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TV Family

(**, M/m, Serious, silly spanking interview)

An interview with one of the stars of television's hot new sitcom whose motto is, 'The family that spanks together stays together.' (Approximately 1,233 words. Originally published 1996-01.)

ANNOUNCER: Who can live in America and not have seen the most controversial, the most popular, and the most critically-acclaimed television show in the history of the medium? Tonight, _69_TV_ brings you an exclusive interview with Jason Brown [audience cheers wildly], the teen heartthrob from America's biggest sitcom, "Family Authority!" [more cheering] And here's your most spankable hostess, Kathie Lee Griffen!

KATHIE LEE: Thank you, John. Yes, I'm here live, with Jason Brown, better know as Alex on TV's "Family Authority." Good evening, Jason. I trust you are doing well?

JASON: I can sit down again, if that's what you mean. [Audience laughs]

KATHIE LEE: Oh, you must be referring to last season's cliffhanger, where your character was sent to the principal's office. All summer we've been waiting to see if you were going to get the paddling you deserved. In two nights we will have the season premiere of "Family Authority," do you care to give us a hint at what happens?

JASON: Well, let me put it this way: Alex won't be making the mistake of sneaking into the girl's locker room again any time soon! [audience laughs]

KATHIE LEE: Oh, I can't wait! Let me ask you another question, Jason. "FA" is such an unusual show. When the concept was first put to you, did you have any qualms about doing the show?

JASON: Not really. I mean, my parents are really good people, you know, and they brought me up right. I got spanked all the time growing up, so getting spanked on a TV show wasn't that big of a deal. When I was a kid, though, we didn't have to do retakes! [Jason rubs his butt in an obvious manner and the crowd goes wild with cheering and whistling]

KATHIE LEE: The spankings are real, right?

JASON: Absolutely. [Audience cheers] That was one thing the producer insisted upon from the start. We take that aspect of the show quite seriously. When you see Alex or Amy getting a strapping, it's real. There's nothing more demeaning to the audience or to family discipline than watching some dumb movie or show where the dad swats the teenager with his hand and the kid breaks down sobbing and promising to be good forever. Get real! In real life spankings hurt, and we show that on "FA."

KATHIE LEE: So your tears are real too?

JASON: Yup. We don't fake anything.

KATHIE LEE: Some of the discipline on some of the episodes is quite severe. Do you or any of your co-stars ever disagree with the producers about the severity?

JASON: Well, the writers do a really good job of spreading the plots around. Some weeks I get spanked, sometimes it's my sister, sometimes it's a special guest star. This keeps the stories interesting and also helps "spare our bottoms." [audience laughs] Seriously, though, we let the writers do their job and we do ours. It's character-driven, so if Alex needs a sound thrashing, he'll get one. If Amy stands up her boyfriend, he'll take her across his knee for a few slaps.

KATHIE LEE: There's been some controversy surrounding the nudity. Some feel it's gratuitous. What do you think?

JASON: Absolutely not. [audience cheers] If we were just showing bare butts for ratings like some other shows I have the dignity not to mention [audience laughs], we'd do it every week. We only do it when it's an appropriate part of the punishment. There have been lots of spankings that haven't been on the bare. Besides, the nudity isn't sexual--it's a part of discipline. I think the controversy is rather ridiculous.

KATHIE LEE: There seems to be a very real chemistry between you and your on-screen parents, played by Max Donaldson and Sandra Andrews. They often have to spank you. Does that affect your relationship with them? Do you get along in real life?

JASON: We get along wonderfully. They are both very caring, very talented actors. Sandra is just like a real mom, coming to my dressing room and making sure I'm doing my homework or scolding me when I'm late for a rehearsal. She's even threated to spank me off-camera a few times. I think she would do it too. She seems very much into her role.

KATHIE LEE: What about your "sister" Amy, played by the very sexy Nancy Woodward?

JASON: Well, right off let me say that those rumors about us dating were completely false! We're just friends.

KATHIE LEE: And that _Asteroid_ article that had the picture of you over her lap for a spanking?

JASON: [blushing slightly] Well, actually I shouldn't tell you this, but that's part of an upcoming episode on the show. Some brat snuck in with a camera and snapped that shot before we could catch him. We've improved security so it won't happen again. The producer wanted to paddle our security manager. We talked about airing it behind the credits at the end of one episode! [audience laughs]

KATHIE LEE: How did it feel to have Nancy spank you?

JASON: It wasn't bad, to tell you the truth. She's awfully pretty. It's hard _not_ to do what she tells you. She did a pretty thorough job, too. Not as good as I did to her, of course, but--oooh, oops. [Jason clamps his hand over his mouth]

KATHIE LEE: You got to spank her? [oohs and cheers from the audience]

JASON: I wasn't supposed to say that. You didn't hear it from me. [audience laughs] But yeah, it's a tit-for-tat episode, I'd guess you'd say. But I'm not revealing how it happens. You'll just have to tune in to find out.

KATHIE LEE: When will that episode air?

JASON: I'm not sure. We shoot a couple months ahead, but sometimes they change the air order, so it's hard to tell. Each show is pretty much it's own entity so it's not like they have to air them in order.

KATHIE LEE: How does Nancy feel about getting spanked on TV? Does she feel exploited at all, like she's getting more of the bare bottomed spankings than you?

JASON: Well, her character Amy is going through a rebelious phase right now, so she's been getting into a lot of trouble recently. There was one episode last season where she got three spankings in the same show: one from Max, one from her boyfriend, and one from her teacher. She was pretty sore after that and I heard her complain to the producer about it. There's a rumor that because of that they scratched an episode where she got it even worse!

KATHIE LEE: Ouch! I'm glad I'm not her. I couldn't sit still on national TV for a spanking.

JASON: You would if the only alternative was a retake from the top! [audience cheers and laughs]

KATHIE LEE: [laughs] I suppose so. Say, we're running out of time but before we go, are there any plans for "FA" movies?

JASON: It's been talked about. I think there have been some treatments, but the producers are still looking for a quality script. We'll have to see what comes up.

KATHIE LEE: Well, thanks for talking with us, Jason. I'm sure you're very busy. Gotta go back to that set for another spanking!

JASON: You bet! Bye, ya'all!

The End