Jessica Meets Colonel Ansed

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Jessica Meets Colonel Ansed

(***, M/F, Intense, semi-consensual paddling)

A nanny makes a sacrifice. (Approximately 1,638 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

It all began when Jessica got a job to work as Colonel Ansed's live-in nanny. Colonel Ansed was a fierce, strict, army man, who grieved for his first and only love, his wife Angelica, who died while giving birth a baby boy, who also died.

The Colonel had six children, and ruled them like an army. The six kids didn't like nannies because they would report their misdeeds to their father. So the kids always made sure the nannies left soon after they arrived.

Jessica soon found frogs in her bed, a whole bottle of Tabasco sauce slipped into her soup (which, of course, she couldn't complain about), and other things.

One day she found out why the children didn't like nannies, and why they were so afraid of their father catching them in their wrong doing.

Jessica had left her basket of yarn and the scarf she was knitting out on the upstairs balcony. Little twelve-year-old Vena was busy tying the yarn into laborious knots and tangles, when Jessica came back. Vena jumped up and tried to turn away from the basket. She bumped a plant her father had set on the edge of the porch.

The plant fell down to the ground, two stories below. And her father corning up the walk, saw it fall, looked up, and saw Vena. He immediately pulled his whistle out of his pocket and blew it.

All of the children promptly gathered his study. Jessica followed, curious. All of the children were lined up in order of age, oldest to youngest. Young Vena was in the middle, trembling visibly, but trying to be brave. Jessica wondered why.

Then the Colonel came in and inspected the children. "All right. Who is the child responsible for the destruction of my potted Petunia that used to be on the porch railing upstairs?"

All of the children were silent for a moment, and then Vena stepped forward. "I-I-I knocked it over, Father. I am sorry. It won't happen again." Her eyes pleaded up at her father.

"I am sorry too, Vena -- that you would do such a thing. There is a penalty, you know, for such behavior." Vena nodded her head and stepped over to the wall.

She quietly undid her skirt and dropped it to the ground. Then she pulled her underwear down below her thighs. She stood there with her bare bottom exposed to the world.

Vena was big for her age, and well-formed. She already had nice breasts and one could see a difference in her waist and hips. Her backside was round and fat, and sort of stuck out with a mind of its own. Now, naked, it seemed to shine invitingly for someone to slap it. It trembled slightly, vibrating, as Vena shook, scared.

Jessica couldn't belive it. The other children, boys included, stood uncomfortably watching. Then Jessica got her big surprise. The Colonel stepped over to his desk, opened a drawer, and removed a large wooden paddle. The paddle was nearly an inch thick, was about a foot and a half in length, had a long handle, and was made of heavy, solid oak. Jessica couldn't believe the Colonel was going to used that paddle on a twelve-year-old girl and told the Colonel that.

He turned to her. "I hired you as a nanny for my children, not as a disciplinarian. If Vera is old enough to do wrong, she is old enough to take her punishment. Besides, it isn't the first time; she has been paddled many times, as have all of my children, when they disobey my orders."

The Colonel then dismissed Jessica from his mind and turned to the children. "You all know the rules. Does anyone wish to take her place? No, very well. Lean forward, Vena."

Jessica starred in horror as he lifted the heavy paddle into the air and brought it down upon Vena's round bottom. The paddle made a loud smacking sound which echoed through the room. Vena, who was partially bent over, with her arms leaning against the wall, was thrown forward. Vena's backside was a bright red and was rapidly turning brighter. And Vena was gasping in pain and crying. He butt wiggled back and forth as the pain shot through it, and tiny shivers and spasms went through her buttocks as they trembled and shook.

Jessica viewed all this as the Colonel paused, waiting for the pain to sink in. Jessica couldn't stand it any more. "Stop it, sir! Please stop it. It is too much pain for a little girl like that. All for a plant. Stop it. She's had enough."

"Stop it? She's had enough? That's only one. She's twelve years old. She has fourteen more coming. And I won't stop for you or for anyone!"

"Fourteen--" Jessica knew she wouldn't be able to watch the girl get paddled that many times. There had to be something she could do. But if the Colonel wouldn't stop.... Then it hit her. It might be hard, but she would do it. She would teach that Colonel a lesson.

"Colonel?" She paused.

"Yes," he growled, impatiently.

"At the beginning you said anyone could take her place, right?" The Colonel nodded. "So, let me take her place."

The Colonel stared at her in astonishment. The other kids cheered and rallied behind Jessica, and the doubtful Colonel finally gave in. He reminded Jessica that because she was older she would receive twenty with the paddle, and she reluctantly agreed.

Jessica stepped over to the wall and pulled up her dress. Then she had a problem. She had no way to hold up her dress and lean against the wall at the same time. She would have to take off her dress! In front of the Colonel.... It was one thing for him to see her naked buttocks, but for her to be entirely nude before him was something else.

Reluctantly Jessica prepared to remove her dress, when seventeen-year-old Lisa handed her two clothespins. "I have the same trouble myself," Lisa whispered, "so I always carry these just in case I am to get paddled."

Jessica nodded her thanks and quickly pinned up her dress. Then she slipped her underwear down to her ankles and leaned up against the wall.

Jessica was only twenty-five and shapely. She had awesome breasts and a perfect hourglass figure. But Jessica's best feature was the special protrudance of her remarkably smooth and sleek buttocks. Jessica used to render guys speechless by "accidentally" brushing her butt against their hand. And now, in the nude, Jessica's bare bottom was better than ever.

The Colonel lined up his feet and prepared his arm. He was going to give this interfering, sassy, and well, good-looking (Especially that butt!) girl a paddling she wouldn't forget. He felt angry with her, though he didn't know why. Because she is so beautiful and young, and I can't have her? he thought, and then dismissed it. Whatever the reason, he didn't like her, and was prepared to make her realize that.

The first swing came down as a perfect arc, with perfect force. The far end of the paddle, where every ounce of leverage came out struck Jessica's pert bottom. It struck the lower, fatter part, and pushed up and inward. And when it had bounced back and was gone, the bare skin was lobster-red and brightening.

"One!" said the unperturbed Colonel. and paused, letting the pain sink in.

And sink in it did. Jessica first felt the heavy pressure of the board against her backside, pushing her forward. Then she felt a slight stinging sensation that gradually built up and filled her whole butt. Soon both buttocks were burning with fire and Jessica was trembling with pain and agony.

The Colonel noted the signs of pain, and knew that he had struck a soft point. He pressed harder. Ten years of paddling had taught the Colonel how to do it well, and he knew how to get every bit of leverage out of a board, how to press each point, and how to "slap" a sore spot as to make it hurt more than another hit would.

The Colonel used all of his tricks now, paddling the same low, spot on Jessica's butt, watching the fatty tissue wiggle during and after each hit and quiver with pain. The Colonel paddled that spot four more times, and then moved on, just as the pain in that spot reached its peak.

The next five times the Colonel paddled the fat, soft, flabbly side of Jessica's right buttock. This caught Jessica by surprise the first time, and she agonized over the mistake. And the next four after that were even worse. Finally, when the pain had almost peaked again, the Colonel shifted to the left buttock and its side, holding the paddle more in his left hand to obtain more force.

After five there he moved to the most painful of all: five on the upper side of both buttocks. There was almost no fat there, just skin, and the awful paddle made the skin blister and pop.

Then it was over. The Colonel handed Jessica a wet washcloth and told her he hoped she was proud od herself, being the self-sacrificing hero. He left muttering about "stupidity, that's what." But the kids gathered around Jessica as a wounded comarade, and treated her like one of themselves. It had taken a lot, and it was several days before Jessica could sit properly at the table without wiggling (it gave the Colonel pleasure to see her still fidgeting in her seat even three days later), but it was worth it. Though the Colonel didn't help, by insisting they go horseback riding....

The End