Three's a Crowd

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Three's a Crowd

(****, M/mf, Severe, mf sex, caning)

Two kids are caught having sex, and as punishment, the headmaster watches them engage in intercourse while he canes them. (Approximately 3,215 words. Originally published 1997-10.)

James gulped as Julie emerged from behind the bushes, her clothes abandoned. Only a slim white triangle of cotton covered her crotch and her hands playfully shielded most of her naked breasts. Julie was grinning like she had a really cool secret. She mischievously dropped her eyes downward as she looked at James. The teenage boy glanced down and saw an enormous tent pole pushing out his underpants. It swelled another half-inch as he watched it. He blushed and tried to cover himself, but Julie giggled and pressed herself against him, removing her hands from her full breasts.

"Oh, God," James breathed as he saw the smooth mounds of Julie's breasts. His hands moved without his thinking about it. He clutched at her breasts, kneading and massaging them, and then he bent forward and licked at her right nipple. Julie groaned and threw her head back, her crotch thrusting powerfully against James' erect penis.

In seconds all rationality was gone. The teenagers became animals, consumed by lust. Underclothes were torn off in a fury; flesh smacked together in rigorous, overeager motion; lips kissed and sucked and bit; hands gripped and pinched; bodies rubbed and voices growled with urgent longing. The couple fell to the ground and rolled about in the damp grass in a mad fury, lost in their mounting desires.

Suddenly the children stopped, the boy's body thrusting slowly but heavily, the girl still. A long dark shadow covered their bodies and the eyes of the two went wide with fear. The girl glanced upward, her eyes making slits as she peered at the towering silhouette, her heart thumping madly inside her chest. With a shriek of terror she rolled off the boy, ignoring his cries of disappointment and rage. She frantically stood to her feet, awkwardly covering her body with her hands and desperately looking right and left for any stray fragment of clothing.

The boy, his face crimson, his hands clutching his erect and aching member in his hands, slowly clambered to his feet. "Mr. Watson!"

"Yes, Hinkle, it is I." The voice was crisp and precise, and whipped out at the two children like a lashing snake. Though the words were not convicting, the hearts of James and Julie dropped at the man's tone--there was no question that they were in serious trouble. Julie wondered if they would be expelled. They'd no doubt get the cane--that was an unavoidable truth that gnawed at Julie's stomach--but would they also be sent home?

"I am most disappointed," said the stern voice slowly. "James, I might have expected. But you, Julie? Has my impression of you been totally off the mark?"

"Uh, I-I'm sorry, sir," said Julie awkwardly, shifting her feet and wishing desperately she were anywhere but where she was.

"Yes, I'm am sure you are both sorry. Now. But now is too late to be sorry. Come with me." The man turned on his heel and began to make his way through the dense underbrush. James and Julie didn't move. Mr. Watson stopped and turned. "I said, follow me. Now. Leave your clothes. If you are willing to runt naked in the woods like common animals you should be willing to walk across campus and down the corridor to my office."

Julie had thought her cheeks were red until the headmaster said that. Her face burned and she realized she hadn't even begun to be embarrassed yet. She hurried after the angry teacher and James followed, his eyes feasting on the naked curves of Julie's pert buttocks as she trotted down the lane. James had no doubt that soon her bottom and his own would be striped with red welts from the fierce senior cane.

Fortunately school was already out for the day, and there were few children about. James and Julie made it to Mr. Watson's office with minimal spectacle. A few students walking along the green did see them, but none stopped to speak.

In the office Mr. Watson wasted little time. He locked the door behind him and went straight for the cabinet next to the bookcase and opened it, revealing several long canes and leather tawses. Mr. Watson selected a thin junior cane and placed it on his desk. He sat back and glared at the two kids before him.

"Please place your hands on your heads," he ordered softly, and though the children turned pale, they both obeyed, leaving the charms of their bodies open to his criticism. Mr. Watson studied the boy. "No protection," he whispered. "Not very intelligent."

"No, sir. I mean, yes, sir."

Mr. Watson shook his head. "I regard this as a serious breach of discipline," he said. "Both of you know the rules of this establishment. What have you to say for yourselves?"

James and Julie bowed their heads and stared at the ground in silence, their cheeks blushing furiously. "No excuse, sir," said Julie. "I am sorry."

"It was my fault, sir. All mine. Let Julie go. I seduced her. It's my responsibility."

"Brave lad," said Mr. Watson, nodding. "But you do not know what you are saying. It takes two to tango, Mr. Hinkle. This was not forced. No, as noble as your gesture is, I will be forced to discipline you both most severely."

Julie felt her heart stop at these words. She wanted to fall at the man's feet and beg for mercy. She just could not bear to think of what the cane felt like. She'd gotten it once, a very long time ago, when she was ten, and she'd stayed well away from it since. Still, there was a faint tremble of hope within her breast--the headmaster had said nothing of expulsion, and Julie felt she'd rather face ten canings than explain her behavior to her father and mother.

Mr. Watson stared at the suddenly humble and quite pitiful children for several minutes without speaking, enjoying their increasing discomfort and fear. Then he took a key out of his pocket and unlocked a drawer on his desk. Inside, he found a small plastic packet. He tossed it to the girl.

Instinctively Julie released her hands from behind her head and caught the object. Her heart did somersaults as she recognized the pouch as containing a condom. Her cheeks darkened and her mouth went dry. "Sir?" she croaked awkwardly.

"Use it," said the headmaster sternly, no amusement in his voice. Julie trembled, staring at the packet and back at the man watching her.

"I don't understand--" she began, and then broke off in horror.

"Put it on the boy!" roared Mr. Watson, snatching the cane from the desk and snapping it loudly across the flat surface. The crack sent shivers down Julie and James' spines and with a sniffle of hot tears Julie knelt in front of James and began to tear open the packet.

To Julie's dismay, the initial arousal James had experienced upon being caught had faded. Now James was simply afraid, and limp as an empty sock. Julie extracted the condom from the wrapper but now had no way of installing it. She glanced back at Mr. Watson for instructions, but he was indifferent, his face dark with anger. Gulping at her dilemma and praying she was doing the right thing, Julie reached out and began to caress James' cock.

instantly there was a reaction. James groaned in protest, wiggling slightly. His face was bright red and he could not bare to look at either Julie or Mr. Watson. His body was reacting without his control, and he felt embarrassed and ashamed. His dick swelled and thickened rapidly, and soon Julie's hand was slick with James' juices as she slid her hand up and down. She could smell James' arousal and her own sex grew wet and ready as she caressed her boyfriend. She forgot about Mr. Watson, the imminent caning, and the rubber in her hand. She played with the cock in front of her as though it were a new Christmas toy, still full of fascination and wonder.

"Miss Monroe!" came the thunderous sound, penetrating Julie's fantasy. Reality came back at her like a slap, and she let go of James' cock and fumbled for the condom. Carefully she brought it to the tip of James' cock and began to roll it on. It was not easy. The cock was thick and pulsing and slick with pre-come, and James wiggled impatiently, more anxious to feel Julie's tiny hands caressing him than the grip of the rubber condom on his cock. Julie was nervous, and it was her first time. It took her several times to get it started, but finally it was done, and almost with sadness Julie looked back at Mr. Watson for further instructions.

"Good," said the man. He stood up and walked to the front of his desk. Lifting the cane, he sat on the desk edge and pointed at the two children. "Since you two are so eager to explore each other, please do so now."

Julie and James looked at each other in puzzlement. "Sir?" asked James hesitantly. "What do you mean?"

Mr. Watson's face was black with fury but his voice rigid and tight, barely containing his anger. "Hinkle, I want you to fuck her."

There was a long, stunned silence. Julie began to cry, silently, the tears dripping down her face. This horrible nightmare would not go away no matter how much she willed it to evaporate. She was trembling with terror, every nerve in her body aching from constant tension. Worse, the incident with the condom and the headmaster's shocking use of profanity had aroused her to a painful state. She wanted release, badly.

James didn't say anything at first, but when he finally gained his wits he could not imagine he had heard the teacher correctly. "Sir?" he breathed. "You want me... here, now? Are you serious?"

The headmaster glared at the boy and girl before him. He walked forward until his face was just inches from a cowering James. "Listen to me, you little brat. Since you are so eager to have sexual relations on my school grounds, I thought I'd let you do it in here, where it is safe, and I can watch to make sure everything goes okay. So you will do it, do you hear me? You will fuck this girl right now, right here, and you will not give me any more arguments about it!"

Gulping down his heaving stomach, James turned to Julie. Her face had gone white and she looked like she was near fainting from tension. Her body looked strangely beautiful, almost exotic, in the awkward setting. Her naked breasts thrust out like heavy gourds of precious nectar, the nipples dark and stiff with arousal. Her slender hips rocked slightly as she stood, the sleekness of her body obvious and inviting.

Suddenly James didn't care about Mr. Watson. He wanted to fuck Julie right then and there. In the back of his mind he was haunted by the suspicion that his might be nothing more than an elaborate trick by the headmaster, perhaps nothing more than a tease. But he didn't care any more. He wanted the girl. He could almost feel her in his arms, her quivering body beneath him, her hot breath against his cheek as she panted.

Control vanished. James dove forward, swooping the startled girl in his arms. In seconds he was inside her, as though he done it a thousand times before. Julie squealed and gripped at James, wrapping her arms around his neck and lifting herself onto him. James' arms hugged Julie's waist and he pulled her to him as hard as he could, loving the feeling of her slim body against his.

It was instant ecstasy. Both were lost in their passion, the fantastic feel of their naked bodies rubbing together. It was beyond expression, beyond thought. It was action, passion, excitement, arousal, fear, wonder, taste, smell, and desire. For both children, this was the culmination of a dream, a time of wonder and learning, a release of control, a time to relax the brain and let the body take over. It was astounding, and Julie began to cry at the incredible ecstasy of feeling flooding her body.

There was a sound. It was a loud sound, a frightening but familiar sound. Neither could identify it at first. Then James let out a howl and pressed into Julie with such renewed energy it made the first attack seem mild. Julie cried out in pain, for James was thrusting into her with a fury that was painful. Then she heard the sound again: a distance swish of air and a light snap of wood. She could not place it. It was too foreign in her current environment.

Suddenly the pain came. It came with such a bite that Julie had no time to analyze it but could only scream. She gripped her legs tightly around James' waist and howled. A line of fire like a hot iron poker pressed against her ass. In any other circumstance Julie would have stopped what she was doing and investigated the pain, clutched at her body, and perhaps ran from the source of the pain. But Julie was in the midst of ecstasy--she could not worry about something as irrelevant as a pain in her arse at a time like this. She fucked on, nearly oblivious to the sound as it came again.

Julie felt James tense in her arms and then the strength of his grip upon her increased to the point where she could scarcely breathe, but she did not care. This was wonderful, incredible. If she died right then Julie would have died happy. But then came the sound again, and more of the fiery, stinging pain. It was almost more than she could bear. But Julie thrust herself furiously into James, burying herself in his emotional and physical grip, abandoning all control.

Like it had been all a dream, Julie could never have told how long that intercourse lasted. It could have been seconds or minutes; it felt like hours. But when it was over it seemed far too quick. Julie remembered the incredible feelings coursing through her body, the fierce lashes of pain that came faster and harder as her passion mounted. Soon it was the pain she felt mostly, and the pain she craved. She missed it when she heard it but didn't feel it, and was jealous of James for receiving it. She longed for it to come faster, harder, to slice her in two with its fury, its burning cleansing. For that was how it felt to her--like a cleansing. It purified her, justified the indecent animal behavior she was engaged in, made her whole. She longed for it to consume her completely, and she wept both when she felt the stroke and when she was denied the stroke.

At some point she dimly realized it was the cane she felt, and a part of her knew that Mr. Watson had to be controlling the instrument, but she did not care. She only knew what she felt. Her rational mind was gone. Feeling was all she existed for, the here and the now. The more feeling the better. The type of feeling was irrelevant. There were no good feelings and bad feelings--pain, pleasure, it was all one. They blended and morphed together into an impossibly potent emotional high.

Julie knew James felt the same thing. They were connected. They were one. They wept together. They laughed together. They suffered together. They lusted together. As their passion and pain rose and fell they lifted and released, pulled and pushed in an elaborate, unspoken dance, completely automated by shared instinct. It was amazing. Julie felt she'd never been so close to anyone before, never felt so much shared longing and emotion.

When the passion reached its peak and exploded with the tension of hours of build-up, Julie almost felt disappointed. The explosion was so massive it made everything before it fade with its brightness, and as the two fell apart and tumbled to the floor, cold reality reinserting itself painfully into their lives, both could do nothing but gasp frantically for air.

Finally Julie became aware of a voice. It was Mr. Watson, a towering shadow above her. She saw with dimness that James was lying near her, entirely spent, his body heaving with exhaustion. Mr. Watson was speaking but she did not hear. She only saw his figure walking about, the long whippy cane in his right hand as he marched back and forth across the room.

The sight of the cane did strange things to Julie. She felt terror and absurd fear, but then a contradictory longing. She wondered how much it would hurt, how painful each stroke would be, how much she would cry out. She did not understand it, but she wondered what it would be like.

Then she felt the pain. She was lying on her side, facing the the panting form of her lover, when she became aware of the throbbing of her bottom. With trembling hands she reached behind and felt herself, terror and excitement flashing through her body. Her arse was a furnace! The cheeks were a maze of thick, swollen welts. The skin was blistered and sore. The heat being generated was amazing. Julie felt wonder and awe that she had survived such a beating. Her hands felt all over her bottom and found the same story--there seemed no part of her that had been neglected.

There was a groan from the figure in front of her, and dimly Julie watched as James awoke and rolled onto his stomach. Her eyes went wide at the sight of his ass--a red and purple mass of bruises and welts. He looked like he wouldn't be sitting for a week, at least. She shuddered to imagine that her own buttocks must look the same.

"But God, it sure feels, well, _hot_," she thought to herself in confusion, smiling at her little pun. She felt incredibly aroused. Just thinking of James, the cane, the condom, Mr. Watson--anything associated with this incident turned her on.

Slowly Julie and James were guided to their feet and lectured by the headmaster. They kept their heads down and looked suitably chastised, and eventually he let them go.

"You will return here a week from this Saturday, and we shall do this again," Mr. Watson said sternly. "I want to make certain that you two learn your lesson."

"Yes, sir," said James, his heart pounding with excitement and desire.

"Yes, sir," said Julie, trying to keep from smiling.

Together the young couple left the headmaster's study, holding hands as they walked and staring into each other's eyes without speaking. Others saw them and were astonished--not only were they completely naked, casually walking along the school corridors as though properly dressed--but it was obvious from the enraged state of their bottoms that they'd been most severely caned. Yet both were smiling, lost in a state bliss as they looked at each other. No one could understand it at all.

The End

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