she looked the epitomy of misery with her bitten lower lip, tears, and pleading eyes.

Her buttocks were even worse. The flesh was mottled with crimson and purple blotches, mostly centered in a wide band across the middle of both cheeks. The smooth skin was now rough and corrugated with tiny blisters. I knew if I touched it it would feel thick and heavy, like leather. It would be radiating heat like a hot plate. The soreness would last for days. Haley had learned her lesson.

I put down the paddle. She began to sob with relief.

"Oh God, oh God, thank you, thank you. I couldn't have taken any more, not one more swat, I couldn't. Oh, my ass is on fire! Oh God. It feels like you broke it. You broke my ass with that board. Oh, hell, you've stopped and it still hurts, it still hurts so bad!"

There was plenty more like that, but I ignored it. I just made sure Haley didn't try anything foolish like touching her burning bum or getting out of position. She had to stay, holding out her bare bottom for swats, until I released her, and I wasn't about to do that for a good while.

She didn't realize it, but _this_ was her punishment. Oh, the paddling hurts during the application, but the real punishment, the real pain, comes after. This is where she learns to grow up. This is where she must practice self-control. You see, once you think the punishment is over, the relief is so great you want to release all control, be free. That's when you're most vulnerable. That's when you must not allow control to be given up. That's the challenge.

It was going to be a long night for Haley.

The End