Caught in the Web

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Caught in the Web

(***, ?/F, Serious, no spanking (gasp!), biting)

An elf-girl learns that her mother was right about staying away from the forest after dark. (Approximately 1,485 words. Originally published 1995-10.)

"Never go through Midvale Forest after dark, Elowyn," my mother always said. But like the naughty elf-girl I am I disobeyed her. Now look where I am.

I awoke to find myself tightly bound. I couldn't move. I was lying flat on my back, up in the air, my ankles and wrists stretched outward in four directions. There was no danger of falling, but I couldn't tell if I was two inches off the ground or a hundred feet. I could feel trees near me and smell their leaves, so I suspected I was up in a tree, but it was too dark to see anything. I could not cry out for help--even my jaw was tied shut with numerous strings going from my chin to the top of my head. All I could do was wait.

I woke hours later, dawn faintly showing through the tops of the trees high above. In alarm I realized something was crawling on me. I could feel the little feet moving up and down my arm. Then there was another, and then another. They were all over me. I wiggled and bounced as best I could but nothing dislodged them. I couldn't see what they were but they had lots of little feet that tickled my skin as they crawled over me.

I could feel the little guys nibbling on my clothing, a simple cloth shrift typical of my people. I wondered what the little insects were doing, but it was still too dark. This went on for a while. Suddenly I felt my garment open on the right side and fall down, exposing my backside completely. They creatures were eating my clothes off!

Before the sun broke through the tree-line above I was totally nude. They little bugs had eaten away all the seems in my garment and let it fall off, and then had made tracks eating my underpants, letting them drop as well. There was nothing I could do except lie there wiggle and moan through my clenched jaw.

Then I saw what they were and tried to scream. They were spiders! Hundreds of them, of various sizes, but all the same hairy species, the largest about the size of large toad. They crawled all over me. I could feel their hairy legs brushing against the nipples of my breasts, along my neck, across my toes, on my back and bottom, even down between my legs right across my Forbidden Place! The sensation felt so much like tingling I wanted to laugh but I was terrified and the fragile touches left my skin just screaming to be scratched in about five hundred different places. Soon I was moaning and thrashing in agony, every nerve on my body aching for a solid touch.

Then they began to bite me. It wasn't bad at first. The bites were nibbles, just light pinches, like your boyfriend might do. But there were so many of them, and in so many places, it began to drive me crazy. Then the little bites began to swell and itch and I began to cry I was so frustrated.

There were bites all over me. My bottom was so covered with them the burning felt like I'd just gotten a spanking. Then my legs were covered with the little bites, tiny sharp pinpricks that just overwhelmed me in their numbers. Then the little feet swarmed over my sore bottom and began at the base of my back and didn't stop until they'd reached my neck.

I was sobbing when they did my arms, and I thought I had never felt anything so horrible when they did the undersides, nibbling at the little hairs there until I was positive I was completely hairless. I could feel their little teeth plucking out each hair one by one but there was nothing I could do.

They bit me all down my sides and started across my tummy, even going inside my naval and biting it all over. My whole body flamed with stinging pain but I was well aware of area they had not covered and I wept to think that it was next. Sure enough, they started across my breasts, biting all that tender flesh until I was screaming through my gag. When they reached my nipples I thought I would pass out, but I didn't, though the sensation was overwhelming.

Then they left my nipples and as a group headed south. I wept with relief until I felt the first one pluck one of the secret hairs between my legs. One by one they plucked me clean, oblivious to my thrashing and screaming. Then they began to bite my skin, right where they had just defoliated me. The pain was tremendous and I thought I was going insane.

Suddenly I felt a furry leg brushing against the lips of my Forbidden Place. I lurched in fear and really began to panic. "No!" I thought. "Surely, not there!" But there was no mercy. As a group the little army of nasty spiders began to systematically bite me all over, several biting me right up the crack of my behind including that most private second little hole there.

But then it got worse. I felt a furry spider go _inside_ me. It didn't seem possible, but one by one the insects entered me, each one touching my protruding nodule there and arousing me so fiercely that I hoped I could drown them with my pumping juices. But they seemed to enjoy this gift of liquid and drank it down, biting me all over inside, driving me into a mindless frenzy.

Suddenly I felt wave after wave of fantastic pleasure. I moaned and cried and then it was over and all I felt was the pain all over my body. But I could feel myself growing juicy again as I still felt the dozens of little touches inside me. Again I felt the pleasure building and building and as the pain increased so did my pleasure until like from a hard slap I felt my whole body shuddering with stimulation.

Again and again this happened. How many times I do not know. I was lost in a fog of euphoric sexual pleasure, my rational mind forgotten. Again and again those spiders made me wet and brought me to wonderful peaks of pleasure I never knew existed.

The climax was when they started to emerge and I found myself pleading with them to stay. But when they were all out I felt them all press against my nodule and begin to brush it, then nibble on it, then bite it. From the first touch I was quivering with uncontrollable pleasure. By the time they were biting me I was lost in waves of blinding passion that so bewildered me that I never saw the spiders leave.

Suddenly I awoke and it was dark and quiet. There were no spiders around. My body was wracked with pain. Every portion of my body stung, some more than others, but all crying out to me for relief. But the worst was the incredible itching between my legs. Every welt from every bite begged to be scratched, caressed, slapped, including my poor nodule, dripping with moisture so fiercely I could not control myself. Again and again I experienced those devastating waves of indescribable pleasure, a sweet pulse that astonished me and made me forget the stinging all over my body.

All night I spent thus, and when I sensed morning coming, I began to moan and cry, because I was afraid the spiders would return. A part of me was even more afraid the spiders would _not_ return, but that had to be delirium. How could I possibly want the spiders to bite me more? Already the welts from the bites of the previous day were fading, and my skin was returning to a normal temperature, but a part of me thought how wonderful it had been to feel my skin hot all over, my sex organs throbbing, my body jerking wildly with forbidden pleasure.

I began to cry when I felt the first spider crawl over me, but whether it was from excitement or fear I do not know. Perhaps both.

All I know today is that it was three weeks ago I entered this demon forest. I have not eaten or drunk since entering, and I have felt no need for either. And every day the spiders crawl all over me and bite my skin until I am simply a throbbing, dripping, mass of flesh. Then the spiders crawl inside me and drink and bite and I give them more and more liquid than I thought possible. They drink it all and leave me alone for the night, to wallow in my pain and wonder how much more of this I can take.

The End