An Odd Arrangement

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An Odd Arrangement

(***, m/f, f/m, Severe, non- and consensual spanking, caning)

Two cousins grow up spanking each other. (Approximately 2,865 words. Originally published 2020-05.)

When John was a boy in the 1960s, spankings were awful things, shameful and painful, and you did everything you could to avoid them. They were as common as flies, however, and just about as inescapable.

His living situation was unusual. He lived with his aunt and uncle in London, as his parents were archaeologists who traveled extensively. He didn't mind this too much, as his relatives were fine and his cousin Sherry was his same age and the two got along extremely well.

Discipline was strict, as was expected in those days, and John found it quite embarrassing to be smacked bare by his aunt or caned by his uncle. While such punishments were supposed to be private, not much effort was made to keep them so, and in the heat of the moment doors were often left ajar -- or wide open -- and Sherry was able to peek at John's childish correction, which made them even worse.

The only good thing was that the reverse was also true, so that John got to watch Sherry undergoing punishment. She got the slipper and cane almost as often as him, and he marveled at her bright red bum.

While at first they resented this communal aspect of chastisement, soon the two bonded over the shared misery. Eventually they were telling each other all the details, how painful it had been, which strokes had hurt the most, and showing each other the scarlet marks.

Oddly, this sharing of secrets changed their attitude toward punishment. John found himself proud when Sherry admired the stripes on his arse, and she glowed with pleasure when he told her that her red bottom looked as "beautiful as a sunset."

One day after school 12-year-old John felt guilty. He'd been promised a slippering by Aunt Grace, but she'd forgotten. Normally he'd have been elated and thanked his luck. As the days went by with no spanking, however, he felt strangely morose and sullen. Sherry noticed and asked him what was wrong.

"Your mother said she'd slipper me for my behavior at the store on Saturday," he said. "I disobeyed and ran off when she told me to stay nearby and I was cheeky when she scolded me. But when we got home she was so busy she forgot, and Sunday was the church fundraiser and we were gone most of the day. Monday Uncle Mark was feeling sick. Aunt Grace has never mentioned it and now I think she never will."

"So you got off lucky!" laughed Sherry.

"It doesn't feel lucky. I feel awful, all twisted inside like there's a bowling ball in there."

"So go ask my mum for a smacking."

John looked horrified. "I can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Because she'd spank me!"

Sherry wrinkled her tiny nose in bafflement, shaking her blond head. John agreed. "It makes no sense, I know. I guess I deserve a spanking, but I'm too coward to ask for it."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know. I feel awful. I wish there was someone who could smack me instead."

"I could do it," Sherry said brightly.


"I could spank you. Wouldn't that be better than Mum?"

The idea was intriguing. John wasn't too bashful since Sherry had seen him spanked many times and they always showed each other everything afterward.

"Would it hurt?"

"I suppose, I mean, if I do it properly. But not as bad as one of Mummy's specials."

"That's true."

"Hold on. I'll go get her slipper."

"You mean right now?" gasped the boy, suddenly uncertain.

"Why not? Mum's out and Daddy's at work. It's the perfect time."

John had to agree, but he was nervous as he stripped down his pants. Sherry was seated on his bed and though she was much smaller than Aunt Grace, she had a similar attitude, especially gripping a large rubber-soled plimsole.

When his bum was bare he shyly made his way over to her lap, lying across her legs and the end of bed. It was just like a spanking from his aunt, but the feeling was completely different. Instead of terror and guilt and shame, he felt excitement, wonder, and thrill. He suddenly wasn't even worried about the pain. He hoped it would hurt. Even if it did, he'd be tough and not show Sherry how much.

Then she was slapping his bum with the sole of the slipper. It stung, but she was only 12 and it wasn't nearly as hard as his aunt. It tingled and it took quite a few smacks before it began to burn. He didn't mind it at all -- in fact, he liked it.

"You can do it harder," he said.

"I'll try," she said, and she did, putting more effort into the swings. The sole made loud splatting sounds as it hit John's wriggling backside and his skin was soon bronzed a lovely shade of ruby. It was nothing as severe as how he looked after a thorough session from Aunt Grace, but it was a spanking.

"Do you feel better now?" Sherry asked when she grew tired and decided to stop.

"Yes, I do. Thank you."

"I can put some stuff on your bum like we usually do after a spanking," she said, and went to get the bottle of ointment they used to soothe the burning heat of a correction.

John lay face down on the bed and let his cousin rub the white goop all over his hot bum. It felt heavenly and he writhed in pleasure, discovering that his cock had grown hard and stiff and it felt so good jamming it into the bedspread underneath him.

"Next time I need a spanking, you can do it," Sherry told him suddenly, and John was intrigued. He liked the idea of spanking his cousin, but he wasn't sure how it would happen. Would she really let him? Why?

But a few days later she came to him carrying her mother's hairbrush. "Mummy doesn't know, but I got bad marks on my maths test yesterday."

"Doesn't she have to sign a note for you to take to school?"

"Yes, but I signed her signature myself and the teacher didn't say anything when I gave it to her today, so I got away with it."

John looked at the hairbrush in his cousin's hand. "So you want me to spank you instead of your mother?"

"Yes. It's fair, since I spanked you, and I definitely deserve it. It should be harder than a slippering, since did two things wrong."

Sherry removed her skirt and knickers and stood before him bare from the waist down. She had no secrets from him; he'd seen it all before. But in this new context it was suddenly far more exciting. Once again John's cock stiffened and he felt strange feelings inside. He thought he ought to argue with her more, but he didn't, merely sitting on his bed and patting his lap so she could get across his legs.

When she was in place, he admired the shapely bulb of her bottom. The cheeks were pale, plump, and deep, with an attractive line dividing the two mounds. The line, he noticed, grew wider as it approached the vee of her legs, eventually exposing her little cunny. He wasn't sure what all that was about, exactly, but he'd heard other boys call it that and knew it was supposed to be forbidden and special.

For the moment, however, he had to focus on the job at hand: spanking that bottom. "Shall I spank you with my hand first, Sherry?" he asked, knowing that going right to the hard brush could be a painful shock.

"Yes please." She wiggled her hips, her bum rocking, and then settled into place as though for a long rest.

Though he'd touched her bottom countless times when he put ointment on her sore cheeks after she'd been spanked or caned, this felt so different. Her skin wasn't glowing hot -- yet -- and it felt silky smooth instead of gravel rough. He squeezed and she didn't tense, for her bottom wasn't so sensitive.

He raised his hand and brought it down with a hard smack. His palm was small and he wasn't that strong of a boy, but it still made the cheek jerk and vibrate and he felt an exciting tingle that went through him all the way to the tip of his cock. This was fun!

He continued to spank, slowly making the spanks harder, and he was enraptured he forgot about using the brush. Sherry finally reminded him and he realized his palm was throbbing. Using the brush was much easier on his sore hand and the implement, small as it was, made him feel powerful. He cracked it down hard and Sherry tensed and gasped and he loved feeling her squirm against him. She sometimes brushed his cock through his pants and it felt incredible.

Soon she was crying, for the spanking was real, but she didn't try and get away. She laid there and took it and his admiration for her soared. Her bottom looked lovely all pink and hot and sore, and he found himself stroking the orbs instead of spanking them.

"Is that enough, Sherry?" he asked and she nodded vigorously.

"That was worse than a slippering from Mum," she sniffed, "but that's okay. I deserved it. Thank you."

He put cream on her bottom and comforted her and she sighed.

This soon became a new tradition. It wasn't planned. It just happened. Both vastly preferred being spanked by the other rather than one of the adults, so any time they could choose, they would. This wasn't possible very often, of course, as most of the time their misdeeds were caught by Sherry's parents and one or the other was spanked or caned.

But at times there were crimes they got away with, or one of them felt they hadn't been spanked enough and decided to get it from the other. For instance, John was once slippered by Aunt Grace for walking in the house with muddy shoes. It was a decent spanking, but he'd been afraid she was going to find the cigs he'd had in his pocket and that would have been the cane for sure.

So later that week he asked Sherry to cane him. She'd never caned anyone, so it was an interesting new experience. Her strokes weren't too hard and he suggested they repeat the caning in a week as this one was just "practice."

Sherry liked that idea, but said that John should cane her, to make it fair. "But you haven't done anything wrong," he said.

"I know, but I will eventually and you'll have to cane me for real, so you need to practice now so you'll be ready."

It was strange logic, but it did make sense, so he gave her six strokes on her bare bottom. His probably hurt more than his as he was more athletic and accurate with his strokes, as well as being stronger, but Sherry didn't complain.

For the next two weeks they found time to practice caning each other, John growing so skillful that his strokes weren't too much different than his uncle's, though not as forceful. Sherry said they stung intensely, but she didn't mind. For his part, John thought Sherry's canings were quite nice: stingy, but bearable, and nothing like the utter anguish when his uncle flogged him. He had her give him extra strokes to make up for her being a girl -- an accusation that annoyed her slightly and caused her to beat him extra hard.

As the months wore on, they learned how to use the tawse as well, and soon both were competent with all the punishment implements.

One day John made up an offense -- he said he'd struck a boy and school, but no one had seen -- and asked Sherry to thrash him soundly. By this time he was nearly 14 and growing into a fine lad. Sherry was also developing, taking after her beautiful mother and turning into a well-formed young lady.

At this age the two weren't being punished by Sherry's parents as often. John averaged a caning a month from Uncle Mark, and he hardly ever got the slipper from his aunt any more. Aunt Grace occasionally used the slipper or hairbrush on her daughter for small things, such as doing chores badly, but she'd taken to caning the girl for more serious breaches. That wasn't too often, however; perhaps every six weeks.

The two children scarcely noticed this, for they were busy beating each other. John liked to get at least one spanking a week from his cousin, and she did about the same from him. His were more frequent, but hers were sterner, and she often insisted he cane her after he'd strapped her bottom.

On the day John made up the story about the fight, he had Sherry slipper him soundly and then cane him a full dozen strokes. He pretended it was his aunt spanking him and then his uncle administering the cane. Sherry's cuts weren't as severe as Uncle Mark's, but in his imagination they hurt just as much.

After that, he often made up excuses to be punished by Sherry. This was much easier than trying to come up with legitimate reasons to be caned. But soon his lies fell apart and Sherry realized he hadn't been bad. Rather than be upset, she was delighted.

"Oh, I should have been doing that," she said. "Mum smacked me last week when I didn't scrub the floors properly and I was just doing it to have an excuse for you to beat me."

"So that's why you're always neglecting the housework," John said. "It seemed unlike you."

"So we don't have to pretend to be naughty any more. Let's just ask the other for a spanking when we want it and we don't have to actually be bad!"

This was a fine new plan. The whole thing was more of a game. The beatings were still intense, and grew in severity as the cousins had birthdays, but at least they no longer had to be deliberately naughty and risk getting a "real" thrashing from Sherry's parents.

By the time the two were in their late teens their parental punishments were rare, just a few times a year, but they were punishing each other weekly. John had developed into a tall, strapping young man and his canings and paddlings could be fierce. Sherry loved them and insisted he be harsh with her. Since he enjoyed seeing her bottom hot and red he obliged.

For his own punishments, John favored getting spanked more often, with each session being less harsh. One day Sherry's parents informed the children that they were going away for a week on a special holiday -- a second honeymoon, of sorts. The cousins were 17 and old enough to stay on their own.

With no sneaking around and privacy guaranteed, the two were able to indulge in spanking games as much as they wanted for an entire week. John had Sherry cane him six-of-the-best every day, using a long senior rod and applying the strokes sharply. By the end of the week he was incredibly sore, weeping after just the first stroke on Friday, but the experience was so intensely pleasurable he spurted white come twice during the caning.

Sherry took two minor punishments, hand and hairbrush spankings followed by a few strokes of the tawse, and one severe session where she was caned six strokes, strapped, spanked, and then caned another six.

By this time it was clear to both of them that their "game" was sexually motivated, but neither felt the urge to mate with the other. John had a girlfriend and Sherry a boyfriend. Neither participated in spanking with them, but reserved that special play for their cousin. This separation of experience was unusual, but not remarkable. Both of them had grown up with it as discipline and it still held a special place in their hearts, but that was totally separate from any erotic coupling.

Thus the two entered adulthood engaging in normal relationships, while still continuing their cousin play on the side. Neither thought of this as odd, for it had been going on so long that they considered it routine. Even when John became engaged, he didn't stop visiting his cousin for regular canings.

Eventually, of course, his wife found out, but once she understood that he was utterly loyal to her and his punishments from Sherry only made him more enamored with his wife, she was fine with the arrangement. A year later, Sherry herself was married, but she'd explained the situation prior to the wedding and her husband agreed it could continue.

Actually, he first tried to spank her himself, but he wasn't properly into it and wasn't strict enough, so it was better to have John handle the matter. Soon the two couples had families with happy marriages, while once or twice a month the cousins visited each other for thrashings.

The End