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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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(***, F/ff, Intense, nc spanking)

A naughty girl thinks her long spankings are unfair. (Approximately 828 words. Originally published 2007-10.)

"It's just not _fair_!" moaned Samantha, standing with her back to the mirror and looking at herself over her shoulder. The round cheeks of her plump bottom were crimson. "My spanking was much longer than yours!"

"My butt's just as red as yours," growled Amy, standing next to her friend, her petite rear a matching scarlet.

The two girls had both been soundly spanked by Headmistress Oliver that afternoon for talking in Ms. Benson's geography class. School was out now, and the two girls had retired to Amy's house to compare "war wounds."

Samantha was annoyed. "Our bottoms might be the same redness but mine is much bigger than yours!"

It was true. Samantha wasn't fat, but she had been blessed with a full figure. At fifteen her bottom was already as large as Amy's 20-year-old sister.

Amy shrugged. "Well, that's just what Mrs. Oliver does -- she spanks until your entire bottom is evenly red. She can't help it if your bottom's so big."

"But it's not fair! It's discrimination. I ought to sue her!"

"You should talk to her about it. Maybe she'll count the spanks or something," said Amy thoughtfully.

"Yeah," agreed Samantha bravely, but inside she was nervous. She didn't like talking to the Headmistress -- every conversation so far had ended with Samantha over the woman's broad lap. Still, the idea did have appeal. The more Samantha thought about it the more outraged she became. By Friday she was a veritable firestorm.

At the Headmistress' door she hesitated. Then she thought once again about how badly that last spanking had hurt and her anger gave her courage. She knocked loudly.

"Come in," said the woman.

Samantha entered. Quickly she made her case. "It's discrimination, you see," she finished. "I get spanked harder than anyone."

Mrs. Oliver smiled softly. "Are you sure it's not because you're the naughtiest?"

"Oh, no," protested Samantha. "It's the way you spank. You spanked Amy and I on Tuesday and I got it _much_ worse."

"Hmmmm. I never thought about it that way. Is your bottom really so much bigger than Amy's?"

"Yes," said Samantha. Her face was entirely serious as though this was of national importance. Mrs. Oliver had to work not to laugh.

"Go get Amy and I'll judge for myself."

Samantha rushed out and found Amy in the library. She quickly dragged the reluctant girl to the Headmistress' office. At the woman's suggestion, both girls quickly took off their skirts. It made them nervous for it felt too much like they were about to get spanked, but of course the woman needed to see their bottoms to compare them.

"I still can't tell," said Mrs. Oliver. "Remove your panties."

Samantha rolled her eyes at Amy, but both girls quickly took off their panties. Naked, the two bottoms were similar, but it was obvious that Samantha's was much bigger and rounder with a great deal more surface area.

Mrs. Oliver opened her drawer and took out two items: the dreaded slipper and a stopwatch. "I'm afraid the only way I can really tell is to test it," she said.

She ordered Amy to her side. Amy protested, but it was no use. She was pulled across the Headmistress' lap and with a click of the stopwatch, the spanking began. The slipper was large and painted red blotches all over the young girl's bottom.

Samantha stood and watched in horror. This was not going at all to plan. If the Head was spanking her friend it surely meant --

She did not want to finish the thought.

When Amy's rump was an even shade of red the woman put down the slipper and stopped the watch. "Five and a half minutes," she said triumphantly. A sobbing Amy clambered off the woman's lap and stood rubbing her sore rear.

Her mouth dry, Samantha was pulled forward across Mrs. Oliver's lap. She heard the click of stopwatch and then the slipper walloped her butt. Soon Samantha's body was flooded with agony as the spanking went on and on and on. Every time she thought the woman was finished, Mrs. Oliver would seem to find some fresh spot she'd neglected and she'd spank that area for a while.

Samantha had no tears left when the woman stopped and checked the watch. "Seventeen minutes!" she said with astonishment. "No wonder my arm's so tired."

She let Samantha get to her feet. "I guess you were right, Samantha. You do have the bigger butt."

Wiping the tears from her eyes Samantha whined, "So you're going to stop spanking me so much?"

"Of course not. I spank all children the same: when your bottom's good and red I stop."

Samantha stared at the woman like she was insane. "But you just spanked me for seventeen minutes!" she roared. "Amy got less than half that!"

"Her bottom is as red as yours."

"But that's not fair!"

The Headmistress smiled. "Whoever said life was fair, dear?"

The End

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