The Virgin

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Virgin

(*****, mm/f, Edgy, semi-nc torture, edgy)

Two young men kidnap a girl and attempt to torture her into having sex. (Approximately 2,109 words. Originally published 1997-12.)

I may just be a country boy and don't know much, but I do know that Rebecca Davidson is the prettiest girl in Manitabo county. At seventeen, she has the hottest pants at Crooked Creek High. There isn't a guy within fifty miles that hasn't jacked off at least once dreaming of fondling her silky thighs. The sight of her leaping and bobbing in that little cheerleading skirt causes every football player to cream his pants before the end of a game.

Rebecca's a tease. She flirts like mad. She even treats the nerds nice, smiling like she believes everything they are saying and waggling her purty little ass as she trollops away. Yet everyone knows they ain't even getting to first base with a girl like her. Man that girl is baaaad! She's as sexy as a naked pinup hidden in a church songbook and hornier than a ten-point buck.

The worst thing about Rebecca is that she's a nice girl. Her Pa raised her up right, with Sunday sermons and bare-assed strappings in the barn whenever she runs off the straight and narrow. She believes all that shit, especially the stuff about savin yerself for marriage and all, and though she struts and preens like a damn showbird, her crotch is damn near sewed up and double-padlocked.

Oh, hundreds of guys have tried their keys on that lock, but it won't open. I thought me and Rebecca had a good chance since we've been neighbors since we wuz babies and all, but that door was just as shut for me as it wuz for everyone else. Damn that girl knows how to tease!

So my best friend Matt and I thought up a plan. Actually, it wuz me that thought it up, but I brought Matt in for moral support. You see, Rebecca and I know each other real well. Probably as good as any two people know each other who ain't done the deed. We'd done just about everything else together: skinny dipping at Crotch Fork Lake, nuzzling at the drive-in, and she'd even sucked me off a few times. I knew Rebecca's secrets, too. The ones she wuz too shy to tell anyone else about. Like her little torture fantasy. Talk about a sick, perverted mind! The quiet ones are always the worst.

Ya see, when Rebecca wuz about fourteen she was just starting to figure out all this sex stuff. She wuz real confused about it all and feeling real guilty about all her naughty thoughts. She told me how late at night she'd be in bed all natural-like and she'd pet herself and get all wet and dreamy-like. I told her that wuz natural and everyone did it, regardless of what the grown-ups were always saying. I even dropped my trousers and showed her how it worked with me, jacking off right there and spurting in her face! (Her talking about touching herself had 'roused me but good!)

Later, after her amazement had calmed down, she whispered about this dream she'd had. It seems she'd gone to bed the previous night playing with herself and had woke up in the middle of the night with nearly her whole hand up there she was so excited. Her dream made her really wet, she said. She dreamed she was naked and out in the barn waiting for another dreadful strapping from her father. She was terrified. He had tied her up between two posts with ropes attached to each wrist while he'd gone to fetch the strap. Worse, she said I wuz there, and so were a bunch of the guys from school. We wuz all seated in these chairs in front of her like in the school auditorium, and suddenly, it wuz the auditorium, and she was on the stage and still tied up. Then her father came in and began to whip her. It was the worst whipping she'd ever gotten and she couldn't stop crying her ass was burning so much. Us guys were jeering and cheering and shouting at her father to whip her harder, and Rebecca said it just terrified her.

But then, when you'd think she'd wake up from the fear, Rebecca realized she was dripping wet and very excited. All the boys oggling her made her want to cum. The whipping frightened her but made her very ready to feel the hands of those boys on her body. As the guys approached, Rebecca screamed and struggled but she was tightly bound. There was nothing she could do. Hands caressed her body, pinched her breasts, fondled her sex. Tongues lapped at her, bit her nipples, kissed her lips. Rebecca was completely helpless and though she screamed as loudly as she could, no one came to help her. Her Pa continued to whip her as though nothing was the matter and Rebecca kept feeling more and more sexy until , her sex exploded into a billion pieces and she drifted off into an exhausted pleasureworld she'd never known existed. She'd never felt so good in her entire life.

So once Rebecca had confessed to me her fantasy of being tied up and whipped, I decided to make her dreams come true. Late one night I snuck up the Davidson's drainpipe and climbed through Rebecca's window. It was summer and she had left it open a bit for the cool breeze. I tiptoed to Rebecca's bed and quickly stuffed a wad of cloth in her mouth and covered it tightly with my hand. Rebecca's eyes opened up wide and she tried to scream. I put my head right in front of hers so she could see it was me and she relaxed slightly. Then I dragged her from the bed. She sleeps naked, as most intelligent girls do, which made taking her outside much more exciting.

Fortunately, she cooperated, willingly let me wrap a cloth around her head to gag her, and she slipped down the drainpipe with me following close behind. Matt was waiting to catch her, and together we snuck off into the night. I could tell Rebecca was more excited than frightened. When we climbed on Matt's dirtbike, Rebecca sat between us, and my pants got wet from her crotch dripping on me.

We drove up into the mountains, heading for a secluded place I had in mind. The farther we went the more Rebecca got scared. Seeing her afraid made me hot. I was glad for the cold wind that chilled us, though I'm sure Rebecca didn't enjoy it as it must have seemed like ice against her bare skin.

Finally we got to where I knew we were alone and we got off the bike and tied Rebecca to a tree. We made her hug it and we tied her wrists and ankles together around the tree. She wuz a couple feet off the ground, the rough bark of the trunk scrapping her naked breasts and sex. She was really afraid now.

Matt and I grinned and stripped off our clothes. Naked, we took the leather belts from our pants and came up on each side of Rebecca. Her eyes were like round moons, and she kept darting her head toward me and then toward Matt, like she couldn't make up her mind who was worse. When she was looking at Matt I brought my belt across her ass in a backhanded blow that made her squeal in surprise. It left a bright red mark on her butt. She glanced at me with terror in her eyes and I grinned.

"Isn't this what you wanted, Sugar?" I said nastily. "You wanted two naked studs to steal you naked out into the woods and whip your ass until you wept for mercy, right?"

"Mmmn fddmmm mdphhh fff," Rebecca gurgled.

Matt laughed and gave her a swat from his belt.

"Eeeeerrrrrreee!" screamed Rebecca.

The two of us began to take turns flogging the poor girl, thrashing her bare ass harder and harder until she was weeping. After several minutes of this I called for a pause and stuck my hand up Rebecca's twat. My hand came away soaked. The girl was obviously very excited by what we were doing. I undid Rebecca's gag and she gasped for air and hung there panting.

"So, you like the belt?" I asked her. "We've got two dicks here just aching to get inside that slick pussy of yours. Let us in or we'll give you another whipping."

"Noooo," she moaned and struggled slightly against the tree. All that did was grind her breasts into the bark.

I didn't know if that meant she didn't want to be fucked or didn't want more whipping, so I decided she had to have meant the former. I brought the belt hard across her ass and Matt followed. Rebecca was howling in pain as we whipped her, and the sound made my dick go hard. Watching Rebecca's plump asscheeks quiver with each stroke of the belt was mesmerizing. I saw Matt was very aroused, too.

When Rebecca's buttocks were red and welted I stopped the whipping. "Will you let us in?" I asked.

"Please, stop!"

"Come on, Rebecca. It's more whipping if you won't let us fuck you!"

Rebecca shook her head and wept. Matt and I threw down the belts and went to some small trees and began to cut off some long switches. Rebecca saw what we were doing and cried out in fear. "Noooo!"

"It's your choice, Rebecca. Sex or whipping."


"Sex or whipping. Answer me!"

There was a long pause. Rebecca slowly raised her head and looked at me. Her eyes were bright, alert, and incredibly beautiful. "Whipping," she said clearly.


I swiped her across her butt with my branch and Matt echoed the sentiment. Again and again we switched the gorgeous teenager, her howling drifting off into the still night air. We were miles from anywhere. No one would hear.

The switches were brutal. Every swipe left a thin red line across Rebecca's skin. The sting must have been hell. Since her ass was already so beaten, we moved to the back of her legs. This sent her shrieking to a new level, and Matt and I enjoyed ourselves considerably.

Finally I paused in the whipping. "Mouth or pussy?" I asked her.

She didn't answer but only hung there and wept.

"Mouth or pussy?" I asked again.


"Mouth or pussy?"

"I don't know--"

"You're gonna take our cocks before you go home, girl. The only question is where. Mouth or pussy?"

There was a short pause. "Mouth," Rebecca moaned.

We quickly untied her. I went first. While she sucked me off Matt flogged her, and he kept flogging her until she'd swallowed every drop of my cum. Then I flogged her while Matt took his turn, but unfortunately he came almost immediately.

After that we took Rebecca home. She didn't say much, except on how uncomfortable sitting on the motorbike wuz, but I knew she'd had a good time. It was not something she'd ever ask for, but she enjoyed feeling helpless.

After that first time, Matt and I have taken Rebecca out to woods every month or so. We usually don't use her as mildly as that first time. Now we spend hours tormenting her, sticking sticks up her butt, whipping her pussy and breasts, and threatening her with even worse if she doesn't let us fuck her. So far, she hasn't caved in. She's still a virgin and swears there's nothing we can do to change that, short of raping her. The girl's got willpower, I must say. She'll take a terrible whipping that has her swearing it hurts so bad, and when we ask her whether she'd like a fuck or a whipping, she always chooses the belt or switch.

We keep trying. Every outing is a different adventure. We try different positions, like last time we hung her upside down from a tree, and the time before we hung her in an X between two trees. One of our favorite things to do lately is take her up by Chauly Cave and get buckets of water from that ice cold spring that flows there and splash it over her whipped and blistered body. The shock of that cold water against her hot flesh really makes her scream, but when she's done screaming she's as stubborn as ever and remains a virgin.

But don't worry. Matt and I have plenty more ideas. We're certain we can break her by summer. And if not, well, we had fun trying.

The End

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