Rebecca As a Boy

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Rebecca As a Boy

(***, M/f, Intense, non-consensual caning)

Stealing apples on a dare results in a sore bum. (Approximately 940 words. Originally published 1985-10.)

When Rebecca was 13, she tried to join a boy's club. They, of course, would not let her join. She grew so angry that she bundled up her long hair and hid it under a cap and dressed as a boy. Then she went back again. The boys told her that to join she must steal 12 apples from old man Richard's orchard. She agreed and went off to do so.

Old man Richard was a retired British school teacher, and had also served in the navy. He was a mean old man, and especially hated boys who stole his apples. He had a reputation for thrashing boys who were caught stealing apples, and once he had even shot rock salt at a boy.

Even though Rebecca knew all this, she continued anyway. The closer to the orchard she got, the more afraid she became. But she decided to go through with it.

She climbed over the low fence and made her way over to the nearby apple trees. She found several good apples on the ground; but the ones in the trees were too far up for her to reach. She searched on, and when she had about 8, she all of a sudden turned around. On the other side of the orchard old man Richards was coming. Rebecca felt a pang of fear, and then turned and began to run toward the wall.

But it was too late. He had already seen her. He lifted his shotgun up and she heard a roar. Forgetting to dodge, she continued on the same path. All of a sudden she felt a stinging in her butt, and felt something go zipping past her.

The pain in her rear end continued to grow, and Rebecca ran slower and slower, clutching her butt with her hands, the apples spilling to the ground. But then old man Richards caught up with her. He was all huffin' and puffin' and had a great big grin on his face.

"I got you, didn't I? Bang in the middle! Stings, doesn't it? Well, that's nothing to what you will be feeling when I'm through with you!" He smiled maliciously and grabbed Rebecca by the arm; and pulled her towards him.

Carrying her along, he led her to his house. Then he went up to the porch, still holding her tightly, and picked up a white, whippish, cane. He bent it experimentaly, and then grinned. "This will do fine," he laughed.

Rebecca stared at him in horror. Was she to be caned? Why, she hadn't been caned since she had been a measly ten years old! That had hurt, she remembered, and she had no desire to repeat it again. But the old man held her tightly, and she could not escape.

Holding her with one arm, he held down her arms and rendered them useless. With his right leg he wrapped it around her legs and pinned them to his. Then with his other hand he unbuckled her pants, and slid them off, down to her calves. Unfortunately, her girl panties slid down too, so Richards didn't see them or he might have guessed that she was female.

Rebecca just gasped and struggled. Here she was, a thirteen-year-old girl, in the prime of youth, stripped almost naked by a total stranger! But the old man wasn't interested in youthful bodies; he was interested in giving her pain. And that he did, only too well.

He bent Rebecca over, and thus didn't see her female genitals, and realize his mistake. He began to cane her furiously, berating her verbally at the same time. He caned her again and again, the white cane whipping down and laying white strips across her naked butt. The strips seemed to have been made with a red-hot poker to Rebecca, as they seared right through the skin.

She lay there and strugled and wriggled. At times she would wriggle at the wrong time and he would miss and hit her thigh. When this happened the extra pain in a tender place she wasn't used to being spanked in caused her to cry out, which only made Richards cane harder.

Finally it was over. She pulled her pants back on and took off running for the wall. Old man Richards laughed as she left, and gave her a very painful swat with the cane as she left. Rebecca left wondering why she had done this whole thing. Why had she dressed up like a boy, padding her breasts to make them unnoticeable, and rolled up her hair?

When Rebecca came to the wall the boys in the boy's club were all standing there laughing. They all had binoculars in their hands, and Rebecca saw instantly what they had been doing.

She flounced to them angrily, the tears still pouring down her face. "You don't need to cry so much, kid." the boy's leader said. "And by the way, since he caught you, you have to do it again to join, you know."

Rebecca saw he was wanting more entertainment, and shook her head and walked away. As she left she overheard one of the boys saying to another, "Boy, what a dumb kid! Did you see how he ran, and how he cried? Why, he might as well have been a girl!"

Well, at least they don't know that I am a girl, Rebecca thought. And at least she wasn't bored any more. Look at the bright side. I won't be able to sit for a month! She groaned at the thought, and continued into her house.

The End