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95 stories totalling 2,109,553 bytes (about 357,650 words).

The Accident433,6861999-01A rich brat learns to accept responsibility.SevereM/F
The Advertisement, Parts 1-3458,3531995-08A young lady wins a two-week discipline session in London. One of the Flogmaster's first stories!SevereF/F
The Affair520,7321995-10A man, discovering his wife is having an affair, devises his own solution to the problem.SevereM/F
Afterglow39,7821996-04A woman goes to work after a strenuous 'session' with her husband and finds it difficult to concentrate.IntenseM/F
Agonizing Decision412,4632010-03A female FBI agent chooses punishment over termination.EdgyM/F
The Photo Album428,2541995-12A young couple discover each other's most personal secrets.IntenseM/fm
Settling the Argument 38,6152003-12A wife teases her husband that he can't build a spanking machine, and he proves her wrong.IntenseM/F
A Routine Spanking33,6892016-05Description of a typical spanking.Severe?/?
A Talent for Nothing46,5992004-07A girl with no skills discovers she has an unusual one.SeriousM/F
The Bachelorette Party428,7622009-05A bachorlette party plays naughty.IntenseM/Fx7
The Bar538,9432004-01A man visits a unique club in San Francisco.SevereM/F
Behind the Scenes at the Olympics 39,4112003-12What was really behind the success of the U.S. volleyball team at the Sydney Olympics?IntenseM/F
Betrayal315,9631997-09A suspicious husband trails his wife to her secret rendezvous.SevereM/F
Buxom Babe415,1562006-07An extremely severe judicial punishment session.EdgyM/F
Cat Burglar 513,3632003-12One thief meets another and delivers his own brand of justice.IntenseM/F
Chef Payne 01: Rump Roast 414,0622003-12A recipe for delight as we watch an episode of the 'Cooking with Chef Payne' show.SevereM/F
Christmas310,8571995-12An eager young lady discovers an unusual gift in her Christmas stocking...IntenseM/F
Cindy -- A Modern Fairy Tale442,1662003-12A fanciful retelling of the Cinderella story.SevereM/F
CZJ 526,4222003-12A glorious fantasy about a famous lady with a secret kink.IntenseFM/FM
The Contest323,6541995-10A young couple competes at beach games where there are literally sore losers.SevereMF/MF
Contrast412,5252007-11A husband loves his outwardly prim and proper wife who's delightfully naughty in the bedroom.IntenseM/F
The Couple535,1491996-02A young couple discovers the real meaning behind trust and commitment. An elegant explanation of what erotic spanking is all about.SevereM/F
Couple Spanking311,5812016-05A couple with marital problems meets their solution.SevereF/MF
The Courtship of a Goddess544,9691996-02A lonely, middle-aged bachelor tells the bittersweet story of how he fell in love with the woman of his dreams.IntenseM/F
The Daredevil437,0741996-02A female daredevil who has spent the last thirty years cheating death goes for the ultimate thrill--confronting her old schoolmaster.SevereM/F
The Date424,1181995-10A young man goes on the wildest date of his wildest dreams.SevereM/F, F/M
Delta House466,9391996-05A high school boy visits his older brother's frat house at college and gets his eyes opened as to the benefits of modern education.SevereM/FF
The Therapist: Discipline Through Time (idea for a screenplay)33,9112003-12The Flogmaster's idea for a screenplay for Rosaleen Young.IntenseM/F
Dusting Off 529,0012004-01A retired headmaster reflects on canings past and present.SevereM/F
Escapee 311,0632004-01A prisoner attempts to escape and is whipped.SevereM/F
The Example410,2791999-10A college professor disciplines a young lady on the first day of class as an extreme example.IntenseM/F
The Experience532,6922004-01A woman experiences the ultimate in corporal punishment.SevereM/F
Final Cut27,7991995-11A girl discovers the price of joining a sorority.SevereF/F
The Final Initiation419,8641999-11Young ladies learn the true cost of joining a sorority.SevereF/F8
The First Week is Free432,3862004-01Josie and the Pussycats are given an offer they can’t refuse.SevereM/FFF
The Fratority471,0451999-09Several pledges vie to become members of a fratorority.SevereMF+/MMMFFF
The Funeral415,0991995-10A woman remembers the lessons taught by her late father.IntenseM/f
The Girl Who Cried Wolf46,7551999-04A frustrated husband discovers the cure for his shrewish wife.SeriousM/F
The Governess524,1422004-01A clever boy manipulates his new governess.Intensem/F
The Healing Pool546,7641997-09A lonely, depressed woman, haunted by a terrible secret, searches for the elusive 'Healing Pool' she hopes will cure her ills.SevereMF/FF
Honey, I'm Home49,4901995-10After a hard day's work a husband must face the terrible duty of disciplining his beautiful wife.SevereM/F
Hope426,3002010-10A man paddles a soccer star.IntenseM/F
Incident at Fourth and Gresham17,4511995-10An undercover officer goes all the way to do her duty.SevereM/F
The Intern426,5142004-01An intern discovers the cost of her internship.SevereM/F
The High Cost of Internet Access 414,8892004-01A woman's secret is discovered.SevereM/F
The Lecture Series: Punishment Spankings434,6511998-07A professor of spankology demonstrates proper technique.EdgyM/FF
The Loan Shark (Part 1)424,0031996-04A spoiled model gets herself into debt and only a strict loan shark can rescue her.SevereM/F
The Lover320,8631996-05A young man meets his dream girl.EdgyM/F
Confessions of a Naughty Maid426,3351995-10A maid learns her mistress' secret.SevereF/F
Maid for Spanking520,4702004-01A couple seeks a spanking robot.IntenseMF/F
Memory Lessons315,8371998-11A woman goes on a camping trip with her strict husband and learns the meaning of obedience.IntenseM/F
Miss Tight Brown Pants420,5662006-07An old man punishes a beautiful model.SevereM/F
The Models' New Clothes316,8501996-02A young model tells about an unusual modeling show where she and the other model's costumes are a little, er, transparent.SeriousM/F
A Movie Proposal 412,9872003-12A movie director explains his idea for a film.SevereM/FFFFf
Music Video412,2091996-03A hot new female singing group is interviewed on music television during the premiere of their latest video.IntenseM/FFF
Nannybot525,9632004-01A professional woman discovers what it's like to be a little girl again.SevereF/F
The NCP Championships457,4602007-10What if the Olympics were a spanking competition?SevereM/F
The News Show416,3571996-01The perky co-host of a major network morning TV news show is 'volunteered' to host a segment on recreational spanking...IntenseM/FF
Punished Nuns217,2631999-01Like the title says, nuns are punished.EdgyF/FF
Ode to Rosaleen Young516,9082004-01Frank describes how he'd spank actress and author Rosaleen Young.SevereM/F
The Old Boys Club513,5301999-10A man is given an offer he can't refuse.SevereMM/F
100413,6122003-12A wife finds out what it means to be punished after she totals the car.SevereM/F
The Outing512,2612004-01A sailboat trip promises lots of discipline and sex for a couple.SevereM/F
Pan Am419,5382011-10Loosely based on the new Pan Am TV series, this is a discipline spanking story for a stewardess' failings.SevereM/F
The Performance531,3181997-12A man catches up with his long lost love.SevereM/F
The Poker Game 417,9001996-02Several couples gather for a friendly poker game that escalates into tension-filled erotic naughtiness.IntenseMF/FFFM
Differing Point Of View410,6402004-01Two points of view of the same disciplinary event.IntenseM/F
The Professor and the Student415,1862004-01A college girl, in love with her professor, submits to his evil desires.SevereM/F
Public Punishment214,4991995-10A young man in the Middle East discovers himself the observed instead of the observer.SevereM/M, F/f
The Rich Maid536,0801999-12A rich man hires a naughty maid.EdgyM/F,
RSP and Pain311,1191996-07A couple enjoy a spanking game of Rock, Scissors, Paper.SevereM/F, F/M
The Sacrifice547,7731996-02An introspective tale about the ritual sacrifice of a woman. Warning: contains death and philosophy; not for the squeamish or stupid.EdgyM/F
A Scavenger Hunt533,1971996-03Several couples compete in an unusual scavenger hunt... for spanking implements!SevereFM/FM, F/f
The Schoolroom519,8181999-09A couple signs up for an unusual 'school' session.SevereM/FFMM
The Secret Life of Amelia Journey523,7641998-07A female Walter Mitty finds comfort in fantasy.SevereM/F
Single's Blues417,8941998-03A young man gives a brat her comeuppance.IntenseM/F
Sneaking19,4681995-11Two naughty adults discuss the merits of hand spanking during an illicit meeting. Sci/Fi theme.IntenseM/F
Sorority Girl #09237,7112004-01A sorority sister remembers paddlings.IntenseF/F
Sorority Plots415,1342004-01A guy tricks his girlfriend into getting sorority paddlings.IntenseF/F
Spank Me, Please418,9231995-10A young lady faces a difficult sorority initiation and asks the narrator for his astute assistance.SevereM/F
Star Trek: The Next Generation, 'Vacation'433,6331996-04The captain of the Enterprise has his holodeck vacation interrupted -- and the crew's perspective of Captain Picard is forever altered.SevereMM/fffFFF
Survivor OTK478,8472004-01What the Survivor TV show ought to be like.EdgyF/Fx8
The Teacher416,8311996-01A widow and widower discover a new and profound friendship in a rather unusual manner.SevereF/M
The Tenderfoot534,0701997-11A group of lonely cowhands are astonished by the new female worker their boss hires, but she takes her initiation well.SevereM12/F
The Art of Persuasion415,9312006-01A tender story of a loving wife agreeing to a switching from her husband.IntenseM/F
The Cheerleaders418,7322006-09The secret behind a team's championship season.IntenseF/Fx12
The Dance47,6542005-05A slave is whipped to ribbons as she dances erotically for the pleasure of men.EdgyM/F
The Decision310,4192010-01A woman is faced with an impossible choice: judical caning or years prison.IntenseM/FFFF
The New Boss325,6452003-12A club owner canes his girls.SevereM/Fx11
The Princess411,4522010-04A woman learns the duty of being married to the prince.SevereM/F
The Tour427,1752000-03A juvenile takes a tour of a strict prison.IntenseF/F+
Venting412,4441997-12A wealthy man offers a unique service to frustrated women of the 90's.SevereM/FFFFF
Water of Life414,7431997-10A sorority pledge gains healing during her difficult and painful initiation.SevereF/F
Caught in the Web39,0861995-10An elf-girl learns that her mother was right about staying away from the forest after dark.Serious?/F
The Wedding Day516,0731996-08A young man comes of age the night before his wedding -- by learning that family traditions are best honored.SevereM/F