A Mid-Year Transfer

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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A Mid-Year Transfer

(****, FM/f, Severe, n/c schoolgirl)

A girl's first day at her new school: all her teachers spank her and in the end, she's tricked into being caned! (Approximately 1,678 words. Originally published 1997-11.)

It was Anna's first day at her new school, and though she went with an optimistic smile, the lump in her belly told her it wasn't going to be a good day. Her stomach proved right.

It started in English, her first class. The teacher was an iron-faced spinster named Miss Englewilde, and she glared at Anna and seemed annoyed that a student would dare enter her class mid-year.

"Are you a troublemaker?" she asked.

"Oh no, Ma'am," answered Anna politely. Though only fifteen she knew proper behavior. She was generally a good girl, and a good student. English was one of her favorite subjects.

Miss Englewilde sniffed the air as though scenting a bad odor and didn't seem convinced. "I run a tight ship here, missy," she growled. "No funny business. Since you weren't here at the beginning of the year when I gave my lecture on discipline, let me show you what happens to naughty boys and girls who disrupt my class. Come on, right over to the desk here. That's right."

She took the nervous girl's hand and led her to the front of her desk where she turned the girl so her back was facing the class. Before Anna could protest she found herself bent forward across the desk, Miss Englewilde's left hand pressing down in the middle of her back holding her immobile. Anna's face went crimson and her heart stopped beating when she felt the teacher lift up her skirt. A giggle went through the classroom and Anna flushed bright pink. Surely everyone could see her white panties with the red hearts on them!

"Miss Engle--" began Anna, but the teacher cut her off abruptly.

"No talking unless talked too!" she scolded. "Now, listen carefully, because you are about to feel what it's like to suffer the wrath of Miss Englewilde!"

Miss Englewilde lifted an 18" hardwood ruler high into the air and swung it quickly at the prominent behind of fifteen-year-old girl in front of her. There was a loud crack and a yelp from the girl, and Miss Englewilde grinned broadly. The girl's behind wiggled frantically, and she made strange gurgling sounds. Obviously she was smarting from the blow.

Again Miss Englewilde spanked the girl, and again. A full dozen times she walloped poor Anna, and the girl was sobbing when she was finally allowed to get back to her feet. Anna stood weeping and blushing with shame, terrified of looking back at the classroom of girls and boys that watched her. How could she face them after an introduction like this? She wanted to die!

"That was just a sample dozen," said Miss Englewilde sternly. "If you break any of my rules you can be certain you'll receive far more than that!"

Crying, Anna made her way to a vacant seat and gingerly sat. She could not bear to look around her, to see the faces of her peers. But soon she discovered that she was not alone in her misery--for three others received spankings from Miss Englewilde before class was over; two were boys and one was a girl. All of the spankings were three or four dozen strokes with the ruler, and much harder and faster than what Anna had received. By the end of class she was actually grateful she had been punished as mildly as she had been.

After English was Math, taught by a Mr. Spindler. Unbelievably, he was worse than Miss Englewilde. He spanked six children during his class, all of them bare bottomed and draped across his lap. He only used his hand, but he was a large, brawny man and his hands were huge. Anna was required to stay after class and during break Mr. Spindler gave her a private demonstration of what it felt like to be spanked by him. Anna was grateful the classroom was empty, but she was woefully embarrassed when Mr. Spindler pulled down her panties and spanked her like a baby. Anna cried like a baby, too, for the spanking hurt a great deal.

The spanking from Mr. Spindler meant that Anna was late to History. She tried to explain her excuse to Mrs. Johnson but the woman had a heart of stone: she had Anna fetch the large wooden paddle from its peg at the back of the room and delivered a good twenty whacks to Anna's throbbing posterior in front of the entire class.

Lunch was next, and Anna though she'd have a break, but it was not to be so. A hall monitor caught her running--at least that's what he said, and apparently there was no disputing a hall monitor's word--and he had her bend over for six with the slipper. Five minutes later Anna was bending over for a dozen from the lunchroom monitor, and twenty minutes after that Anna took a dozen on each cheek from a senior prefect who simply wanted to impose his authority.

Thankfully, Anna made it through her next two classes unscathed, and then thought she was home free. All that was left was a meeting with her guidance counselor, because her sixth class had not yet been determined. As Anna wandered the halls trying to find the guidance counselor's office, she came upon a group of girls standing near the restrooms. The girls were grungy and dressed in black leather; not the kind of girl Anna usually spoke with. But she was desperate.

"Hi," Anna said. "Can you tell me where I can find Mrs. Westin, the guidance counselor's office?"

The girls looked at one another. The tallest girl, with long ratty dark hair, stepped forward. "Ah, the new girl, right?" Anna didn't say anything. "Yeah, you want Mrs. W, eh? Well, she's right around the corner. Take the next right and you'll see a line a kids waiting for her. Just get in line. And don't talk to anyone--they are very strict about silence."

"But Casey--" began one of the other girls.

"Shut up!" growled the big girl named Casey, smiling at Anna. Anna thanked the girl and made her way down the hall. She found the group waiting, just as Casey had said. They were all silent and sullen, and Anna joined them without saying a word. She'd had enough discipline for one day; no sense getting in trouble for talking.

Slowly ten or fifteen minutes passed, and finally the door opened and the group was ushered inside. Anna followed the others. Inside was a short corridor with office cubicles on either side. The group went to the office at the end which turned out to be a very large office, elaborately decorated. Anna grew puzzled when she saw the nameplate on the desk: Principal Lemar.

The man seated behind the desk was cold and stern, his face glaring and angry. For ten minutes he lectured the group, and Anna understood very little. It was a vague speech full of phrases like "living up to your potential" and "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." When the man finished it had become obvious to her that the group she was with had committed some heinous act and was here for discipline, and Anna tried to excuse herself.

The man at the door wouldn't let her leave, however, and the Principal grew angry with her. "Get back in line!" he scolded her. "You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"But I'm not supposed to be here," moaned Anna, and the tough man laughed.

"Of course not," he said. "No one is _supposed_ to be here!"

Then, to Anna's horror and dread, the man went to a tall cabinet and took out a long thin cane. Her heart pounding so loudly she could not see how everyone couldn't hear it, Anna watched as one by one each of the members of her little group went forward and received six strokes of the cane on their bare bottom.

Two boys went first, both older ones. Then there was a girl, also older, and then a younger boy followed by two younger girls. The last boy was just in front of Anna, and after he'd been thrashed it was her turn.

Anna tried to protest, tried to explain, but the man with the cane wouldn't listen. "One more word out of you--just one--and I'll give you an extra two strokes!"

Anna fell silent, then, her heart frozen in fear. Like in a dream she was led forward and bent over, her skirt lifted and her panties lowered to her knees. Then came the cane. The sound amazed her it was so loud. But the pain was far beyond anything she could have imagined. The stroke seemed to burn into her flesh like a hot poker, and Anna wept immediately.

Five more times the cane came down, and after the sixth one Anna was released and allowed to leave with the others. It was very close to the end of school by now, and Anna no longer felt like searching for the counselor's office. So she left and went home. Her mother was waiting for her with an angry expression when she arrived, and Anna knew she was in trouble.

"Anna Nicole get your ass inside this instant!" roared her mother. "Where have you been? I just received a call from Mrs. Westin, your guidance counselor. She said you were supposed to meet her today at two-thirty but you didn't show. You'd better have a good explanation or your father is going to tan that hide crimson!"

Anna opened her mouth to explain and then paused, realizing how ludicrous her story sounded. If she told her mother she'd gotten the cane by mistake most likely she wouldn't believe her, and if Anna showed her the stripes she'd assume Anna had been caned for misbehavior and was lying about it, and then Anna would be in even worse trouble.

She bowed her head in shame. "I'm sorry, Mother. I got tied up."

The End

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