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Blog Post (2023-11-26)

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in the USA and I've finally gotten another batch of books edited and produced. Whew!

New Free Stories

I've added a few new free stories to my website. You can find them under the "Latest" link.

What's New

Okay, here's what I've got finished so far: 10 new Twelve of the Best books ready (volumes 91-100) (that's 120 new short stories... and a whopping 1200+ total). Some of the stories are longer and some shorter, but the total for each collection is the same.

That's not all, however. I have three new novella collections (Volume 22-24) which contain a total of ten longer stories.

The Flogmaster's Novellas: Volume 22 contains:

Appeal Denied: A beautiful and spellbinding new teacher is unusually strict, causing a family to appeal to the school board when their daughter gets unfairly paddled, but their plan backfires.

He Pinched the Wrong Bottom: When an arrogant businessman pinches the bottom of a colleague, he's in for a world of hurt that will transform his life forever.

Judge Judah: Three generations of a family meet once a month to dispense corporal punishment.

The Sorority Girl: When a young man's mother sends him to a sorority girl for discipline, he finds himself in far deeper than he could have imagined possible.

The Flogmaster's Novellas: Volume 23 contains:

Bare Attack: When an unknown assailant begins spanking women in a large nature park, the whole city is on a manhunt for the perp.

Marjorie Seeks a Spanking: An older woman is feeling her age on her birthday, and goes out on the town looking for someone to spank her bare bottom. She instead finds many opportunities to spank others, but her own rear end stays sadly neglected.

Spanked By Her Daughter: A girl discovers her mother trying to spank herself and volunteers to help.

The Flogmaster's Novellas: Volume 24 contains:

Grandma Ann: An unemployed grandmother finds success as the town's spanker.

Neighborhood Gossip: An old woman writes about spankings and rumors of spankings in the 1950s.

Opposite Day: A good girl experiences a bizarre day where she's spanked for everyone else's faults.

There are also two new novels:

That's 15 new books! These are all brand new and for the moment, exclusive to my site. (Eventually they may be published on Amazon and other locations under my Frank Martinet pen name, via the Library of Spanking Fiction.)

Still more to come, hopefully soon. Thanks, and be well.

The Flogmaster