Just Like School

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Just Like School

(***, M/f, Intense, non-consensual paddling)

A tardy employee asks for paddling instead of pay cuts. (Approximately 1,110 words. Originally published 2020-05.)

Nicole was just seventeen when she started working at the discount store as a clerk. She was pregnant and desperate, and that didn't change after she had the baby. She needed the job and every penny was precious.

Which was why she resented getting her pay docked when she was late. One day she confronted her boss in his office. Mark was a nice guy and she hoped to convince him to have mercy on her.

"I could just stay late and make up the time," she suggested. Unfortunately, that wasn't allowed. Shifts were scheduled to end at a particular time and employees were automatically clocked out to prevent unauthorized overtime.

"Why don't you just show up on time?" he said. "Problem solved."

"I try, but there's always something," Nicole complained. "Traffic, my baby's fussing, or the sitter's late. Or maybe the car's low on gas and I have stop and fill up. Even when I budget extra time, it always seems to get used up and I get here late."

"I'm sorry, but we can only pay you for the hours you're here."

"That's not fair!" Nicole said, and then she realized how silly she sounded. "I mean, couldn't you penalize me in some other way?"

"Like what? Take away your break period?"

"Yeah, exactly!"

Mark shook his head. "I was just kidding. Legally, those are required."

"There must be something." She glanced around the room, trying to think -- and then she saw the plaque on the wall. It was paddle shaped and she remembered.

"Hey, you could paddle me, like in high school!"

"Excuse me?"

"When I was tardy in school, the principal would give me whacks with a wooden board."

"You want me to spank you?"

"Why not? It helped me in school."

"You weren't tardy?"

Nicole squirmed. "Well, not as much."

Mark considered this. The truth was, he'd often thought that what Nicole needed was a good smack on the ass. She was too cute and got away with so much growing up she was spoiled. Reality was a harsh mistress. He understood how even losing a few dollars a week was a hardship for her. Perhaps a paddling would be better.

"You'd have to sign a consent form," he said, and she agreed immediately.

They negotiated the terms. Mark pushed for five swats for any tardy less than five minutes -- the penalty jumped to 15 if she was up to a quarter of an hour late. Longer than that he couldn't cover and it would come out of her pay.

"But it school it was just three whacks," she grumbled.

"You're 18 now, not a kid. Take it or leave it."

"I'll take it."

It seemed to work. It was three days before she was late. Then she was in his office presenting her pert little bottom for the board. Mark had bought a paddle just for the purpose. It was 20 inches long and five wide, and as thick as a romance novel. It burned right through her jeans and five stingers had her wiggling her hips frantically. It pleased him immensely, and he adjusted her electronic time card so she would get her full pay.

Two days later it was another five, and the following Monday she was ten minutes late. He made the 15 hurt. She grunted at each blow, but wasn't as panicked as before. When it was over, she wasn't even crying. She rubbed her ass enthusiastically.

"Whew, that sure stings!"

"Is it reminding you to be on time?"

Nicole nodded. "I'm doing better, aren't I?"

He checked her records and saw she was right. Before she'd been late all the time -- not just at the start of her shift, but after lunch and other times, too.

Soon the two settled into a steady rhythm. Two to four times a week he led Nicole into his office for some private pine therapy. Usually it was just five, but at least once a week she was really late and got 15 licks.

He enjoyed spanking her so much he didn't really care if she improved her stats or not, but he did start a spreadsheet to calculate her on-time performance and he noticed that after a few months of paddling she was returning to her old ways. He worried it might get suspicious if he was always adjusting her timecards and none of the other employees -- someone might think she was bribing him with sexual favors.

So he decided the spankings needed to be a bit more of a deterrent. He brought Nicole into his office and explained the situation. She agreed she'd backslid and didn't argue when he told her that she was barely bothered by five swats.

"So you want to increase the dose?" she asked worriedly.

"If I do that, we'll be here all day," he said. "No, I had something else in mind. The same number of swats, only with less protection."

"What do you mean?"

"No jeans," Mark said.

"Oh shit! Seriously? But that--"

"--would hurt more? That is the idea, Nicole."

"I guess." She considered it, and finally shrugged. "Okay. It's still better than a pay cut."

The very next day Nicole was late. She reluctantly drew down her jeans revealing tiny white panties that barely contained her cute ass. When she leaned forward, even more pale flesh was exposed. Her boss didn't hesitate, but brought the wooden slab hard into her butt. Her yelp was as sharp as the sting!

Mark grinned, pleased to see her gasping and squirming, and he laid on the next four just as hard. Nicole had tears in her eyes after, and she was biting her lower lip.

"That'll learn ya," her boss said, laughing at her woeful expression as she wiggled her jeans back up over her bright pink bottom.

It was nearly a month before she got her first 15. She'd done well, though she wasn't perfect, getting just one or two spankings a week. Then late in the third week after the change, she was over 20 minutes tardy for her shift. She arrived at Mark's office quite somber.

He didn't let her off, though. She got the full 15 whacks on her pantied bottom and was crying before the tenth. The rest were excruciating.

"I had no idea pants made such a difference," she said, afterward. "That paddle really hurts."

"It's definitely more effective. I doubt you'll be very late any more."

Sure enough, for the next few days Nicole was early! Getting the paddle on what was essentially her bare bottom was nothing at all like school.

The End