The Whipping Boy

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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The Whipping Boy

(****, M/M, M/F, Intense, n/c whipping)

A naughty Princess learns to clean up her act the hard way. (Approximately 3,895 words. Originally published 1996-01.)

"She what?" the King roared and turned and glared at his aid. The little man shrank even smaller and bowed low before the King.

"She's gone out, sire. I'm certain she must have forgotten about this important occasion, your honor. I have men out searching the city for her now. As soon as we have found her she will at once be brought to you."

The King was furious. "My own daughter!" he roared. "She dares to disobey me!" He whirled on the aid scraping his chin on the floor. "Have her found and flogged at once! Twice, in fact. Have her flogged twice for her arrogance!"

The aid nodded, and bowing and scraping he made his way out of the King's chamber. As soon as the door was closed behind him he became his regal self again, rising to his full stature and ordering soldiers to find the princess at once or be fed to the lions.

The princess was discovered an hour later in the center of the marketplace in the process of purchasing a large melon. The soldiers were courteous but firm. She must come with them immediately, no time for delay. They quickly escorted her back to the palace where she was immediately led to the office of the King's personal advisor.

Princess Thalia stood watched the advisor, her lips curled into a slight smile. He was so pompous and nervous, she thought with a giggle. He made such a big deal out of every little thing.

"This is not humorous, young lady," said the little man. The girl standing before him was actually a touch taller than him, though slimmer and _far_ more attractive. The princess had a pretty face with deep blue eyes framed by long strands of light brown hair. She was slim but shapely, her gender quite obvious. She stood idly before him now, twirling and calmly chewing on a strand of hair like nothing in the world concerned her.

She was almost eighteen, he thought, and completely useless. They would certainly have to marry her off soon. _If_ they could find a prince that would take her. A tall order considering her indifference and abrasive personality.

The advisor cleared his throat and made a sincere effort to sound fierce. "Your father is furious with you, Thalia."

"What else is new?" said the girl smartly.

"You know how important the Duke's visit is--I'm really surprised you had the nerve to run off like this."

"Awe, come on, Shrimpy," said the girl, calling the advisor by his most hated nickname, "you know how much I hate these formal affairs."

"That doesn't mean you can get away with disobeying your father. I'm afraid he's been very firm with me. You shall be flogged. Not once, but twice. Most severe. I hope this shall be a lesson to you."

Rather than showing the slightest sign of repentance the girl looked delighted. Her eyes shown with excitement. Twice! Two whippings at once. Wonderful!

The advisor clapped his hands and at once the princess' whipping boy was brought in. He was a young lad, slightly older than the princess, a strong, strapping youth. His face was handsome, his body well-proportioned. He winked at Princess Thalia as he entered, then turned to face the advisor.

A large man dressed in black leather and wearing a headmask followed the whipping boy. He was carrying a large leather belt which he periodically smacked against his left palm. The boy seemed to wince a little at the sound and the girl was already beside herself with lust.

She almost cheered when the advisor ordered the boy to strip. In seconds he was naked before her, his sleek body just waiting for her caresses. His buttocks were smooth and unblemished, but she knew they wouldn't stay that way for long.

The whipping master didn't waste much time but began to whip the boy's buttocks with the belt. Soon the boy was deep in pain, his groans very loud. She stood frozen, watching him with lust at every stroke. She couldn't help it, she wanted him. The sight of his naked buttocks slowly turning red under the beating astonished her.

Soon he was weeping unashamed, his body quivering under the heavy, loud blows. As she watched him she felt herself growing wet between her legs in her secret place and she almost blushed. Instead she moved closer to the young man so she could study his face as he trembled in pain.

His eyes were wide with fear, his jaw clenched. He was struggling very hard to maintain his composure. The princess wandered around to the front of him, her eyes darting to the large erect cock between the boy's legs. He was leaning forward towards her, his mouth closed but he was pleading for her mercy. She smiled at him, an innocent smile like she didn't have a clue what he wanted. He moaned out loud and received a few extra hard smacks because of that.

When the first whipping was over the princess went and touched the boy's buttocks, naked and burning. She couldn't believe how delicious they felt in her palms, so hot and tender. As she touched him she felt she was in complete control of him. Even her breathing made him nervous.

During the second whipping, which was just as long and intense as the first, the princess remembered the first time she had seen the whipping boy. He used to belong to her brother, and she had a whipping girl. But three girls quit in three weeks, each complaining that they could not keep up with the princesses' naughtiness. Her brother gave her his whipping boy, then, and she had him ever since. She could get into as much trouble as she wanted and it wouldn't faze him. She was convinced he loved being a whipping boy. The money was good, the work simple, if not easy, and the benefits were incredible.

For some unknown reason the princess was naughtier than ever after the whipping boy became hers. She would get into trouble several times a week it seemed, and she always thrilled at watching the poor whipping boy take her punishment.

As they finished the second whipping the princess was amazed at the boy's endurance. His flesh was almost purple with pain and every stroke of the belt must have been agony. But he bore it like a man, boldly and with spirit.

The princess was almost beside herself with lust. She had to have him, she just had too. She vowed immediately to do something really bad, really horrible, that would get him the worst punishment yet. Something soon, so his buttocks wouldn't have time to heal.

"I hope you have learned your lesson," said the advisor coldly, staring at Princess Thalia. "The next time it will be even worse."

She thought of it later that afternoon. It was perfect. It would infuriate her father and she was certain he would demand a dozen floggings. Her plan was this: tomorrow he would be taking the Duke on a tour of palace gardens. She would make sure to embarrass her father before the Duke on that tour, and she knew just how to do it.

The next morning Princess Thalia was secretly following the King and the Duke as they wandered the gardens. The King proudly demonstrated the various plants and vegetables produced by his country and the Duke nodded, not the least bit interested.

The princess hurried past the two slow-moving royals and made her way to the pond. Once there she quickly stripped, taking care to leave her clothes on the bank near where her father and the Duke would be approaching. She slipped into the water and placed herself at the far end of the pond where it was most shallow so that when she stood in water it only came up to her thighs, leaving her buttocks exposed.

Moments later she heard the voice of the King lecturing the Duke on the fine quality of merchandise available locally, when she heard the voice stop suddenly. She turned, slightly, and then caught sight of her father and the Duke.

She gave a light scream and tried to cover herself, kneeling in the water and placing her arms across her naked breasts. She looked forlornly at her clothes so far away and swam hesitantly in their direction.

The King was speechless. He sputtered something to the embarrassed Duke and led him away rapidly, apologizing furiously. He told the Duke she was a naive servant girl, and apologized again. He would have her flogged and dismissed immediately, he said.

That afternoon the princess was not at all surprised to receive a message to join her father in his chamber. Immediately, no excuses. She obeyed, her heart already pounding at the thought of seeing the whipping boy again so soon.

He was there waiting for her, standing naked in the corner, his buttocks still red and swollen. She did not see the whipping master but he would be there shortly, she was certain. Her father was standing by the window looking grim.

"Thalia, my darling," he said when she entered, but his voice was without pleasure. "There must be an end to this behavior of yours, Thalia. There must be an end. I think perhaps we have been too lenient with you over the years. Even yesterday's punishment of two floggings was too little, in retrospect, don't you think?"

Thalia shrugged, uncertain what to say. She thrilled at the idea of watching the whipping boy get more than two floggings, but she almost felt a little sorry for him. His endurance was incredible, but could he keep up with her latest activities? Her father certainly looked furious. In fact, she doubted she had ever seen him so angry. The whipping boy would be sore tonight.

"I think we should make this punishment last as long as possible," said the King holding up a wide leather strap.

Princess Thalia looked at it and realized what he meant. The wide belt could be used much more extensively than a thinner one. "Whatever you say, Father," she said humbly, bowing low before him.

"I think perhaps three floggings are in order. Do you agree?"

"What you command shall be obeyed," said the Princess formally, her heart pounding with excitement. Three floggings! This was going to be too much excitement all at once!

"Good," said the King. "I'm glad you agree. Now remove your clothing."

It took a moment for the words to register and then the Princess stared at her father in puzzlement. What was he talking about?

"Take off your clothes, daughter!" he shouted, and suddenly Princess Thalia began to grow afraid. Her cheeks flushed with shame as she began to undress, the naked body of the whipping boy just a few steps away. She was crying a little as she took off her gown. Finally, she stood naked before her father.

"For your entire life there has been a ban against physically punishing you," began the King, "as you are royalty. But you have continually taken advantage of this situation. That ban has come to an end. From this day forth you will receive all the punishments you deserve yourself. No longer will you have a whipping boy to suffer for your wrongs. In fact, your whipping boy will be the one to punish you, his years of pent-up rage against your thoughtless disobedience adding strength to his blows."

Princess Thalia heard this words and her heart shook and her throat went dry. She trembled and opened her mouth, but her father was still speaking.

"This is the command of your father; this is the command of the King. Do not disobey me or your whipping boy. He is now your master. Obey his every instruction promptly. He is authorized to punish you for any failure to obey him. I will speak to him in the morning, and I will examine his handiwork. And you had better pray that he whips you well, young lady, because in the morning if I discover that you are not well-thrashed I shall have you hung naked at the gates of the city for a fortnight, and you shall be publicly whipped three times a day!"

The Princess was speechless. She heard the words of her father but they only spun around in her head like leaves in the wind. She could not make sense of everything he had said. She heard his warnings and she quaked at the thought of dangling naked at the city gates where everyone who entered could gawk at her and laugh at her discomfort. Her heart froze as she felt the eyes of the whipping boy staring at her, knowing that in scarce moments she would be his servant and he her master.

"Please, father, have mercy," she begged, falling to her knees and kissing the King's feet. In her panic she forgot that she was naked, and she forgot to be haughty. In her panic all she could think about was something happening that would relieve her of this sudden immense burden, the tremendous weight that froze her mind and paralyzed her body.

The King laughed and pushed his daughter away with his foot. "Foolish girl!" he shouted. "It is too late for mercy, too late for forgiveness. You will take your punishment now and that is final. I will examine you in the morning." He turned to the whipping boy. "Punish her well, young man, and you shall be richly rewarded. I'm sure you have years of resentment built up inside you--now is your chance for revenge."

With that the King turned and left the room and the Princess was left alone with the whipping boy. She was already crying, and she knelt on the floor and hid her face from the boy. She could not face him.

For a long time he did not speak. Finally she looked up at him and saw he was watching her. He was smiling. She flinched and pulled back in fear, but he did not move toward her. "Do not be afraid," he said quietly, and she realized suddenly that she had never before heard him speak. His voice was quite firm and yet melodic. She found herself turning to look at him, her heart hoping for mercy.

"Do not look so hopeful," he whispered, stepping closer to her. "I'm afraid I must obey your father. I must punish you as he instructed." Princess Thalia whimpered when he said this and he took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. "I truly will enjoy punishing you, darling Princess, but your father is wrong about one thing--I do not seek revenge. I do not resent all your naughty behavior that caused me so much pain over the years. In fact, I am grateful to you for all that suffering. It enriched me in ways I cannot begin to explain. Perhaps, after tonight, you will begin to understand what I am talking about."

Princess Thalia looked at him without understanding. She bent over slowly and silently kissed his feet. The whipping boy smiled at her. "Excellent, my darling. You are progressing remarkably. But we must get started. We have a long night ahead of us."

With that the whipping boy ordered the poor Princess to stand and place her hands behind her head. She slowly obeyed, her body trembling. He stepped behind her and lifted the leather strap.

The first blow struck her full across both buttocks. The stinging was amazing, but before she could comprehend it he smacked her again, and then again. A torrent of blows followed, and it was all Princess Thalia could do to stand patiently and receive them.

Soon her buttocks were burning violently, but the whipping continued unabated. She was writhing with the blows and weeping helplessly. But the whipping boy did not hesitate. Princess Thalia was gasping and breathing frantically when he finally stopped.

Her buttocks felt swollen and huge. She wept incessantly, and when he ordered to bow and kiss his feet she instantly obeyed without thinking. He commanded her to crawl about the room on her hands and knees with her buttocks thrust high into the air. Weeping, she obeyed, her face flushed with shame.

Next, he had her stand and spread her legs wide so he could examine her closely. He studied her naked sex and caressed her sore buttocks. She wept miserably, but obeyed his every command, though it made her feel lower than a slave girl.

When he had had enough of this he stretched her out on her stomach across the floor with her hands properly in place behind her neck. He then produced a large wooden paddle, oval-shaped and very thin. Princess Thalia was terrified of it and immediately began to cry.

"Why do you cry?" he said pleasantly. "I have not even started."

"It is going to hurt," she wept.

"Of course. That is the whole point. But do not focus on the pain. Instead focus on your feelings, your emotions. How does the pain treat you? Feel how it consumes you, devours your soul. Feel how devastating it is. Thrust yourself upon it with longing and desire. Enjoy each burning touch and long for the next."

She stared at him without understanding. She could feel her heart pounding in fear and she knew that there was moisture between her legs. He would see! He would see her arousal and punish her for it! A tear curled down her face. "Please," she began to beg. "Have mercy on me, please!"

But the boy was lifting the oval paddle. It landed with an explosion of pain and sound that shocked her into silence. She gasped and desperately tried to breathe but couldn't as blow after sizzling blow struck her exposed bottom. She writhed and wept and screamed but nothing stopped the pain, nothing made the paddle come down with less force, slowed its descent or its frequentness. The princess could only sob in misery and wait for the whipping boy to finish.

The paddling lasted a long time. At first it was hard and rapid until Thalia thought she'd never be able to feel anything but that paddle, that that was all there was in life. Then the paddling slowed until it was just a smack or two every twenty or thirty heartbeats, just enough to keep her on edge and the tears flowing. Her bottom was swollen and huge and each dreadful smack made the heavy flesh tremble and she knew that the whipping boy was aroused by the sight just as she had been watching him take his whippings.

"Please," she moaned, but the spanking continued. It was only a long time later, deep into the night that she heard him set the paddle down. She wept with relief, her mind half-asleep and confused, and she thanked him for his discipline. But then she saw he was taking up with strap again.

"No more!" she begged, but it did no good. The strap began to lash across her spread thighs, often the tip curling and splaying against the inside of her thigh. This was fresh agony, her buttocks almost numb with pain, and her tender thighs felt like they were on fire. She wept and cried out and alternately cursed and praised the whipping boy, but nothing changed how he beat her. He whipped her slowly and methodically, making sure there was no flesh he did not scourge.

When he finally stopped the girl fell into a restless and uncomfortable sleep, her legs squeezing and unsqueezing in shameless vulgarity. The boy watched her but did not wake her, instead drinking in her sleek body and graceful curves. He gently caressed her breasts while she slept, turned on her side, and he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"When she is asleep she is almost pleasant," he thought with a soft smile. "All that ugly arrogance is gone from her face." He thought of how she had looked while he whipped her, and he knew he had seen humility there, too.

Near dawn he awoke her with another stroke from the belt and soon she was whimpering and weeping as he flogged her soundly and continuously for the next couple of hours. Occasionally he put down the belt and paddled her for a change of pace, but no matter which he chose she was quiet and obedient, long past any rebelliousness. She still begged and pleaded with him for mercy, but when he shook his head she obediently and meekly got into the punishment position he required.

He was in the midst of whipping the calves of her legs when the King entered the chamber. The boy put down the whip and stepped aside, his face obedient and expressionless. The princess slowly got to her feet and bowed low before her father and kissed his feet.

"Please, father, I beg your forgiveness and I humbly apologize for my horrid behavior the last few days. I have been well whipped and can certainly testify that my behavior will be significantly improved. Please forgive me, father, I beg you."

The King was impressed. He walked behind his daughter and saw her buttocks and legs were absolutely scarlet with thick welts of pain. She certainly looked punished and seemed quite contrite.

"All right, my dear, you are forgiven. But let this be a lesson to you--I do not want to have to do this again."

"Oh, no, father, never!"

The King turned to the whipping boy. "You lad. You have done well. What do you claim as your reward?"

The boy turned and without looking at the girl smiled and bowed low to the King. "I would like your daughter's hand in marriage, your honor."

The King was aghast. "You what? How dare you! The arrogance... I ought to have you flogged and thrown to the lions!"

"Please father," spoke up the princess suddenly. "Is it really such a horror? He's a nice boy, well-behaved, certainly, and he knows how to discipline me properly. You could give him a small piece of property so he's not a pauper."

The King shook his head and glared at his daughter. "Out of the question. I should flog you both!"

"If you must," said the girl suddenly, impulsively, and the King's eyes went wide at her insolence. "Was last night not enough for you? Do you still rebel?"

"No, sir," said the girl meekly. "I only ask for your fairness. Are there any other suitors for me?"

"Well, no, not really."

"Now there is and you say no. Why? Simply because he is a commoner?"

The King shook his head and growled. This insolent girl was confusing his head. Where did she get all these ideas? Suddenly the King was fed up by the whole mess. "Fine!" he exploded. "Do whatever you want. Just keep me out of it!" He slammed the door behind him as he left.

Slowly the whipping boy took the girl in his arms and kissed her lips. She smiled. "Well, husband-to-be, don't you think it is about time I learned your name?"

The End

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