The Spanking

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The Spanking

(****, ?/?, Severe, children, spanking [duh])

A student is kept after school for what he thinks is a routine punishment session. (Approximately 2,306 words. Originally published 1996-07.)

I could still hear her voice ringing in my ears. "Meet me after school, young man. I think a spanking is in order."

All day I'd been in misery, fidgeting in my seat, dreading the three o'clock bell. When it finally came I could scarcely believe it. As everyone rushed out the door I sat silent and still in my chair, my stomach one large mass of nervousness.

"Are you all right, Mr. Lawrence?"

It was Mr. Beker, the biology teacher. I nodded my head. "I'm fine, sir. I'm just not in a hurry. I have to stay late today."


"Yeah. Er, it's a project I'm working on. For Miss Crinsky."

"Ah, I see. Well, you'd better not be late. Miss C is one for punctuality."

"Yes, sir."

I wandered the near-empty halls and pondered my fate. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. After all, I was in high school now. Perhaps it would only be a few swats with the paddle. I could take that. Coming from Miss C they couldn't be very hard. She was a tiny thing, very cute and curvy. Every guy in school had a crush on her. Most of the senior jocks claimed to have slept with her, though I seriously doubted that. Miss C didn't seem like the high school type. College, maybe. But she was way out of high school league.

I knocked on her door very softly, hoping she wouldn't hear. Then I could leave and say I thought she hadn't been there. But the door opened almost immediately, as though she'd been standing right there waiting.

"Come on in, James. I've been expecting you."

I went into the room and she closed the door behind me. I heard a clicking sound and turned just in time to catch her slipping a small metal object into her pocket. She'd locked us inside!

"I suppose you know why you are here, James." Miss Crinsky looked at me sternly, her gentle lips curved into a seductive frown. I felt an impulse to kiss her, but fortunately it was an impulse I resisted.

"Yes, Ma'am," I said softly. I thought, "So you can spank the bejesus out of me," but I didn't say it.

"We are here to discuss your behavior lately. I feel I have been failing in my duties as an educator. Your grades have slipped from adequate to below passing. You are frequently disruptive in my classes, cracking jokes at inappropriate times and being disrespectful to me."

"I'm sorry."

"I am sure you are. But that does not change the fact learning is not happening. I have tried various forms of discipline and nothing has worked. I have failed. I'm afraid at this juncture that a severe spanking is in order."

I did not want to be a coward but I did not want to appear to complacent either. "Please, Ma'am," I whispered. "A spanking is so childish. Isn't there another way?"

She shook her head firmly, her pretty yellow curls bouncing around her head. "Absolutely not. I have failed in my duties and punishment must be meted out. There is no alternative." She licked her lips and grinned at me. "Besides, with old Betty here I think you will find that a spanking is anything but childish."

I saw she was caressing a long oak paddle that lay on her table. The word "Betty" was inscribed in red curly letters across the face of the paddle. Dimly I recalled something.

"Isn't your name Betty?"

Miss Crinsky frowned at me and then her cheeks became a beautiful pink and she nodded. "Yes. This is my paddle. My father made if for me when I was a child. He had it inscribed and everything."

She picked up the paddle as though it was a precious object and carefully turned it over, her cheeks very red. "For when Betty is bad" read the inscription, and there was a drawing of a little girl standing crying with her skirt up, her panties around her ankles, and her naked bottom very red with cartoon lines of pain and heat radiating from her butt. It was cute and cheesy and one of those embarrassing things parents seem to find so endearing.

I blushed seeing it, but as I glanced up at the very pretty adult woman sitting on the desk in front of me, I could not help but wonder what it would have been like to witness little Betty getting her tush walloped. I blushed even more thinking further along these lines and projecting the adult and very feminine Miss Crinsky into the drawing, picturing her standing in the corner with her naked ass bright red and glowing.

There was an awkward pause and then Miss Crinsky cleared her throat. "If you have nothing further to say in your defense, I suggest we get started. I have a long punishment session in mind."

I gulped and nodded. For some reason my dick was hard as a rock and growing longer by the second. I shifted uncomfortably in my jeans and watched with enthusiasm as Miss C slipped her butt of the desk and turned her back to me to grab the paddle.

"A proper spanking is always done bare bottom," she said sternly, and I grudgingly began to unbuckle my belt. I had my pants halfway to my ankles when out of the corner of my eye I noticed Miss Crinsky's skirt fall to the ground.

I looked up in a panic, my pants in mid-drop. Miss Crinsky was facing away from me. The paddle was on the desk. Her skirt was gathered around her ankles and she only wore a pair of thick, white cotton panties that hugged her bottom delightfully. I nearly swallowed my tongue as she bent over from the waist and carefully stepped out of the skirt. Standing back up she folded the skirt and placed it on the desk.

At this point reason came back to me--at least a little of it--and I pulled my pants back on. I could not believe what I was seeing. Miss C's hands went to her hips and--whish!--in seconds her panties were down and she was stepping out of them, her legs parting and giving me blissful glimpses of forbidden anatomy.

When Miss C stood straight she was naked from the waist down. She still had not looked at me. I had not said a word since she began stripping, but I could no longer be silent.

"M-Miss C--w--w-what are you doing?"

Her head briefly glanced sideways at me. "I'm waiting for my spanking," she said.

"B-but I... I thought--"

"You thought what?"

"Well, I thought _you_ where going to spank _me_!"

Miss C's laughter tinkled about the classroom like shards of a shattering glass. It was light and silly and completely wonderful. I found myself smiling despite my confused and aroused state.

"Of course not, silly. The school board forbids the paddling of students. But that's irrelevant anyway--I am the one who's at fault here. It is I who has failed to educate you. Therefore it is I who deserves to be punished. And since you are the source of my failure, it is your duty to punish me most severely."

"But Miss C!"

"Yes, that's right. On my butt. Paddle me as hard as you can with old Betty here." She motioned to the board on her desk and I trembled. Could this really be happening? Had I fallen asleep during one of Mr. Beker's boring lectures and this was all a bizarre erotic dream?

"Hurry up, Mr. Lawrence," the naked woman told me sternly. "We have a lot to cover."

I saw she was right. Miss Crinsky's pert bottom was indeed a lot of area to cover. Licking my dry lips for courage I went to the desk and picked up the paddle. My hand was trembling slightly.

"Are you sure about this Miss C?"

"Of course I am! Now hurry up. We'll start with twenty-five and go from there."

Twenty-five! I gasped and felt dizzy. This woman _was_ serious. Twenty-five seemed like an awful lot, especially with such a large and heavy a board as Betty.

But I was a horny American freshman--there was little logic in my thought process. Miss Crinsky had disrobed and told me to spank her, so I would oblige. After all, she was a teacher, right? You are supposed to obey your teachers.

Miss Crinsky stood in front of her desk with her hands resting flat on the surface. She was leaning forward slightly, her ass sticking out behind her a bit. She looked horribly beautiful standing there like that. I'd never seen anything so erotic, not even in my cousin's copy of _Playboy_.

The paddle felt heavy in my hands. I took it with both hands and stepped over next to my teacher. I brought the paddle up close to her bottom to aim it, and then pulled back.

Smack! It wasn't a hard blow. I was too nervous. In the back of my mind I wondered if this might be some sort of elaborate scheme to entrap me. What was the punishment for being caught spanking your half-naked teacher?

"Come on, James. You can do better than that!" scolded Miss C.

SMACK! "Ugh. That's much better," said the teacher. SMACK! "Oooh, that one stung. Very good work."

Again and again I paddled the woman, learning to get the feel of how the paddle swung. I was amazed at what the paddle did to Miss C's ass. Each stroke left patches of blushing flesh. But this didn't lesson the attractiveness of the woman's round bottom--in fact, it did the opposite. I became enthralled watching the skin pinken, and soon I was spanking all over Miss C's ass trying to make every part of it as pink as the rest.


"Oooouuuucchhh!" moaned Miss C. "That _really_ hurts."

"Is that enough?" I asked, hoping she'd say no, but I could see her bottom was very red, so I figured she'd call it quits.

"How many is that?"

"Uh, I don't know. I wasn't keeping track."

"Neither was I," giggled the woman.

"So what does that mean?"

"That means we have to start over. The next one will be one. I'll count out loud."

So I began again, paddling the woman's already pounded bottom. This time she counted out the strokes as I gave them to her, and this was delightful. I could hear the pain in her voice after each spank, and it gave me a lot of feedback as to how effective my spanking was.

At twenty she grunted and told me to continue. Her ass was crimson.

At thirty she spoke awkwardly, her voice harsh, but told me to keep going.

At forty she was sobbing uncontrollably. Her buttocks were almost purple and I feared I was bruising her. I put down the paddle.

"No, no! Keep going!"

"But that was forty. You've had enough."

"No. Go to fifty."

Reluctantly I picked up Betty and gave Miss C another whack. Her body convulsed with pain and she moaned loudly. Again I whacked her, and again. Her ass was so violently red it looked like just the touch of my hand would hurt.

But she wanted the paddle and so I gave it to her. Forty-four, five, six, seven. Miss C had broken down and lying on the table, her hips grinding against the side of the desk in uncontrolled spasms.

"That's enough," I said.

"No! Keep going!"

I sighed and pulled back on the paddle. I shook my head. Her ass looked like raw hamburger. I couldn't do it. Tears were in my eyes as I looked at her. "This isn't right," I said. "I'm the one who should be getting spanked, not you. This isn't fair at all."

"Of course it is. I failed and must be punished."

"But you didn't fail, I did."

"My job is to ensure that you don't fail."

"What if I _want_ to fail?"

"Then my work's cut out for me."

I shook my head in despair. "That's crazy. You can't force education on people. They have to want it. It's not your fault if they don't."

"Yes it is," sniffed Miss Crinsky. "I have to instill that desire in them if it's not there."

I put down the paddle. "I'm not spanking you any more."

"Why not?"

"Because you've had enough and I'm the one who ought to be spanked."

"The school board does not permit me to punish students."

"The hell with the school board. If I need a paddling and I want you to give it to me you should be able to do so."

"They could fire me."

"Then let's do it on our own. I'll go to your house and you can spank me there."

Miss Crinsky thought about this for a moment. "Hmmm. That's not too bad an idea. It wouldn't be an official sanction by the school in that scenario."


"Well, okay. I'll do it. But you have to finish my spanking first. I believe there are three more."

Sighing, I took up the paddle and quickly brought it down three times very sharply across Miss C's bare rump. She was quivering when I finished. I watched her as she slowly stood and dressed, taking a great deal of time getting the crotch of her panties to sit right.

"There," she said finally. She pulled on her skirt and fastened it. "Let's go to my house. You carry Betty."

I followed Miss C to her car, my heart excited and elated. I was now going to get my butt blistered, but for some reason I was not afraid.

The End