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(***, Mm/f, Severe, non-consensual spanking, paddling, caning)

A girl sneaks out for a date and pays for it. This is the first spanking story the Flogmaster ever wrote, way back as a teenager in high school. (Approximately 3,262 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

She stormed out of the house in a rage. Why did her Father have to be so strict? He was always forbidding her to do everything she wanted to do, no matter how reasonable it was.

Right now, for instance, she had gone and (believe it or not) asked her Father if she could go out with John. So her Father goes and visits John, and then comes back with some story about how the kid is really a perverted sadistic sex maniac. Where in the world did he get that from just from saying "Hi" and "Bye?"

Well, Rebecca would just go out with John and face the consequences later. He didn't know where they were going anyway. She flounced along the sidewalk, furious and determined, her rear end swinging violently from side to side.

She was a little worried about the punishment she would be sure to receive, but not too much. Her Father was old fashioned and believed a Father's word was law and any disobedience was punished by whipping. Or in her case, since she was a girl, by a paddling or caning, or maybe she would get switched depending on what she had done. Now that Rebecca was 16, her father really laid down hard with the paddle and it hurt.

But Rebecca was one of those happy-go-lucky types, and didn't like to think of unpleasant things. She pondered instead on the romantic things that would occur during her date with John.

That night Rebecca slipped out of the house at 6:00 p.m. She went back behind her house, to where a grove of trees were. There, hidden in the center, she took off her jeans and her shirt. Standing there in her bra and thin panties she looked for the dress she had hidden under the bushes. She couldn't remember which one it was under.

"Is this the way you always dress?" a voice from behind her said admiringly. She turned around, shocked. It was her next door neighbor, a 15-year-old boy, and a real brat. He really needed a good spanking, she thought.

Like the one I will receive when I get home tonight, was an after-thought, but she brushed that away.

Suddenly she realized that she was standing half-naked in front of a guy who she disliked very much. She jumped behind a bush.

"What do you want?" she said sourly.

"Are you looking for this?" he asked, holding up her dress. He must have found it, she thought, and reached out for it.

"No you don't", he said, pulling it out of her reach. "First you have to do something."

"What?" she was alert and ready for anything. She was getting impatient, as she didn't have much time before John came.

"Nothing much," he said, smiling. "Just take off your bra and panties and let me get a good look at you." She refused. Rebecca thought, I could always just run back to the house and get something else. Then he produced her jeans and shirt. She would have to go back into the house unclothed!

There wasn't time anyway. She slipped off her panties and bra feeling terribly self-conscious, but enjoying the look in his eye all the same. He threw her clothes over in a bush. Then, as she started to go get them, he called out "Wait!"

She stopped and half-turned, when the flash went off and he was gone, carrying his camera with him. She would have to worry about him later.

She went over to her clothes and began to dress. She picked up the white gown and as she slipped into it she thought, Wow. John is really high class. My first formal date.

She put on a pair of high-heeled shoes and fixed up her hair. She had told her father that she was going to the library. That was why she had to change out in the bushes. He would never let her out of the house all dressed up.

Thinking this, she started to worry a little, guessing that her father would check up on the library deal. He probably would, but she would have to worry about that later.

Then she heard the honk down the street and she knew it was John. She slipped out of the trees and ran down to the sidewalk and to his car. It was a nice red Corvette, sleek and small.

Even more impressive was John. Dressed in a tuxedo he looked real sharp, and his handsome face just seemed to go with the tux perfectly.

He smiled at her and they drove off. They went to a small, expensive restaurant near the center of town. They had a nice dinner; and then they left.

They drove around for a while, and then Rebecca told him that she should be home by nine. He looked disappointed, which pleased her, and then he headed in the direction of her house. He stopped a few blocks away, near the wooded area behind her place.

Then he reached over and put his arm around her and pulled her over so that her head was over his lap. She protested, but then he twisted her head and kissed her. At first she resisted, but when he didn't try anything else she went along with him. Then his right hand slid down and felt her rump. She didn't like the way he was feeling her, so she wiggled out of his reach. His hand followed.

Finally, her rear was almost completely over on her seat when he reached way over and slipped his hand under her dress and pulled it up. Her long slim legs showed first, and then the white panties that where almost see-through were there.

She gasped and tried to get free from his grasp, but he only held her tighter. His right hand continued to caress her rump, squeezing it and feeling it. She shuddered and began to really struggle.

"Let me go," she whispered.

He didn't even pay attention, but just pulled her dress up more and began to feel under her panties. She fought back and then in desperation she clawed his arm with her nails. He grunted in surprise and then rebuked her.

"You shouldn't have done that. That was a mistake. Now I'm going to have to punish you."

What was he talking about? He sounded pleased rather than angry or upset. He opened his door and pulled her out with him and dragged her over to the trees nearby. Then he held her with one hand and broke off a branch with the other.

She tried biting his wrist and clawing it, but he didn't loosen his grip and seemed impervious to the pain. All of a sudden she heard a swish and felt a sharp stinging pain on the back of her right leg. He had hit her with the switch!

He pushed her back into the car then, head first, and sat in his chair with her rump in his face. He closed his door. He pushed his seat back and then pulled up her dress. He pulled it up almost to her neck. Then he took a wooden pole from the back seat and pushed it into a space in front of the car, an then the other end he hooked somewhere in the back seat. The pole passed over Rebecca's back, conveniently preventing her from getting up. Then John pulled off Rebecca's panties and Rebecca's nude bottom stood exposed for viewing to the world.

It was a magnificent rump, to those who enjoy studying such things. Perfectly rounded, smooth, and yet soft and fat. It had the air of a butt used to soft cushions, but also used to severe paddling, as indeed it was. But it had been several weeks since the last time and now the buttocks were soft and nice. John felt them thoughtfully.

He noted all this as he picked up his switch. Then, after reprimanding Rebecca, he began to whip her with the switch. Again and again the switch came down, stinger her bare rear end each time. When her butt was good and stung with red marks all over it, he turned his attention to her thighs.

As he switched her, he wondered why she had given up struggling and why she was not crying. Most girls would have been in tears long ago. She must be used to spankings, he decided. He looked over at her face and it was a determined face, a face that would not cry. But he could see the water in her eyes, and every now and then a tear would roll out. She was in pain, and he knew it.

After he was finished, he took down the bar and let her get back to her seat. She sat sulkily, and then asked if she could go home. He said she could, but she better not say anything about this to anyone. He explained that he had made a bad impression on her father on purpose, just so he would forbid her to come, and now she couldn't tell on John without revealing her disobedience.

She got out of the car, and then asked for her panties back, but John refused. "I'll keep them as a souvenir," he said.

She turned and left. By tomorrow John would be in another town doing the same thing again, to another girl. But he was right: she couldn't tell on him.

She was almost to her house when she saw a light on in the living room and began to experience pangs of fear. Her father had made her promise to be back by nine. She looked at her watch and discovered with horror that it was almost 11:00! Her butt was already very sore, but nothing like it would be. Tears came to her eyes as she thought of the punishment to come.

She decided to climb up onto the shed and pull herself up into her room. The window was unlocked; she had left it that way on purpose.

She scrambled onto the shed, and then reaching on her tiptoes grasped the window sill. She began to pull and climb up. She finally managed to get her arms in but couldn't pull her knees and legs up because the dress hampered her movements.

She rested a moment, and then pulled her self up to her waist, and bent half way in, leaning far forward. Her desk was right in front of her, she remembered, so she could grab a hold of it.

Except it was pitch black and she couldn't see the desk. She knew it was there. She leaned forward more and more and then all of a sudden lost her balance and fell forward with a thump.

She froze and listened for any signs of noise downstairs. She was in an awkward position, hanging inside the room over the window sill. Her hands were holding her up, preventing her from crashing onto the floor. But her rump was sticking straight up in the air, and her dress had fallen down over her head. John had taken her panties, so her naked butt was there for the world to see.

If anybody had gone by outside they would have seen a sight, surely, and Rebecca would have died on embarrassment. Only once before today had someone besides her family see her nude, and that was at school during gym when a boy "pantsed" her. He pulled down her shorts and panties to her ankles, right there in the gym, with all the guys watching. And she was so dumbfounded that she stood standing for almost a minute. The guys thought it hilarious; and she could never live it down.

Now, though, she was in another predicament, as she found that she could not get into her room. She was leaning too far forward and her weight made it impossible for her to take her hands off the floor. The dress made it impossible for her to climb any higher. The only other solution was to just tumble on in. But that might alert her father waiting downstairs.

But then the decision was taken from her. All of a sudden she felt an awful stinging pain in her rear end. Then she heard the smack of the paddle that had just hit her naked butt.

Her father must have been waiting in the room for her and had taken advantage of her position. Before she could think, the paddle came down again, this time harder than before. The pain in her butt seemed to burn and she thought her rump was on fire. Her father must be really furious.

The third smack hit her before she had enough sense to roll into the room. Even as she fell in, she felt the fear of that paddle of her father's in her breast.

She knew that paddle. It had hit her many, many, many times. In all of her life Rebecca must have gotten spanked maybe 1000 times with maybe 30 or more paddle swats per spanking. How she hated that paddle. She could remember once, when she was 13, she had gone and taken that paddle and buried it in the back yard. Her father hadn't even gotten mad; he'd just stripped her and began to switch her with a thin branch until, he said, she brought him the paddle. Finally she went and got it, after ten minutes of getting switched. Then he paddled her 25 times! She never took the paddle again.

The hateful paddle burst through her memories as it struck her bottom as she was on all fours, about to get up, knocking her flat. The pain was awful, burning, burning, burning.

As she got to her feet the paddle burst with tremendous power on her bottom. Fortunately, this time her dress was down over her butt, offering a little protection, and also she was out in the open, and not pinned against the window sill.

She was flung forward by the force of the blow, and that in itself seemed to lessen the shock. Her butt was burning though, and she had nowhere to hide. And the spanking was just beginning.

She wished it was still as easy as it had been as a kid. To be bed over and smacked until your parents thought you had had enough. You had no choice in the matter. They were so much bigger and stronger than you. Now, though, she had grown, and she couldn't stand there and let her father paddle her. She had to try to get away.

She felt her way to the door, but it was locked, as she had expected. She flicked on the lights instead, and turned. Her father was right beside her, and in her turned position, her butt was wide open. He smacked it with all of his force and she gasped and moved forward. She pleaded under her breath, even though she knew it was useless.

Her Father would catch her and then he would punish her according to the punishment list. She had memorized that list as a child, so she knew that she was to be caned five times for lying; paddled twenty times for disobedience, and probably switched for coming home past curfew.

He was coming after so she scrambled over to the other side of the bed. She was halfway across when grabbed her, and he began to pull her dress off. She knew it was no use, but struggled anyway. She finally let go because she was afraid it would rip. She stood there naked then, except for shoes and her bra.

"Take off your shoes," her father commanded. She took them off. "Your bra, too."

She shook her head. He would have to take that off if he wanted it off. She wasn't going to undress herself so he could whip her better.

He did take it off. He leaped over the bed and grabbed the back strap as she tried to run away. The clasp came undone, and he was left with the bra in his hand. He threw it over by the dress.

"What happened to your underwear?" he asked.

"I didn't have any clean ones, so I just didn't wear any," she lied.

He opened her drawer and saw all the clean panties there. "Right," he said. "That is two lies. Ten strokes with the cane."

Then he darted over and grabbed her. He pulled her over to the closet and then pulled out the old punishment stock he had bought at a flea market. He fastened her arms in it and locked it. Then he went away to fetch the cane and switch and everything else he might need.

Rebecca knew she wouldn't sleep tonight. He would paddle her and spank her as the list demanded. If he stopped now, she thought, it would be enough. I would remember and learn my lesson.

But no, he came back with the cane and a few other things. He pulled her legs out so that she was stretched out on the floor and then he put a couple of pillows under stomach to prop up her rump. It stuck high in the air, and because of the angle, it was impossible for Rebecca to tighten her ass muscles. Her soft fat rump was all relaxed and ready for punishment.

Her father took the cane high into the air and brought it down ten times on Rebecca's naked butt. She had ten red stripes across her bottom and they would be there a while. The cane was all white and thin, and very whippy. It was one he had bought in England, one just like they used to use in the British boarding schools.

With each smack the pain was blinding. The searing rod of pain across her butt seemed to bore right through her whole seat. She felt the impulse to grab her buttocks and squeeze them, as though that might help. But her hands were locked up and doing anything of the sort was impossible.

She could wiggle, though, and wiggle she did. She wiggled this way and that, writhing in pain and agony. It is only for a little while, she told herself, but she knew it had just begun.

He didn't like her wiggling, and told her so. But she was in so much pain she couldn't help but wriggle, so he caned her an extra one, and she calmed down a little.

After the cane it was paddle again. It came down again and again, burning her butt and making the tears come to her eyes. The paddle hurt even worse as it hit the already sore cane marks and she thought she was going to faint, but she didn't.

Then her father asked if she had had enough, and even though there still remained the switch, he would give her triple that tomorrow if she preferred.

She knew that tomorrow would be worse, after her butt had time to heal, so she refused. The switch seem nothing after the other implements, except when it hit a particularly sore spot and then the pain was almost unbearable.

Then it was all over. It hadn't been that bad, she thought, although this had been one of the worst spankings she had ever received. She lay in bed; on her stomach, and finally fell into a restless and upset sleep.

The End