The Visitor

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The Visitor

(*****, F/fff, Severe, *severe* schoolgirl caning)

A major visits a school to see if their discipline standards are high enough. (Approximately 4,829 words. Originally published 2004-01.)

The knock on the door interrupting Frau Greibel's lecture was startling loud, and the teacher paused in mid-sentence, an irritated grimace on her face.


A prefect entered. "Excuse me, Fraulein, but Headmistress Muller needs to see Annike Mauer immediately."

The teacher frowned, but nodded brusquely at Annike, and she quickly stood and followed the prefect, closing the door carefully behind her.

Annike recognized the prefect as Jana Busch, though she had never spoken to her. She was tall and pretty, with an attractive body. But like many prefects, she was arrogant and used her exalted position to belittle and bully.

Jana didn't even glance at her, but headed down the corridor at a rapid pace. Annike hurried after her. Her insides were whirling. Had she done something wrong? She could think of nothing: she was a perfect student and had only been flogged a couple of times since arriving at Lugeburg. So why did the Head want to see her? Why was it so urgent that she be called from class?

A horrid thought occurred to Annike. Had something had happened to her family? Was someone dead?

"Please, Jana, slow down," she panted. "Why does the Head want to see me?"

Jana didn't answer but continued at her furious march. In less than a minute they were entering the administration offices, and seconds later they stood before the Headmistress' door. Jana knocked three times.


Terrified, Annike followed Jana into the room. To her surprise, there were others present. Headmistress Muller stood beside her desk. She was dressed smartly as usual, in a trim ale-colored uniform with trousers like riding pants, a thick black belt around her trim waist, and tall leather boots. Her riding crop hung from the right side of the belt to complete the ensemble.

Standing on the opposite end of the room was a large man. He was dressed in a military uniform, a series of colorful medals decorating his massive chest.

Also in the room were two schoolgirls. Annike recognized them as Dani Fenstermacher and Gerda Kuhn. Dani was two years younger than Annike, but they'd been in the same dormitory block one term. Gerda was in Annike's class and a good friend. They often studied together. Seeing the others mystified her and she had no idea what to expect.

"Annike Mauer, as requested Headmistress." Jana bowed, giving Annike a slight shove toward the other girls. Nervously, Annike also bowed, then joined the others. Gerda flashed Annike a smile of encouragement, but her eyes were filled with fear.

"Ladies, I'd like you to meet Major Meinhard Von Sommer. He is here to visit Lugeburg and study our school, our methods, our discipline standards, and return an evaluation to the state. I have assured him that we are most efficient, but of course he would like to see for himself."

The Head glanced at some papers on her desk, then resumed the lecture, hands behind her back.

"The three of you are our best students academically. You excel in all subjects and rarely give cause for discipline. Thus you three have the extreme honor of being selected to represent Lugeburg and demonstrate to the respected Major that all our girls, not just those punished routinely, are capable of enduring severe discipline with the stoicism and courage required by our most excellent country.

"In a moment we shall enter my private discipline chamber and I shall flog each of you. Trust that I whip for the glory of the motherland, not for any misdeed on your behalf. This will be a difficult challenge for you, but I know you will not fail to represent yourself, your school, or your country well. Be brave and show the Major that Lugeburg is not only the strictest school in the region, but has the toughest and most intelligent students as well."

The three hearts of the girls pounded rapidly as they stared at the Headmistress in horror. Their mouths were dry, their bellies empty pits. Annike felt an urgent need to pee.

"Now disrobe and welcome the Major for his visit and thank him for the honor of representing your school and country."

Trembling, the girls obeyed. They were well-trained and the thought of disobedience never crossed any of their minds. They each just hoped they could endure properly and not disgrace themselves, their school, and their country with a sorrowful performance.

The brown tunics the girls wore as school uniforms were easily removed and undergarments quickly followed. In less than a minute, all three stood naked except for shoes.

Gerda stepped forward first, bowing before the man. "Welcome to Lugeburg School, Major. I am honored to demonstrate the discipline of the school."

"I also welcome you, sir, and I thank for you this honor," said Annike, though her insides were trembling violently.

All eyes went to little Dani, who was visibly afraid, her skin pale and a sheen of sweat glistening on her forehead. "Welcome, M-major," she stammered. "T-thank you for.. for choosing me." The girl's face denied her words, however, for she looked anything but grateful at being selected.

The Major didn't speak, but nodded at Headmistress Muller who clapped her hands and motioned everyone to the punishment chamber. Jana quickly moved in front and opened the door and everyone filed in.

None of the three girls had ever been in the Head's private punishment chamber. It was similar to the general Punishment Room where daily duty punishments were administered, the far wall adorned with whips and canes, but this room contained much more equipment and that made it far more ominous.

The room was fifteen feet long by twelve wide. Four rows benches stretched along the near wall, apparently for an audience to observe the proceedings. The Major quickly seated himself in the front row, his impassive body waiting patiently for the demonstration to begin.

At the front of the room, what Annike now thought of as the stage, in comparison to the seating area, was a raised platform. On this and off to the side were several standard punishment blocks and tables, as well as several she did not recognize.

From witnessing several public birchings she knew the birching bench, a sloped wooden board where a girl was stretched out, and she was uncomfortably familiar with the punishment bar, for that was used in duty canings. But there was a large triangle-shaped wooden block that terrified her. The apex came to a point sharp enough to cut, yet weren't those ankle bracelets on either side, surely an indication of a girl squatting on the thing? Could that stain be blood?

There were other devices Annike didn't recognize and didn't care to understand: chains and pulleys that hung from the ceiling, mysterious wooden boxes, a chair without a seat, an iron brazier, and more. A raft of black iron implements hung on the side wall, a dreadful collection of long pincers, rods, chains, and a number of metal pieces in unfathomable shapes.

All three girls stopped frozen when they witnessed this fearful room, and the Head was forced to encourage Dani, the trailing girl, with a quick lick of her riding crop. Dani yelped and pressed forward, pushing between Annike and Gerda as though eager to reach the stage.

Soon the three girls stood nervously at the front of the room, keenly aware of the Major's eyes on their nude bodies. The girls were all splendid specimens.

Gerda was seventeen, tall and fully grown. Her hair was dark and hung down over her shoulders, her skin sleek and pale in contrast. She was the heaviest of the three, and most voluptuous. Her breasts were large with bright red nipples. Her hips were wide and gave way to massive buttocks of impressive shape.

Dani was petite, and at scarcely fifteen, her body was still in the process of becoming a woman. Her breasts were the size of peaches, the nipples tiny pink pebbles. A small thatch of pale brown fuzz covered her privates -- the exact opposite of Gerda's black forest. But her bottom was lovely, full and round, and her hips already showed the promise of a sexy woman.

Annike was the blond. She never really thought of herself as pretty, though her face was pleasant enough (she had a striking smile, but she wasn't smiling now). Her breasts were too small, mere apples compared to Gerda's melons. She did have surprisingly wide hips considering she was only five-foot-six, however, and many of the girls had told her that her bottoms were just wonderfully shaped and perfectly plump. A good girl, rarely flogged, Annike wondered what the rod would do to those bottoms now.

"Who shall go first?" asked the Head, and Gerda promptly cried, "I would be honored, Fraulein Headmistress!"

Annike cursed herself for not showing more aggression, for it was always best to go first to get a punishment over with. Watching the others flogged increased the dread and the difficulty of enduring. In many ways the fear of the pain was worse than the pain.

"As we want to demonstrate to the Major your ability to accept punishment, I shall not bind you," said Muller. "Touch your toes."

The big girl obeyed, bending over at the waist, her heavy melons dangling almost to her chin. To reach her toes she had to spread her legs wider, but even that wasn't enough for the Head, who used her foot to slide Gerda's legs wide apart. Gerda's magnificent backside was now presented to the audience, and though the Major may not have shown it, he was extremely pleased by the sight.

Headmistress Muller opened a cabinet and took out a small jar. Opening it, she plunged a finger in, revealing a white substance. She approached Gerda who was already straining at holding the awkward position. At a nod from the Head, Jana was there to assist. The prefect carefully pulled apart Gerda's cheeks and the headmistress plunged her finger of white goo into the available anal hole.

"Oh!" Gerda cried, wiggling her hips. "That's cold."

"It will warm up soon." Even as the woman spoke Gerda's expression changed, suddenly going to a concerned frown, and then to wide-eyed panic.

"Ah! It's eating me inside!"

"Hush now, it's just a caustic. It will keep your cheeks open and dancing for the rod."

Moaning and gritting her teeth, Gerda tried not to wave her arse around too much. Her face was sweating and turning red, and she desperately wanted this to be over with as soon as possible.

Now Headmistress Muller was studying her rack of canes. Annike's heart dropped when the woman chose the four-foot penal cane. This was a heavy rod used for prison beatings, and usually reserved for only the most severe thrashings. Though stout, it was still flexible, imparting a vivid sting, but the thickness meant every stroke would leave a black welt as thick as two fingers. Annike found herself trembling just watching.

Gerda, oblivious to the selection of the cane, was still in position, waiting patiently. If she'd known, perhaps she wouldn't have been as composed.

"I believe eight strokes shall suffice," said Headmistress Muller sternly, and all three girls groaned. Annike had been hoping for six. This was just a demonstration, correct?

But then the Major spoke for the first time. "Excuse me, Fraulein, but I believe a sterner test is in order. Eight is routine: let's see a severe punishment."

"Of course, Major," nodded the Head quickly, though her cheeks flushed at being corrected so ignominiously. She now had to save face. What if she chose a dozen and that still wasn't enough to please the military man? She couldn't risk such a humiliation. It was better to go too high than too low. "It shall be fifteen," she announced loudly and firmly, praying that was enough.

The girls gasped, Gerda jerked her head upward in horror. Dani began to cry silently, tears dripping down her face.

The Major nodded. "Very well. Proceed."

What followed was a living nightmare. Poor Gerda suffered terribly, bent over and thrusting her buttocks out, the rod cutting into her flesh mercilessly. Annike couldn't feel Gerda's pain, but she could imagine it. The crack of the rod was so loud and so forceful it took her breath away. The vivid weals springing up across the pale skin of Gerda's bottom were purple and black and looked impossibly tender. But the true horror that brought the reality home was Gerda's face: it was flushed crimson, wet with tears and sweat, teeth gritted almost to cracking. Annike wanted to flee from the room but couldn't move her feet. To her horror she felt moisture trickling down her leg and realized she was peeing!

The beating went on. Gerda was stoically enduring, taking nine strokes without a sound. But on the tenth something broke and she screamed. It was loud and horrible, and the Head told her sternly to shut up. Eleven whistled in landing across the back of Gerda's legs with a dull thud and she made another sound, this one muffled as she tried to keep it inside.

Miraculously, Gerda managed to keep in position for all fifteen strokes. Even her large bottom was completely covered with bruised lines, and these extended part way down her thighs as well. A few of the lines were seeping on the ends. This terrified Annike. She knew she had a big bottom, but it wasn't as big as Gerda's, so would happen when the Head ran out of room? No doubt she'd put weal on weal, and though Annika had never experienced such a thing, she'd seen it and knew the marks always bled and had been told that it was the worst pain in the world.

"Excellent, well thrashed and well received," said Major, clapping politely. "Would you mind if I--"

"Of course not, Major. You are our guest."

The Major stood and approached the beaten Gerda, still in position, desperately trying to breathe and cry at the same time. The Major studied the big whipped arse up close for several minutes, then he palmed Gerda's right cheek and squeezed.

"Ahh!" cried Gerda. Then she stammered, "T-thank you, Major. I am h-hon-honored to have you touch me."

"You have a most splendid bottom," said the Major. "Please rise."

Gerda did so gratefully, sighing with relief. But the Major now had both hands on her hemispheres, polishing the globes with his palms. Gerda staggered at the pain, but kept to her feet, even thrusting her bum toward him.

When the Major had finished his exploration, Gerda went to the side where she stood with Dani and Annike. She kept her head down and didn't look at either. Up close, she was a mess, her red face covered with snot and tears, her hair in complete disarray.

Annike trembled, but vowed to do her best. She started to step forward -- her legs not obeying immediately -- when the Headmistress said, "Dani please." Annike froze.

Eyes blinking rapidly in terror, her shoulders visibly trembling, Dani went forward. Jana again helped as the caustic was placed in Dani's rear, the young girl wiggling like a eel at the uncomfortable insertion. Muller had to administer three hard slaps to the girl's bum to get her to calm down. Finally it was done and Dani was on her own. The slender girl easily bent and touched her toes perfectly even with her legs together. But the Head wasn't having that and insisted Dani's feet move wide apart. Now she was spread and bent, her buttocks thrust out and up, the peephole between her cheeks spasming from the caustic.

Annike had never thought about Dani's attractiveness, but fear enhanced the young girl, for suddenly Annike was struck by her beauty. She was utterly charming as she nervously waited for the first stroke. Her large eyes were even bigger, terror giving them vivid life. Her face was flushed, her graceful lips shuddering as she tried not to cry. Her slender figure was all bottom in this position, petite plump globes looking impressively feminine.

Then Headmistress Muller moved. There was a flash of yellow as the cane flew through the air and the dreadful snap as it caught bare flesh. Dani yelped and gritted her teeth, hissing furiously, her little feet tapping out a rapid dance. Her bum shook and quivered, a crimson line so dark it was almost purple gleaming across the once-flawless cheeks. On the small bottom the weal looked monstrous, and Annike knew there was no way even eight would fit without overlapping.

By the third, Dani was struggling. Her eyes bulged and her expression of astonishment said she couldn't believe a stroke could hurt so badly. It was patently obvious she was not experienced at receiving the rod. She cried out at every stroke, wiggled her bottom constantly in the most lascivious fashion, and even twice begged the Headmistress for mercy.

That was a mistake for it encouraged the Head to strike even harder. It would not due for a report of her compassion to be returned to the authorities: she had to demonstrate utter ruthlessness.

By seven, Dani was sobbing constantly, and when the eighth struck her low in the crease between thigh and buttock, she screamed. "Shut up," muttered Muller, and promptly laid another on top of the last. That was too much. With scream that startled everyone, Dani rose up, dancing away from the Headmistress, clutching her buttocks and sobbing.

Headmistress Muller was furious. She slapped Dani's face hard. A second slap calmed the girl down. She stared at the Head with a blank expression. "You cowardly tramp! I'll teach you to rise up when being flogged! That will be three additional."

Dani scrambled back into position, her face dull and haggard with despair as she bent over. Already her buttocks were nothing but curves of purple and blue, and Annike expected the Head would thrash the girl's legs next. But to her horror the woman continued to strike the buttocks, sparing the girl nothing. After just two more "the claret began to flow," as they say, multiple lines oozing. After four Dani's arse was looking decidedly worse for the wear.

Headmistress Muller paused for a moment, studying the buttocks presented to her, and then proceeded to deliver the rest of punishment across the back of the thighs. It might have been considered merciful, but in truth the girl's glutes were too badly damaged to feel much more and the weals across the legs was fresh agony. Two landed mid-thigh, then two above that. The final was in the crease where buttock and thigh meet, and it really fetched poor Dani. She was still writhing and sputtering as the Major came up to admire her buttocks.

"Rise, child," he said gently, and he smeared the blood on her right cheek around with his finger. Dani trembled, too afraid to move, tears trickling from her eyes. "How old are you?" he asked, but Dani couldn't speak.

The Headmistress poked the girl's butt with the tip of the cane. "Answer him, or there's more to come!"

"F-f-fif-fifteen," muttered the girl suddenly, squirming at the poke.

"How many times have you been flogged?"

"N-never with the cane, sir," answered Dani sniffling and trying desperately to be brave. "I only had the prefect's slipper before."

The Major frowned. "You're neglecting your students, Fraulein Muller. This child has never been properly beaten!"

The Head's face was pink. She couldn't help but try to defend her reputation. "Dani's only been here a few terms, your honor, and she's never given cause--" She shut her mouth when she saw the look in the man's eyes. "You are absolutely correct, sir. I shall make it a priority that every student receives a thorough flogging upon arrival. Set the correct tone."

"That would be advisable," nodded the Major. His hands still caressed the youngster's brutalized bottom. "Still, this little thing deserves to be commended. Not perfect, but well taken, especially for a first beating." He gave Dani's bum a few final pats and sent her over to join the others.

Now Annike's belly quivered and she realized the moment was at hand. Like a destination seen in the distance, she had finally reached it, and there was no avoiding what was to come. Still she hesitated, and that cost her dearly. She saw that the Headmistress was in a furious mood over her exposure before the Major and knew that the woman would be horribly brutal. She'd be looking to beat Annike most severely to please the Major, and that froze Annike's feet.

Because she hesitated, Jana stepped over to grab her arm and guide her, and that's when she looked down and saw the puddle at Annike's feet.

"Headmistress Muller," she said immediately. "This one could not contain her water."

All eyes flashed to Annike's legs and she shuddered, her face growing hot with shame. But worse was to come as Headmistress Muller, already in a foul mood, saw this as an opportunity to regain her reputation. A whisper to Jana sent the prefect away for a moment, and she returned carrying a pair of white underwear. She dropped them in the piss and mopped it up, then shoved them in Annike's startled mouth. Annike didn't dare disobey for the Head was looking murderous in her rage.

"I'm tired of all the racket you cows make," muttered the Head. "Think about this: when I'm finished with your beating, I will give you three with the bullwhip for sullying my floor!"

Annike could no longer speak but her eyes revealed her terror. She was led to the front of the platform, bent over, and the caustic rudely shoved in. The Head was not gentle and she was generous with her application, inserting not one or even two, but three scoops of the horrible substance inside. Annike could feel it beginning to work almost immediately, a delicate burning that felt like there was a fire inside her and she needed to shit it out. It grew more and more intense, causing her cramps and writhing, but warning taps of the Head's cane forced her to try to stay in position. Her legs apart, bum spread and thrust out, she could feel cool air across her burning rectum. It was odd, for it made her asshole feel huge.

She soon forgot about the burning inside, however, and appreciated the burning on the outside. The strokes were frightfully sound, each near knocking Annike over. In her academic career Annike had experienced two duty canings, which were infamous at Lugeburg for being the worst... except for beatings from the Head, of course. Annike had wondered what could be worst than the big duty cane, but now she knew. After this, a duty caning would seem like a mere slippering.

The heavy penal cane did incredible damage to the flesh. It initially stung horribly, but the weal it left far worse, for once the sting faded, the bruised muscles throbbed and the blistered flesh was so sensitive a mere breeze made her want to scream.

She took ten without a sound, but was so exhausted by the time the eleventh arrived, she couldn't help but moan loudly. She was having difficulty breathing. Her nostrils flared as she frantically sucked oxygen, but though she didn't want to breath through her mouth, her body was desperate for air and forced her. She could then taste the acrid urine through the soaked panties and it made her want to vomit.

Twelve came, a brutal cut to the crease. Her buttocks and thighs were already well-beaten at this point, and Annike knew with despair that the strokes to come would all be on top of existing weals. Thirteen broke flesh and she felt warmth tricking down her thighs. Fourteen was agony piled on agony. She screamed into her gag but only muffled sounds emerged.

The final stroke felt like the cane had snapped it was so hard. Annike staggered, but somehow caught her balance and stayed upright. Her buttocks flared with fresh pain, but agony was her best friend now, they knew and understood each other, and Annike didn't panic but accepted her friend.

Annike was in a daze as they strung her up by her wrists to a chain in the ceiling. She knew the beating wasn't over -- something about a whip -- but she couldn't remember the details. She'd forgotten the horror stories told after lights out.

The bullwhip was fifteen feet of heavy leather strips braided together. It took extreme skill to use it, for in the wrong hands it could maim or even kill. Eva Muller had over ten years of experience with the bullwhip, though not enough of that was with live flesh. She relished demonstrating to Major Von Sommer her expertise. She knew just what to do.

She stood to Annike's left about ten feet away. She uncurled the whip, gave it a couple test snaps near the girl's dangling body, and then began. The first stroke was across the upper back, the slender tip curling under the right armpit and wrapping around the girl's chest to impact against Annike's plump breasts. Fortune or skill, there was no way to tell, but the whip caught both breasts, one across the center just missing the nipple by a centimeter, the other down low where the flesh was most sensitive. Everywhere the whip touched was a scarlet weal. Muller waited a full minute before the next blow, and poor Annike screamed into her gag the entire time.

The second blow was across the buttocks, lashing right across the purple welts and wrapping so far around Annike's hips the tip came back to where it started and smacked into the left cheek. When it unwrapped, the whip came back with stains of red blood from the earlier beating.

For the final stroke, the Head needed Jana's help. Together they pulled apart Annike's legs and fastened her ankles with leather straps to eyebolts in the flooring. Then the woman prepared for the ultimate strike. She thought about it carefully for over a minute, visualizing it again and again, adjusting her position until she was positive she was in the perfect placement.

The bullwhip sang though the air. It splattered across the small of Annike's back and curled around her right side. It wrapped across her belly, then her left hip. Muller had judged her length precisely, and the tip curled back across the girl's buttocks. But the angle of descent was such that the lash was heading downward, the tail of the whip crossing into the crease and going between the legs. With deadly accuracy the tip exploded its energy across the split lips of Annike's sex.

Annike writhed violently on the chain. She was screaming but making no sound. This went on for an hour or so, then the crimson pain faded slightly and she could see again. Stars and flashes of light were in her field of vision. Her entire body ached and stung. Suddenly she was aware of iron hands against her body. Strong fingers massaged her breasts, making her gasp, and a hand gripped her left cheek in a cruel vise.

"Well taken," said a deep voice, and Annika looked over her shoulder to see the Major's broad face smiling at her. She didn't like him at all -- he terrified her -- and yet his smile pleased her, and she smiled back.

"Thank you, sir," she whispered, forgetting she was gagged. Then she realized she wasn't gagged: the panties had fallen out of her mouth in that final surge of pain.

She was released from the chains and leg restraints. She discovered she could barely walk. The welt between her legs was awful, chaffing with every movement. Her legs were rubbery and had no strength. She stagged and the Major caught her. He guided her to the benches and stretched her out face down. She lay there panting for several minutes and forgot everything.

When she was aware of things again, she discovered Gerda and Dani were brushing her hair and soothing her. Jana was gone. On the platform, the Major and the Headmistress were talking in low tones.

Finally the woman approached them. "Very well, ladies. You did yourselves, your school, and your country proud. The Major and I are very pleased. Wear your marks with pride!

"The three of you are excused from classes the rest of the day. Get yourselves to the infirmary for treatment. I don't want you to get an infection."

The girls helped Annike to her feet, and the three of them staggered down the corridor toward the nurse's station. They were halfway there when Annike realized they'd forgotten their clothes. When she mentioned this, all three had to laugh. Clothes were the least thing on their minds right now!

The End