It's More Exciting That Way

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It's More Exciting That Way

(***, M/fm, Intense, non-consensual spanking, paddling, whipping)

An old principal rants about how spanking should be brought back to schools. (Approximately 1,413 words. Originally published 2020-05.)

Kids today don't know what they're missing. They think it's great that schools don't spank any more, but school was a lot more interesting when you had the prospect of the paddle looming over every decision.

Back in my day, we'd do a senior prank -- but we had to seriously consider the consequences. Was getting swats worth it if we were caught?

I like to think of girls today weighing that option when they choose to wear skintight jeans or miniskirts. I picture a blond standing in front of a mirror, trying on outfits, admiring her youthful sexy curves in her reflection, and thinking about the principal's hardwood paddle connecting with her rounded tush when she's busted for a clothing violation. Worth it or not? That is the question.

I suppose many would take the risk. After all, back when the paddle was used it was used regularly. It wasn't just for emergencies. Kids knew they'd get whacks if the broke the rules and they broke the rules anyway. Some regretted it. Others were nonchalant about such corrections.

Not just boys, either. Girls got the wood, too. Sure, they often got let off with lectures, detention, lines, or other punishments, but some of them preferred the paddle. I heard many a girl in my class complaining about some alternative punishment.

"If I was a boy, he'd have just whacked me and that would be it," Ruth whined. "Now I've got to stay after school every day for a whole week!"

I always thought the stigma against spanking girls wrong. Most that I knew were tougher than boys. They'd talk about their whippings at home and it would send chills down my spine. One girl got thrashed bare with a riding whip -- at least 50 lashes, she claimed -- and she spoke of this with a shrug as though it were routine and boring.

"Yeah, I'll probably get a whipping if we're back late, but I'll take that chance. Let's go to the concert."

More girls should have gotten paddled, but despite the bias, hundreds did. It wasn't a big deal back then. Most were far more worried about the consequences at home over a few whacks at school.

I look at the girls today, smug and arrogant as they tap away on their smartphones and ignore dozens of rules every minute, and I think the paddle should be brought back. Those girls would shriek and post their outrage on social media, but it'd be for their own good.

Like how many of them rant about school being boring? Would they feel the same way if their butts could be set on fire at any moment? Just think how exciting it would be. Every bell ringing would be a thrilling experience -- am I safe in class or am I tardy and risking a paddling?

Cursing, talking back to teachers, skipping class, faking illness, cheating, fighting -- all those things would have a new danger to them. Sure, a few girls would still do all these things and more, that's what teenagers do, but instead of minimal consequences, they'd actually suffer a little.

I wouldn't feel bad for them. A few smacks to the tush is not the same as pulling out fingernails with pliers or water boarding. In the grand scheme of things, it's pretty far down on the pain scale. A stubbed toe can be much worse. (I know -- I hit mine on a table leg in the dark the other day and nearly passed out it hurt so much.)

After all, a paddling is a slab of wood hitting the most padded part of the body. There are no vital organs in the butt-cheeks, just fat and muscles, and while some soreness there can make sitting uncomfortable for a day or two, it's not torture. Kids hurt themselves worse all the time playing sports, goofing off, or doing stupid stunts for YouTube views. Girls suffer worse pain getting waxed, having their eyebrows plucked, getting piercings and tattoos, and wearing non-ergonomic items of fashion, such as a high-heeled shoes.

I speak as one who felt the board, paddled kids as a high school principal, and whose own kids got their rumps reddened when needed. My own smackings weren't pleasant, but had no long-term negative effects. The wood caught my attention and made me think more carefully about my behavior in the future, exactly as intended.

When I paddled both boys and girls, none of them suffered extensively. Girls yelped and there were a few tears, but most were shocked it wasn't worse. I even had a number say, "That's it?" when I said we were done. The fear of the unknown was worse than the reality.

Those that came back for repeat doses weren't so worried and usually agreed they deserved it. I even had one girl ask me for extra licks! (I didn't oblige. She wanted her butt sore-looking so her dad wouldn't whip her so hard when she got home.)

Many a kid thanked me either then or years later; a higher percentage of those were females. They told me things like the spanking got them back on track or prevented even worse mistakes. I never had any express resentment or anger.

There was even one girl I paddled who turned out to be innocent. When the truth came out a month later I apologized, but she just shrugged and said it was fine. She wasn't upset. "I probably deserved that spanking for something else," she said.

My own daughters, who howled with the best when the wood was igniting their bottoms, hugged me later and said they were sorry. When they were older I let them choose grounding or spanking when they'd earned a punishment, and they just about always chose the paddle.

This just goes to show that a paddling isn't the worst thing to happen since cancer, but a mere mosquito bite. Kids today don't know what they're missing. I'm not saying a paddling is fun, but it certainly isn't boring.

I watch these modern girls in their too-tight jeans and tiny barely legal skirts stroll up and down the school halls as though they own the planet and I think how much better things would be if only I was still permitted to dish out some old-fashioned pine justice.

Not only would we see better conduct all around, but I genuinely believe these young ladies would be happier. Half their bad behavior is a cry for attention, a seeking of boundaries, a player trying to figure out the rules to the game. When everything is permitted the youth don't rejoice in their freedom, they become frustrated and restless. Having some very real consequences like the paddle -- something that's just the right amount of unpleasantness without going into true life ruin -- gives kids reassurance that the world isn't random chaos and that things are fair and regulated.

Girls, especially, want to know there are curbs on their behavior. Their nature is to push to the edge, but if there is no edge, they just go tumbling over and the results aren't pretty. Girls love to pretend to be adults, yet they aren't adults, and a few good swats to the backside reminds them of that. That's probably enough to stop most of them from going too far with boys.

And if the girls are good, the boys will follow. It's true: boys will do anything for the opposite sex, even behave! For that to work, however, the girls must be strong and not swayed by temptation from the boys. The paddle as a consequence is great for that, providing the encouragement girls need to refuse boys.

I also recommend supplement discipline at home, of course. It could be corporal or otherwise. The point is that a school paddling is more embarrassing and symbolic than true punishment. The real correction is at home.

Children need to know that their parents stand behind the school's decisions and they can't gang up on the principal or administration. That unity against misbehavior is what causes kids to reform.

I know that my recommendations will fall on deaf ears. All anyone hears is "paddle" and they think "abuse." But if corporal punishment is used appropriately it's harmless and enormously effective. Everyone would benefit via improved behavior, less distractions, and more mature thinking. Young ladies would think about their actions and the consequences and all of society would profit.

The End